You have just invested in a small, high-quality toy: a Stihl mower, and now you want to use it right away, whether or not you are familiar with such a device. We have briefly explained to you everything you need to know about different mowing techniques that will allow you to get the best results.

Motocoasa is a car suitable for all types of terrain, essential for maintaining a large garden. It is used for mowing tall grass and hay, both on the coast and in pastures and orchards. Being a not negligible investment, but also dangerous at the same time, the correct use of the device ensures an optimal operation for as long as possible, and guarantees your bodily integrity.

Easy and safe use depends largely on proper knowledge of the device and everything related to it: component, power, functions, maintenance, accessories, troubleshooting, etc. Therefore, the first step to be done is to carefully read the user manual of the model you have.

First of all, get acquainted with all the components of the brushcutter, find out what each one does and how they can be operated. Check the integrity of the machine, the complete and correct assembly, the operating condition of the blade and the cable.

Install the blade (make sure in advance that it is sharp), see if it is well fixed and that it has no defects. Also, find out if the blade guard is not damaged and if the safety handle works.

Before starting the cutting operation, a more careful analysis of the work surface is required. At any time during the operation, one of the machine’s components could hit an obstacle, such as a stone or an object forgotten or thrown in the garden, causing an unpredictable reaction of the device. Removes objects such as bottles, plastic bags, wire, stones. Also identify any difference in level or change in land structure (slopes, mounds, gravel areas, etc.).

If necessary, (re) refuel, but always when the engine is cold. Refrain from smoking during the operation. When transporting the device, protect the blade with a protective cover. If you need to clear vegetation at the edge of a public road, consider installing temporary signage. Ensures a sufficiently safe perimeter of the work area (a minimum radius of 15m around the user). Keep children away from the appliance!

The cutting system with which your Stihl mower is provided rotates counterclockwise. This is why, if you are going to start the machine, it is recommended to start by mowing an area from right to left. You will see that the mowed grass will simply lie on the surface from which you have already cut the vegetation.

If the grass in the garden is very tall or just very stubborn, it is best to mow initially to the right, to cut the top of the weeds and then return in a reverse motion, to the left, to mow the bottom of the stems.

If the area of land on which you have to carry out your activity with the Stihl mower is very large, it is necessary to organize in a way both the space and the work. Thus, the most convenient arrangement involves dividing the land into squares. When you decide to start sewing in such a “virtual” square, work on the edges, from the outside to the inside.

If the land from which you want to mow the grass or hay is on a hill, it is recommended to adopt the “striped” method. The technique is not complicated. Start working at the bottom of the hill: sew a strip parallel to the slope, from right to left, then pass successively on the upper lane. Thus, the grass cut from a strip will always fall on the one previously cleaned.

Don’t you want to damage your decorative plants, branches or even the trunks of shrubs and trees? You have two options: either for these sensitive areas, use a mower, or use the protective cover of your mower, so that you can mow around the trunks or plants without touching them. This is called the “circle method”.

No matter how many types of Stihl mowers you try, the machine can be dangerous. The most common is the risk of stones or other objects being thrown at the user or a third target. Also, hearing problems that may result from its use are not to be neglected. For the best possible safety, wear sturdy clothing, protective gloves, a helmet with a visor and earmuffs, as well as boots or safety boots.

Use the mower with a support harness: it will distribute the weight of the device and maintain balance. For more comfort, don’t forget to adjust the harness according to your height. It has a quick detach function that will allow you to get rid of the device instantly in case of emergency and get away quickly. Make sure you know exactly how to act in this direction before you start working.

With a double harness, the weight of the engine placed in the back is well distributed between the two shoulders and lightens the back. It is necessary to adjust the height of the harness to have freedom of movement. For a car without a harness, it is advisable to synchronize the movement of both arms: right to guide the device, left to keep it at the right height.

When mowing in tall grass or under hedges and hedges, keep the cutting tool at a working height of at least 15 cm from the ground — so as not to endanger hidden animals such as hedgehogs. Regularly remove tangled grass from the tool socket.

The portable brushcutter is both useful and easy to handle. However, it should be noted that it does not cause fatigue and back pain, but standing for a long time. To avoid pressure on the lumbar area, you must adopt the upright position. It is best to avoid bending as long as possible. You should also do some light exercises while taking a short break to refuel or clean the car, if the work is not yet complete.



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