The furniture with curved lines, made of wrought iron, together with the pillows that have floral prints and the spaces where the lavender crops are planted are characteristic elements of the Provence style. The minimalist design is a way of arranging that can be built using furniture objects with well-defined lines and in pastel colors. The green space in front of the terrace is made of grass, and the plants are completely missing. And these are just a few ideas on how you can arrange your terrace.

The terrace can be a place of relaxation for the whole family. In order to feel at ease, you have to arrange the space according to your own preferences. If you are full of ideas, you can be inspired by reading the options proposed by us.

Old and Mediterranean-style things are characteristic of the Provence style. The furniture has a curved shape and is made mostly of old wood that has been reconditioned. It is combined with textile-covered pillows that have a dense fabric. The material can be painted in shades of white, green, blue or any warm color, but not intense, but pastel.

Provence style can also be obtained with wrought iron furniture. It is more resistant to moisture and sunlight, so it will behave better over time. Other characteristic elements are blankets, tablecloths and upholstery with floral or checkered print.

So you can accessorize the armchairs, benches or the swing with small pillows with these prints. To complete the whole decor, do not forget the flowers. Rely on the natural and brightly colored ones. You can put lavender or hyacinth in pots, because the colors of the plants match this style of arrangement.

Some houses have part of the terrace covered, so you can turn the area into an outdoor living room. You can make a dining space with plastic chairs that look like wicker, a sofa or relaxing armchairs.

If you want to grill with friends frequently, place the dining area near the grill. That way you won’t have to go far with the dishes. You can also mount a single swing or for the whole family. In it you will be able to relax, reading or doing puzzles.

Don’t forget to set up a few flower pots, depending on your own preferences. In this way you can create your own oasis of peace, using the greenery and the colors of the flowers. The pots can have a varied appearance, thus becoming the color stain of the space.

They can be hung on the beam, wall or even placed on a shelf made of wood. It’s all about your skill and the way the decorative objects are matched with the furniture ones.

Modern style furniture is characterized by few pieces of furniture, usually made of wicker. The walls of the terrace have light shades, and the other elements are dark, to form an opposition between the two.

For such a terrace you need a coffee table, armchairs and a few decorative plants without flowers, but only with leaves, because they fit this style. The minimalist decor consists of furniture objects with straight lines.

The colors used are usually in shades of white, and the floor is made of natural materials, such as wood or stone. The end result will give you quite a bit of free space so that you feel comfortable. The green space in front of the terrace is not covered with flowers, but consists of lawn and shrubs, properly cared for.

You can also make paths paved with stone. The lighting of the space can be done using lamps with high arms, made of metal, which have various geometric shapes, but those with lampshades and curved shapes are not indicated.

Do you have a space that you could turn into a terrace, but you are not willing to invest too much in arranging it? Then, focus on pellet furniture that you can easily make with a few DIY and skill tools.

Using these wooden objects, you can make a corner that offers enough space for the whole family. In order for it to withstand moisture and sunlight, you must apply a protective varnish over the entire surface. After painting the furniture object in the desired shade, you can put colored pillows on both the seat and the back.

They will brighten up the space and at the same time will offer you extra comfort. You can also build the swing from pellets. To catch it from the ceiling, use metal hooks. In any terrace there is a place to enjoy coffee. You can make the necessary table by positioning two pellets on top of each other.

To be able to move it easily, add wheels at the bottom. At the end, you can paint the entire surface, so that the furniture object obtained integrates into the rest of the decor. You can also make armchairs from these wooden elements, in case you want each member of the family to have an individual place to sit.

They have a seat, back and sides, to support the arms, and the textile pillows give you extra comfort, because they are soft. Accessorize the entire space with plant supports, also made of solid wood. So, with a little skill you can arrange the terrace with furniture made by yourself.

The rustic style is suitable for arranging a terrace at the holiday home. The furniture objects are made of solid wood or wicker, and the exterior walls can be made of logs.

To complete the decor, you can also arrange a dining area, consisting of a brick grill and gazebo. The alleys can be paved with small stones, and the flowers can be placed in pots that you can make yourself, using stumps. If the area is not covered and you want to have a space with shade, use the umbrellas for the terrace fixed for a support covered with planks.



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