Would you like to make your garden more beautiful, but the budget for this seems to be too small every month? Here are some tips that can help you get a surprisingly pleasant space, with very little cost.

Are you often captivated by the tastefully arranged gardens you encounter on the way to work? You can have such a corner of heaven right at home, with a little attention and some effort, without needing too much money. If you are tempted by a do-it-yourself project that adds color and personality to the green space in front of the house, we offer you some ideas that will definitely make you want to work.

Use the fence as a flower stand

Do you sometimes look out the window when drinking your favorite coffee or tea and feel like something is missing from your garden? That especially the edge areas seem a bit empty and desolate, especially the simple wooden fence? You can completely transform the view using a few ordinary flower pots.

We recommend that you choose ceramic pots, which will look much better than plastic ones, and try to combine two or three pleasant colors to bring that garden area back to life. As for the plants, of course, you need species for the outdoors, although you can also choose to remove some of the indoor flowers, if they are favorable to the light conditions to which they will be exposed.

In order not to overload, try to limit yourself to two species of flowering plants and to complete the rest with decorative variants with leaves, which balance pleasantly from a chromatic point of view.

What exactly do you do with them? Buy some adjustable pot holders (you can find them in online stores, at prices from 10 to 20 lei) and fix them directly on the fence, creating a vertical garden. Carefully choose the strongest slats and try to create a compact area with at least three rows of pots vertically. Horizontally, you can stretch as much as you want, depending on the space you have available. We guarantee that they will completely change the image of your yard.

Do not throw away old and worn stairs

Suitable for a terrace on which you do not have much space to place pots horizontally or on which you simply want to create an arrangement that extends in height, this idea only needs a ladder, some of your flower pots and an ingenious way to ensure a stable position.

Look in the garage for an old wooden ladder or improvise one of a few thicker tree branches. All you need is 3–4 steps to get an effect decoration. You can paint it or leave it as it is, a vintage, rustic look, being as suitable as a very elaborate and elegant one, depending on what the space in which you will position it looks like. But it is important to make sure that the structure is strong enough to support the weight of the pots filled with soil, so check the joints carefully and add a nail where appropriate.

To obtain enough space to support the pots, place the ladder slightly inclined to the wall, and for stability, fix it to it. In most cases the pots will be balanced on the steps, but it is good to catch them with a wire frame or rope at the edge of the ladder, so as not to slip.

If you have at hand a double staircase that you can redirect to the decorative area, things are much simpler. Paint it in a nice color and place it wherever you want, even in the middle of the garden, because it does not need support. Don’t forget that any wooden element you want to use outdoors needs special treatment to withstand moisture and UV radiation well, and you can find suitable formulas in specialty stores.

Take advantage of everything nature has to offer, without too many changes

You can build, for example, a simple table, shaped like a mushroom, from a few pieces of wood. Useful, easy to make, adored by the little ones, the mushroom table can help you create, without too much effort, a garden corner that can easily turn into a magical setting for children. It is one of those garden decorations ( here is a list made by us ) that impresses at first sight. How do you make it?

You need first of all a round tree stump, with a minimum diameter of 25–30 cm and a height of 50–60 cm, with bark. If it is cut straight, the first stage of work ends here, if not, you need a saw to make sure that the stump has stability on the ground and that you can place it straight on a countertop.

The top can be made of slightly thicker boards or taken from an old table that you no longer use. And here you will need a saw because you have to cut it round, with a diameter of about 60–70cm. Use a sheet of sandpaper to smooth and clean the wood and round the edges, creating the impression of a mushroom. Then paint the wood with a darker varnish, which will highlight the wood fibers.

For the delight of the little ones, you can turn the table surface into a field for X and O, drawing burnt lines with a reddish iron. And if you still went this far, look for some river stones of approximately equal size and set up a small workshop in which to turn them into game pieces, painting them in different colors.

Focus on what is missing and add in a simple form

Does one side of the house have no windows? Is a piece of old wall passing through your garden that you don’t feel like tearing down? Put windows on it and turn the space into a point of attraction. Make glass frames from the slats left over from renovations or other projects and paint them in cheerful colors. Attach them to the masonry and use their structure to hang pots with cheerful and colorful flowers.

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