San Jose lice, aphids, mites — these are just some of the pests that can affect your garden with unpleasant consequences and difficult to correct. Find out more about the dangers to which fruit trees are exposed, regardless of the season, how they manifest and what you can do to prevent contamination and spread of the disease and to get a rich harvest.

Fruit trees are one of the best choices when it comes to an efficient and productive way to use the land. It does not require as much maintenance as vegetables, cereals and cereals and gives you more…

When it is time to start spraying the orchard, what conditions you must meet, what to do with the treatment and how — here is some important information for those who grow fruit trees, which you can find, in short, in this article. Find out how to take care of your trees to give them rich fruit and keep them healthy, regardless of the season.

If you have faced aphids, mites or leaf swarming at least once, you already know that once the disease or parasites have taken over your orchard, it is harder to fight them. This is why…

Wearing the right protective equipment, proper fuel supply, cleaning the tank after each use — these are just a few things you need to keep in mind in order to use an atomizer correctly, efficiently and safely. Find out what other useful instructions you need to know.

The atomizer is one of the devices you need if you own agricultural land that you have cultivated with any kind of plants, from flowers and vegetables, to vegetables, vines, cereals or fruit trees. …


It is a model with a petrol engine, with a tank with a capacity of 0.33l and an average working power of 0.9HP.

The brushcutter is equipped with a round, adjustable handle.

This version includes Elastostart system for vibration reduction.

The device has a low weight of only 4.2 kg.

Provides a cutting diameter of 380mm.


The cutting system included in the design is Autocut type, with nylon thread, ideal for lawn and thin vegetation and with tender stems, but less suitable for gardens where dry pruning is also done, roots coming out of the ground or hard or woody…


The product structure includes a multifunctional handle and ergonomic format for two hands.

The brushcutter is provided with a large tank for this performance category.

The cutting head is of the metal knife type with two edges, but it also allows the use with nylon thread.

It runs on gasoline, offering medium power and high mobility.

It provides a total length of 1.70m.


If you are looking for a Stihl mower (here is a comparative list) for medium and large terrain and with high difficulty, this model is not for you. Stihl F55 is a version in the hobby category…

Electric Chainsaws — Review and comparison in 2021

Affordable, light weight and suitable motor, power saws are the optimal combination of efficiency, cost and power for home use. If you need such a tool in the household, to clean trees or cut wood, you can find out in this article how to choose it correctly and what are some of the most popular models. The Makita UC3541A is, for example, a variant that combines technical performance and comfort in use in a powerful and easy to handle device. It can be used both for removing dry branches and for cutting logs of medium and small diameter. …

Easy weed removal, efficient loosening, even of sticky soil, automatic sowing, lawn mowing or snow removal are just some of the benefits that a diesel cultivator offers you. Find out from this article what else he can do for you and decide if you need such a household appliance.

Do you need a cultivator or not? The garden evolves well and without, but couldn’t you get better results with such a machine? We tell you in this article what are the benefits of using a diesel cultivator and how it can help you work the land better and easier.

Improves soil quality


Easy to use and maintain, efficient and small enough to sneak into harder to reach spaces, but also risky, if you do not use them properly, mowers are, like many motorized devices, an optimal solution for your household, if you choose them correct and take into account their weaknesses.

Mowers are devices designed to simplify the periodic pruning of vegetation in gardens and parks. Equipped with electric or thermal motors and metal cutting head, disc type, or with nylon wire, these devices are available in a variety of models, which allow adaptation to almost any terrain structure and plant type…

Increased mobility, high cutting speed, ease of use and maintenance, increased adaptability to the configuration of the land you work — are just some of the advantages that a mower can offer you. Find out in this article how it can help you keep your garden in the best shape, without too much effort or cost.

Do you take care of a beautiful garden, but you have not yet completed your list of maintenance equipment with a brushcutter to meet the requirements? …


Like any powerful motor device that uses sharp accessories, Husqvarna mowers must be used carefully to work efficiently and safely. Find out in this article what are the most important rules of use to get the best results in the long run.

The electric or gasoline mower is currently the most efficient tool you can use to take care of the green space, whether we are talking about an area covered with grass and flowers or a small farm where you planted grain. …

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