The surface you have to clean every winter, the frequency and extent of the snow, your physical condition — these are just some of the elements that can determine the opportunity for an investment in a snow blower. Find out what the rest are and if it is worth buying such a product.

You have probably thought many times about buying a snow blower, but you have limited yourself to evaluating the prices and deciding that maybe you can still handle the shovel this year. The truth is that the light variants of these devices are not very expensive, but they still require a significantly higher investment than a shovel. Is it worth it or not to buy a cutter to remove snow from the yard? Let’s find out together.

If you have a small yard and you have to snow off about 2–3 meters of the alley to the gate, you can say that you can handle it quite easily with a shovel and maybe the snow blower is not essential, although it can help you even in this case. .

For those with larger gardens that have to snow 5–10m of asphalt only to the gate, not to mention the space in front of the garage or the routes to the spaces where animals grow, the physical effort and time lost already justifies the purchase of a such a device, which removes the mud much more easily. Experience says that snow removal takes two to three times less with a milling cutter than using a shovel.

And the frequency of situations in which you really need to remove the cutter at work matters, although some people think it is good to have such a machine in the garage even for the only two to three weeks of heavy snow in winter.

Not all winters are the same. It is possible that last year you had a hard winter, in which you shoveled almost every day, and this year you only have a few days with snow that melts alone. But, if in the last two or three years you have frequently thought that it is necessary to leave the shovel aside and opt for a mechanized solution, then you are probably, on average, right.

For those who live in the mountains, or in areas where it snows often and a lot, the decision is easy and natural. Unless you are dying to exercise during the winter, in this case it is wise to buy a cutter, and not any model, but one strong enough to meet the demands.

We all like to believe that we will remain forever young and full of strength, but in reality, we all age and the body resists less and less effort. From this point of view, an efficient milling cutter is a good solution for those who are starting to feel after the snow removal effort.

Arthritis can make shovel handling and prolonged exposure to low temperatures a painful experience for the hands, spinal conditions worsen due to exertion and bent posture, not exactly good for the back, and the heart can also react negatively to exertion, if it is already tired.

Of course, a little physical effort is needed to maintain tone, even at an older age. But, it is good that this effort is made by choice and not by necessity. So if you are over 50 or have parents of this age living at home, the snow blower can be one of the investments worth making.

The best snow blower will always be the one you feel you really need. If you sit quietly in the garage, no matter how good the performance, you will come to the conclusion that it was not worth the money. So carefully evaluate before the purchase and other possibilities for cleaning the alley.

One of them can be the transformation of the snow removal action into a rewarding task for the teenagers of the family, who have too much energy anyway if they stay at home during the winter and will do well with the shovel.

Another option is to find a person who will do this for you, although at some point you may come to the conclusion that you are better off buying a cutter. For example, if you pay 10 lei for a snow removal, at 30 passes you can already buy a light electric milling cutter.

For many men, using home and garden maintenance equipment is a pleasure and often turns a task that would have required dozens of requests into an action they perform enthusiastically, even more often than necessary. The most relaxing and appreciated devices of this kind are the snow blower and the trimmer, but the saw is not inferior either.

The investment in a milling cutter can therefore prove beneficial for the morale of the whole family, making the presence of snow less irritating for adults who have to provide an access road, both for people and for the car.

Electric milling cutters consume between 1.5 and 3kW per hour, and the average use time in a standard household is usually about 30 minutes at a snow removal. If you have to start it 20 or 30 times in a winter (a fairly high frequency), you will consume between 30 and 90 kW. At a cost of 0.6 lei / kW it means between 18 and 54 lei per winter.

The petrol options consume on average between 6 and 12 liters per season, depending on the frequency of precipitation and their intensity. At a price of 5.5 lei per liter of gasoline, this consumption translates into a cost of 30 to 66 lei per season.

But it is important to choose a suitable cutter in terms of size and power, which you can use efficiently and easily. If you throw yourself at a too high-performance and expensive model, designed for big, frozen and heavy snow, and in your yard there are barely 30cm of fluffy manure, you might come to the conclusion that the investment was not worth it.



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