From the protective equipment you need to wear when working with a chainsaw to the correct cutting position and integrated safety systems, the details that guarantee the efficient and safe use of this type of device are not to be neglected. Find out in this article how to use a chainsaw correctly.

A quality chainsaw helps you to easily cut wood for the fire, to remove the dry branches when you clean the trees from the orchard, to section boards when you want to make renovations in the house yourself. They are powerful and very useful machines, but using them can be dangerous if you do not know exactly what rules you must follow to use them safely. Here are some of them.

Always check the chainsaw before use

Husqvarna chainsaws are of good quality and last very well over time, but it is recommended that, regardless of the brand you have chosen, you should carefully check the device every time before using it. Make sure that the chain is fastened properly, that the fuel tank is full, if it is a motorized and thermal version, and especially check that the integrated safety systems work properly, such as the inertial chain brake.

Secure the work area

It is important to remember that it is not recommended to use chainsaws with a thermal engine inside, because during operation they emit toxic gases. So opt, as much as possible, for an outdoor place. It is also advisable to avoid using this device when the weather is bad outside (fog, rain, snow, wind, ice, etc.) because in these conditions the risk of injury is higher.

The area where you work must be, as much as possible, clean of waste (sawdust, branches, pieces of wood), and various objects that you may stumble upon (cables). Losing your balance while driving a chainsaw is very dangerous because it can lead to serious injuries.

It is equally important that the workspace is well lit, in order to have optimal visibility, and to maintain a minimum distance of 4m from other people or animals when working.

Ability to work

This powerful tool should not be used when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs that affect the speed of reaction and perception. It is just as risky to cut wood with a chainsaw if you are very tired or sick.

Protection equipement

To operate any type of chainsaw safely, you need the appropriate protective equipment. It includes work gloves and special boots, designed to limit the risk of blade penetration if you accidentally drop the chainsaw.

It is equally important that the boots have a non-slip rubber sole with ruffles, which ensures good grip on wet ground and snow. Most versions generate a sound pressure of over 80–85dB, which means that you definitely need earphones to protect your hearing.

During the cutting of the wood, chips and sawdust particles can be projected towards your face, penetrating the eyes and affecting vision. So don’t start working until you equip yourself with a suitable pair of goggles. If you use the saw frequently, it is good to look for a pair of pants and an anti-cutting jacket, designed especially for wood cutters.

Avoid loose clothing that can be chained, and do not wear jewelry, scarf, tie, scarf or any other type of accessory that can have the same fate, endangering you.

Tree cutting

If you have your own land covered with a few trees from which you can secure your wood for the winter or work as a woodcutter, you must take into account a few extra elements when you get to the work area. Basic safety measures involve removing people and animals from a double radius to the length of the tree you need to cut.

In this case, it is also very important to correctly identify the natural direction of collapse of the tree you are going to cut. Check which side is already inclined, which side has cracks or fissures and do not try to force another direction of fall, unless you have a lot of experience and all the tools you need.

Using the chainsaw

No matter which of the chainsaw models from Husqvarna has found its way to you, the rules of use are about the same. The chainsaw bed is held well, using the dominant hand, which is usually right, and with the other hand the front handle of the chainsaw is held. Positioning the hand on the handle, with the thumb down, reduces recoil.

The chainsaw is kept close to the body to provide good work accuracy and optimal balance, and the best position to use is with the left foot in front. Keep your knees slightly bent for more stability, but do not tilt your torso.

Do not try to change the cutting position with the chainsaw in operation, no matter how mastery you feel about the situation. Turn off the device, change the angle of approach, then turn it on again and continue cutting.

Husqvarna safety systems

Similar to most chainsaw models on the market and those from Husqvarna include safety systems designed to protect you in the event of an accident or misuse. For example, if the chainsaw has a strong recoil or does not work properly, the inertial brake of the chain and the brake handle come into action.

The chain is also equipped with an anti-derailment system, which prevents it from jumping off the rail in case of a technical problem, and the front handle, included in most formats, protects the hand while working.

In order to be able to enjoy the performances that such a device offers you, very useful in the household, it is recommended to start by carefully reading the technical manual and getting acquainted with all the components and characteristics of the chainsaw. You will be able to easily notice when something is wrong and make the necessary corrections and repairs.

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