If you have decided to buy a cultivator to help you effectively maintain agricultural crops, it is good to be familiar with the brands you will find in online and traditional stores. We present to you briefly, in this article, some of the names that appear frequently in the distributors’ offers.

The acquisition of a cultivator for the household means at the same time a substantial financial investment and the transition to a more efficient and simpler way of solving the seasonal agricultural works. The versions available on the Romanian market are numerous, varied and made available by a whole list of producers, local or foreign, of which we briefly present some of the most popular, in whose offer you can definitely find a product suitable for you. .


Among the agricultural products such as cultivators sold on the Romanian market, you will also find the O-Mac brand. In this case, it is a company with about 15 years of age that imports and sells products of famous brands such as Loncin, Kasei, Alpina, Stiga, SEP, Castor, Castelgarden, etc., under the original brand or directly under the name O-Mac .

The company uses a network of over 180 distributors to make available on the market a complex offer that includes cultivators, brushcutters, chainsaws, sprayers, atomizers, trimmers, snow blowers, motor pumps, tractors, cow milkshakes, grain mills.

The list of cultivators that O-Mac distributes includes models with thermal motors, of medium and high power, from 6.5 to 13HP, for surfaces up to 10,000sqm and over, as well as chainsaws with battery, for those who want an alternative light, for occasional and small-scale works.


Similar to the O-Mac brand and AgroPro is a name that means import, distribution, service, repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery. Among the brands brought on the Romanian market by this company are BCS, Bertolini, Grillo, Pasquali, Viking, Rotakt, Prograrden, Hecht.

Under the AgroPro brand, the company sells cultivators, welding machines and generators. AgroPro cultivators include models with motors from 7 to 18HP, with a working width of up to 120cm and prices between 1400 and 4500 lei.


A company based in China, Loncin Motor Co. Ltd. operates in the field of development of equipment and machinery for agriculture, power units and motorcycles. It specializes in engine development, which is why you will often find this name in the technical descriptions of cultivators produced by other brands. The company was founded in 1993, and ten years later has one of the highest export turnover among Chinese companies.

On the Romanian profile market you will find under this brand models with thermal engine, with power from 4 to 13HP and cutters that reach a width of up to 144cm, designed for working on large areas of land.


Ruris is the most famous Romanian brand of agricultural equipment. Its offer includes over 150 products, with an experience of 25 years and a very well developed distribution network, which exceeds 300 representative offices covering the entire country. In other words, you can easily find both the mechanized tools manufactured under this name, as well as spare parts and service options.

The Ruris product range includes lawn maintenance equipment, shoulder and table mowers, hobby-level, semi-professional and professional Ruris motocultor models, motor burgers, chainsaws and electric saws, blowers, irrigation water pumps, atomizers, sprayed and a variety of other useful tools in the household. The cultivators are available in variants with 2 or 4 stroke engines, power from 4 to 13HP and milling cutters with a width of 36 to 125cm.


Founded in 1994 in Valcea County, the Rotakt company is an importer of equipment for agriculture, selling on the Romanian market brands such as Stihl, Makita, Bosch, but also a variety of products under its own name. Among the equipment that you will find in your own store or at authorized distributors, under the Rotakt brand, are pumps and hydrophores, spraying pumps, atomizers, motor pumps, brushcutters, cultivators, chainsaws, hammer mills and corn sticks.

Rotakt cultivators are equipped with motors from 7 to 13HP, cutters with working widths from 56 to 135cm and can be purchased at affordable prices, starting from 1800 lei and up to 3500 lei. The company also offers a wide range of accessories for cultivators, which allow the complete endowment of the machine, in order to better cover the needs of operations in a household.


Progarden is the brand under which the products of ProEnerg SA, importer and distributor of agricultural equipment, whose activity began on the Romanian market in 1997, are sold. The product offer includes complete lines for workshops, constructions, water and air, parks and gardens. , as well as accessories and consumables compatible with the sold models.

The portfolio of agricultural equipment contains chainsaws, cultivators and mowers, the line of cultivators providing models with power from 7 to 18HP, for medium and large land areas, with cutters that work on a width between 90 and 135cm. The prices at which you find the products of this brand vary between 1500 and 7000 lei, depending on the level of performance you need.

Dakard AGRO

Dakard AGRO is a company from the Republic of Moldova whose brand you will find quite often in online stores, if you are looking for any type of equipment for agriculture.

The company’s portfolio includes atomizers, snow blowers, wood splitters, lawn mowers, motor pumps, cultivators and chainsaws, trailers, seed drills, generators, engines, spare parts and accessories.

The range of cultivators consists of models with gasoline and diesel fuel, with manual and turnkey start, with motors up to 16HP and gearboxes with up to 6 gears. The equipment is available on the Romanian market at prices between 1500 and 4500 lei, in individual options or in packages with compatible accessories.

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