Increased mobility, high cutting speed, ease of use and maintenance, increased adaptability to the configuration of the land you work — are just some of the advantages that a mower can offer you. Find out in this article how it can help you keep your garden in the best shape, without too much effort or cost.

Do you take care of a beautiful garden, but you have not yet completed your list of maintenance equipment with a brushcutter to meet the requirements? If you are considering such a purchase, but you are not yet convinced that it is worth the investment, find out from the lines below what are the benefits that such a device can offer you.

Using the hand mower to mow the grass, which grows quickly when it rains often outside and is warm, can be quite tiring, especially if you have to do it frequently. Weeds that grow near the house, plants that grow on and around unpaved paths, grass that grows too high and cluttered on the lawn — are just as many reasons to consider switching from a classic mower to a more suitable device. .

While manual cutting involves physical effort on your part for effective sectioning and is all the more difficult as the vegetation is harder and thicker, the mower’s cutting head deals entirely with cutting, and you just have to cut it. point to the area you want to cut.

It is true, however, that some models of brushcutters are quite heavy, reaching up to 6–7 kg, especially if we talk about a fuel tank. You will have to carry them back and this involves a certain degree of fatigue. Because a mower works much faster than a hand mower, you will not have to bear the weight for a long time and, in addition, the best models are equipped with a harness, which ensures weight dispersion on the entire back, protecting the spine and shoulders. .

The continuous and fast movement of the cutting head, regardless of whether we are talking about a model that works with a metal head or nylon thread, cuts the grass with a much higher speed than you can cover with a manual version. The best versions can cover up to 3500–4000sqm / h, ensuring considerable time savings for large gardens.

The lawn mower is an ideal device for those who want to maintain the lawn impeccably and easily, which means a relatively smooth surface with low degrees of inclination. They are also more expensive, and their size prevents them from easily penetrating narrow spaces. In addition, it gives you less freedom in choosing the cutting height.

By comparison, the mower adapts more easily to cutting vegetation near trees or narrow alleys, especially if you opt for a trimmer version, with a small cutting head. You will also do well on terrain that is not perfectly flat, this format allowing much easier adaptation to level differences.

Brushes are quite easy to start and use devices. It mainly requires only starting and orientation on the area you want to cut. The most complicated models are those with a thermal engine, on gasoline, which can be a little more difficult to start, if it is a version with manual ignition and you are not familiar with starting the engine from the rope. But you can go for an electric start, from the button, or for an option powered by an electric motor.

So you don’t have to be very familiar with the latest technology, which makes these devices suitable solutions for older people, who need efficient equipment for the maintenance of green space.

The mowers are among the most discreet devices for the garden that you will bring in the garage or in the space that you have arranged to store the tools. The cutting head and the guard usually take up the most space and can be disassembled. Of course we are talking about hand models, which you can back.

If you are interested in a table version, for very large areas of land, provided with wheels, you will need a little more storage area.

This advantage is not valid for all models on the market, but you will find it in many of the versions of the brushcutter from Husqvarna , Ruris, Stihl etc. The function offers you the possibility to transform this device into a multifunctional device with which you can cut branches (chain saw accessory), plow the soil (if it is not very hard or sticky) or plowshares.

The most difficult to maintain, of all the models, are the gasoline ones. But even in this case, all you have to do is make sure that you clean the filter periodically, that you start the engine correctly and that you keep the components in good working order. In the case of the electric versions, the maintenance is further simplified and involves cleaning the dust and dirt from the appliance after each use, checking the integrity of the knife and the guards and storing them in good condition.

Because they are quite small and easy to transport, the mowers offer a high degree of mobility, conditioned only by the feeding mode. The only versions that keep you close to home are the ones with cable, which require the presence of a socket. Beyond the limitation related to distance, however, they are very easy to handle and located in the areas you need to maintain.

The variants with thermal engine, which include gasoline tank, and the electric ones with battery, can also be used in the field or in the large gardens, allowing a great freedom of movement.



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