A properly arranged garden is a delight for the eye and the soul and the favorite place to relax after tiring hours of work. But how do you get a decor that makes sense, harmonious and balanced, without having to change or modify many times the plants or decorative elements?

Are you preparing to arrange your garden and you need some advice to make sure you start right and get the best results? Go through this article and find out how you can simplify the process and what steps you need to check so that everything goes smoothly.

It balances aesthetics with functionality

A correctly arranged yard balances in a balanced way the visual details intended exclusively for the pleasure of the eyes with the functional elements, which allow you to carry out certain activities in this space.

Among the most popular functional components are the seating area for adults (with sunbeds or chairs, table, swing, etc.), children’s playground (sandbox, slide, garden house, mini-pool, etc.), kitchen summer, barbecue, layers of vegetables and greens and areas with fruit trees. The list of strictly aesthetic elements includes decorative plants, the pond or the fountain and all the objects that are included only to complete a certain design style.

The first step in arranging an outdoor space is to establish the functions that you want each area of the garden to fulfill and to balance the elements that you include for their utility, with those that only have the role of being beautiful.

Establish access routes in advance

Access roads from one side of the garden to another, among layers of flowers and decorative or functional objects, can be differentiated from the ground by applying stone, sandstone, gravel or sand tiles, or can be left in the simple version, covered with grass.

It is important to think about this aspect from the beginning, in order not to be put in the situation of jumping or stepping on layers or wasting land by improvising, later, some detours. Paths do not have to be straight. If you aim for a Japanese or rustic decor, with a slightly wild look, the curved alleys will integrate much more naturally and pleasantly.

Define the style of the garden

Although you can choose the vegetation and the decorative elements strictly according to your own preferences, the orientation according to a certain arrangement style will help you to give unity and harmony to the garden, plus a decoration aspect made by professionals. There are many styles to choose from, from the well-known Japanese or French gardens to the contemporary minimalist version, formal or alternative design with high layers of soil.

The easiest way to choose is to search the Internet for enough representative pictures to find the one that best suits your personality and the terrain you have at your disposal. Don’t forget to consider the type of climate for which the respective plant combinations are designed, the costs, the availability of the species and the necessary care.

Carefully check the type of outdoor furniture you may need and see how much you can make yourself and what similar options are available in stores. In other words, how easy it is to create and maintain in its optimal shape is the garden style that caught your eye.

Weigh large items well

Do you want to build a summer kitchen that takes the heat out of the house during the summer season? Do you like the formats with houses in the garden and would you like to install one in your own yard? Even a slightly larger swing can change the space economy a lot, if you don’t have much at your disposal. Before finalizing the structure of the garden, make sure that you have enough space for all the elements you have proposed.

Don’t forget the drainage and irrigation system

It is very easy and handy to start imagining various species of plants or what each piece of furniture looks like and forget about the infrastructure. In addition to paths, you also have to think very carefully about the drainage system that will help you prevent flooding of the land during periods of heavy rain. Unless you have opted for vegetation that grows extremely well in moisture, the plants will rot if they remain in the water for a long time.

On the other side of the water balance, you will need to think about the way or ways in which you will ensure the irrigation of the garden. If you have a fountain, you can opt for a water pump coupled with a hose long enough to allow you to reach all green areas. If you do not have time to take care of watering periodically and your budget allows, you can provide irrigation by sprinkler system or by drip hose. But it is important to know exactly how much water each yard needs, depending on the plants grown, because not everyone consumes the same.

Lists and budgets

The time you will spend in the garden will be relaxing and pleasant, but its preparation, although fun, involves making long, clear and sometimes boring lists, and achieving a properly evaluated budget. Because a layout from scratch can cost quite a lot when you start to gather small but numerous elements, it is advisable to think about the process itself and the acquisitions, in stages.

For example, not all plants will be sown at the same time, so you will buy seeds or seedlings gradually. On the other hand, digging and spreading fertilizer is good to do all over the field once. Garden furniture can be bought in late spring, when it starts to heat outside, as long as you have reserved the space in which you will place it, but it is recommended that the alleys, which help to divide into areas, be approached as early as the process of organizing the land.

Arrangement order

In order not to have to go back to where you have already gone and to change, it is good to follow an efficient order in the arrangement process. Start with soil preparation, which includes digging and adding fertilizer, continue with the installation of the drainage and irrigation system and the definition of vegetation areas and paths, which you can already cover with the selected material.

Go on to planting flowers, vegetables, greens and trees that can be approached at that time and, at the end, take care of the decorative elements.

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