Husqvarna Group is a world leader in equipment for the maintenance of gardens, parks and forests. The production associated with the brand includes saws, chainsaws, lawn mowers or mowers. The Husqvarna Group is also the European leader in garden irrigation solutions. Their products and solutions are sold under various brands, including Husqvarna, but also Flymo, Gardena, Jonsered, McMulloch, Poulan Pro or Zenoah in over 100 countries.

The notoriety of the Husquarna brand cannot and should not be questioned, being unequivocally associated with the activities associated with horticulture and forestry. Although many products are produced and marketed by the Swedish company, we must not omit the fact that the group includes other brands, from 3 continents, famous in the field. Here are 5 of the most famous:

Flymo is one of those inventive British brands that continues to thrive even after 50 years of existence.

It is a brand that has quickly internationalized. But rather than diversify, he preferred to expand his pilot product, which is a lawn mower. It is one of those British brands that, despite its small size, are present all over the world. Today, Flymo is part of the Husqvarna group, but always keeps his creative spirit, constantly innovating.

The history of Flymo begins in 1965, when Karl Dahlman was inspired by Hovercraft to adapt the idea to the scythe. A vehicle that “flies” on an air cushion was revolutionary at the time. And so Flymo is born, which is an abbreviation of Fly (Flight) and Mowner (mower).

In the 1980s, the company received the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement. It is the highest award of the Kingdom for achievements in business and technology. Suffice it to say that this has further increased sales.

From the 2000s, the brand will make a considerable turning point in the design and operation of its mowers. Batteries and robotics will appear. However, Flymo remains true to a classic catalog, as British gardeners are known to be resistant to change.

Unlike many companies in which the founders invented products, Gardena was created through imports. In 1961, two German salesmen, Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner, looked at the situation across the Rhine. They saw that French gardening brands are at a standstill. And, rather than inventing their own tools, they decided to export them. But the German spirit means, as is well known, rapid innovation by improving existing products.

In 1961, the brand launched Original Gardena which combines several components for irrigation. With a single system, you can water all your plants with the right connection. The success is so great that it becomes a standard for all other brands. In 1973, the word “wireless” was a science fiction, but not for Gardena, which launched cordless and battery-powered scissors. The company understood the importance of portability.

In 1975, Gardena began working on small tools, from garden shears to those for caring for rose gardens. With extremely sharp blades and very ergonomic edges, these cutting tools caught the public quickly, especially with a life expectancy of almost 25 years. The trend of adaptation and development of the company has also found its place in the multifunctionality with the Combisystem range, which was launched in 1977. A single handle, but which can accommodate different accessories depending on needs. From 1978 to 1990 we switched to irrigation systems that were both autonomous and easy to use.

In 2007, Gardena pioneered robotics by launching a memory sprinkler. You can program garden shapes with different areas. And, obviously, since 2012, the passion for robotics reaches the garden. The brand launches the first robotic mower.

The Swedish company Jonsered is a pioneer in the field of chainsaws. In 1954, the company first manufactured a single-chain chainsaw, revolutionizing forestry. This brand is synonymous with products with simple advantages and impeccable quality. Their functions are at the center of their concerns. Jonsered products are durable and robust.

Being part of the Husqvarna group, it is mainly the quality criterion that is in the foreground. That’s why you can trust the Jonsered brand. I produce the whole range of devices for horticulture and forestry: mowers, lawn tractors, chainsaws, chainsaws. It also provides protective equipment, accessories and spare parts.

In 1946, Robert P. McCulloch founded McCulloch Motors Corporation in Wisconsin, then California, USA, which soon created a chainsaw for two people. However, the revolution in the field brought it in 1949, by inventing a lighter chainsaw, which could be handled by only one person. He has been part of the Swedish group Husqvarna AB since 1999.

The American brand offers both professionals and amateur gardeners and foresters a wide range of quality products: lawn mowers, mowers, robotic lawn mowers, blowers, chainsaws, cultivators, snow blowers, saws, chainsaws, as well as various accessories (blades, chains, oils, protective equipment, etc.).

The American company appeared in Louisiana in 1946, under the name Poulan Saw Co., under the leadership of Claude Poulan. Among the first products of the brand, the most important was a chainsaw operated by two people. For 15 years, the brand has gained fame among professional users, but the great merit of the company’s policy has been the orientation towards the needs of occasional customers.

In the ’70s, the company’s name was already associated with high quality products at a reasonable price, from its offer or without chainsaws, saws, chainsaws. During this decade it merged with Weed Eater and then was taken over by the Swedish brand Electrolux. Since 2006, it has been part of the Swedish division, its products being sold along with many other Husquarna chainsaws .

The Zenoah brand was created a hundred years ago in Kawagoe, Japan, and since 2007 has become a member of the Husqvarna group. The brand has a strong heritage based on reliable and innovative products, whose technology and performance are the main strengths. Based on its innovations and reputation, the brand has gradually developed a wide range of products, all designed to adapt to the specific needs of the market. The company is famous for its 2-stroke engines.

Zenoah offers a complete range of portable tools for the forest and garden and comes to consolidate its offer with products on wheels, including lawn tractors and mowers. In 2018, the brand addressed two key European markets, France and Italy.



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