Easy to use and maintain, efficient and small enough to sneak into harder to reach spaces, but also risky, if you do not use them properly, mowers are, like many motorized devices, an optimal solution for your household, if you choose them correct and take into account their weaknesses.

Mowers are devices designed to simplify the periodic pruning of vegetation in gardens and parks. Equipped with electric or thermal motors and metal cutting head, disc type, or with nylon wire, these devices are available in a variety of models, which allow adaptation to almost any terrain structure and plant type. How much do you need such help for your household and what can it actually offer you? Find out from this article, consulting the main advantages and disadvantages of such an acquisition.

Mowers are generally easy-to-use devices, with a few controls related to start / stop and rotation speed of the cutting end. Vegetation pruning is generally done by moving the cutting end left-right, by a circular motion generated from the trunk and arms and transmitted through the support rod, keeping the cutting head inclined at an angle of 20 degrees to the ground. Therefore, no advanced technical knowledge is required, being a type of device that can be easily used by older people.

Despite the simplicity of the device, there are some elements you need to be familiar with to use it efficiently and correctly. The pruning of the vegetation is done from close to close, without forcing the engine with too thick layers, and the working speed adapts to the type of plant you are cutting.

If you work with dense vegetation or thick stems, you will move forward more slowly, to give the blade time to cut, and if you mow fragile lawns, you can go faster. So you need a little attention to working conditions and some time to figure out in which parameters you get the best results.

If you are not used to working with manual starter thermal motors and you have chosen a brushcutter of this type, you will also need a little more time to get used to the starting process.

If you buy a version with an engine strong enough to withstand harder materials, you can easily turn a mower into a multifunctional garden device that can plow, plow or clean the dry branches of trees, or even cut wood. The accessories are quite easy to purchase, being usually offered by the mower manufacturer and help you to cover a large part of the green space maintenance activities.

The offer of brushcutters also includes models quite varied to allow you to easily adapt to the requirements of the household. Thus, for the detailed works and the tender vegetation you can use a trimmer. For medium and large areas of land, with plants of different varieties, where you can find hard stems, you will find versions of shoulder with a stronger engine, and for very large agricultural land you can opt for a table variant.

Models with less powerful engines heat up fairly quickly and need frequent cooling breaks, especially if you use them to cut very dense grass or weeds. This feature increases working time, decreases efficiency and exposes the engine to risk if breaks are not observed.

This is why it is important to choose a version suitable for the level of stress to which it will be exposed, taking into account the terrain and the specifics of the vegetation. For example, you can opt for a Husqvarna mower ( here are some models compared to each other ) from the category of professional models, if you have a large garden with various species of plants and you need durability and a powerful engine.

The mowers are available in versions with electric motor, power cable or battery, and thermal motor. The first are suitable for those who want a device that is easy to use and maintain, which at the same time protects the environment and provides enough power to take care of the green space around the house. They are used similarly to any household appliance, the battery being powered by a charger included in the delivery package.

The options with heat engine cover the cases in which a higher working power is required, as well as a superior autonomy, so situations in which the land has a large surface and / or is not close to a power source.

Most brushcutters used for household use are part of the category of products with shoulder support. They come with custom belts or harnesses, which ensure a comfortable seat on the back, but even with these accessories, when you carry 5–7kg in the back for a few hours, you start to get tired, especially since you have to guide rod with cutting head.

If you have to maintain a large area of land that is straight and without too many weeds, it doesn’t hurt to think that it can be easier for you to use a lawn mower, which supports its weight on the ground.

You don’t need to know much about motorized devices to keep such a device in good condition. It includes few components and, mainly, you have to keep the exterior, the oil filter and the ventilation spaces clean and to lubricate the moving parts with oil, from time to time.

The technical manual for each product of this type includes clear rules of use involving protective equipment, instructions for use and use. If they are not observed, the use of a brushcutter can result in quite serious injuries, especially in the legs, but not only.



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