Chainsaws are tools made to save time and energy in gardening or forestry operations. The chainsaw can be your most reliable partner if you want to cut firewood or cut down a tree. Read our article to find out 7 aspects related to the origin, typology, operation, security and main manufacturers on the market.

The chainsaw is part of the list of essential tools for gardening work. The functionality of this mechanical tool is very varied: cutting branches, cutting an entire tree, or even practically for cutting firewood and other works dedicated to the maintenance of green spaces. Here’s everything you need to know about this miracle tool.

The chain saw, also called a chainsaw or chainsaw, is a cutting machine, which includes a set of metal links, each link being composed of sharp teeth, mounted on a chain, which is driven by a motor. This action makes the chain run at a very fast speed. The chainsaw is intended for forestry works such as cutting or cleaning trees and / or cutting firewood.

The ancestor of the chainsaw is a surgical instrument invented in 1830 by the German orthopedist Bernard Heine: the osteotome. Equipped with a sharp chain, the device was intended to facilitate the preparation and cutting of bones during amputation of the legs. In 1910, the American Charles Wolf developed the first straight-chain thermal saw (“Wolf Brute”), then, in the 1920s, his company (Potlatch wood company) developed electric motor models.

The first chainsaw models are tested in Sweden. In 1924, the German Andreas Stihl developed the first modern chainsaw (operated by two people, weighing 45 kg). The chainsaw, on the other hand, was invented in 1947 by Joe Cox, one of the founders of Oregon. Other fundamental improvements (related to the weight, engine or power of cars) are related to major manufacturers such as McCulloch or Wolf. Today, the most common models do not exceed 6 kg for a power five times higher.

On the market you can find different types of saws. The differences between them consist mainly in the operations for which they are used and their mode of operation.

Electric saws are ideal for remote maintenance of trees or for cutting firewood.

Thermal saws are strong enough to facilitate regular maintenance of all types of green spaces. Some models are also used for regular pruning and grooming of trees.

High heels are devices used to reach branches as well as peaks.

Cordless chainsaws are easy-to-use devices because they are not cluttered with a lot of cables. Works on a rechargeable battery. They are mainly used for small cutting jobs.

The chainsaws are made up of different parts. On one side is the engine, which is the tool drive system. The blade is the support around which the chain rotates. There are different types of blades. We recommend that you read the technical specifications carefully and do not use a size that is not suitable for your saw.

The lubrication system prevents the chain from overheating. There are two components that must be constantly lubricated: the chain and the motor. It is important to keep the parts of the chainsaws with petrol engine well greased. Some models also have a chain tensioner, a system that keeps the chain taut. If it widens during cutting, it can sag and cause accidents.

The accelerator and accelerator lock control the speed of your saw. The chain brake is a very important safety system. In case of a brutal rupture, it will be collected in the case.

A chainsaw is a cutting machine. This is why, if you are new to using it, you must first read the user manual carefully. Check that the nuts and bolts are tight. Do not forget to constantly evaluate the degree of tension of the chain, as well as the condition of the spark plug.

To prevent any bodily injury, wear various protective equipment, such as earphones, non-slip gloves, visor, etc. Avoid sitting closer to three meters when refueling the car.

Also, make sure that tree trunks and debris do not fall into hazardous areas, such as telephone cords, power cords, or house roofs.

The chain is one of the important parts of the chainsaw. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate it regularly before and after using the machine. You must also check each other for all other parts, such as the gearbox, spark plugs, fuel tank, etc. To prevent dust or other debris from damaging the appliance, the various filters must be cleaned monthly.

According to some specialists, the recommended maintenance is performed daily (or every 6 hours of use): clean the air filter, check the chain sharpening and tensioning, as well as the guide rail, check the nuts and bolts.

Weekly (or every 30 hours of use) the distance between the spark plug electrodes, the chain sharpening and, in particular, the depth limiters must be cleaned and checked. Monthly (or every 120 hours) clean the exhaust and check the condition of the tank filters (oil and fuel) and the wear of the drive pinion.

The most well-known brands are those that produce the best quality products. They use the best raw materials and invest in the most modern technologies and functionalities. In addition, they often offer the best after-sales service. We often forget the importance of this point when shopping. In order to have optimal spare parts, accessories and maintenance services, this last point is essential.

One of the most prestigious brands in the manufacture of chainsaws is Stihl. Its models are among the best on the market, even if they are a little more expensive than the others. Husqvarna is another classic brand, which offers a wide range of models of different sizes and benefits. Other recognized brands are Bosch, Black & Decker, Greencut and Dolmar. The range of chainsaws, Micul Padurar , assembled by a Romanian company, has strongly penetrated the Romanian market.




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Shorty fell in love, yeah she always call me handsome

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