5HP engine for intensive use in hobby and professional projects.

Provides a dispersion force of up to 18m horizontally and 16m vertically.

Includes a large spray tank with a capacity of 17 liters.

It allows the use of substances in both liquid and solid form.


All these technical components, which offer you a high level of performance, weigh 11.8kg without fuel and spray solution. Although it has an ergonomic harness, which ensures a comfortable position behind you, you will definitely feel the difference if you are used to a lighter model, from the hobby range.


The 5CP, which define the engine of this model, frames it towards the upper limit of the available versions, being a variant that, although designed for personal use, in the household, easily passes in the professional range if needed.

The power used practically materializes in a flow of 27 cubic meters of air circulated per minute and a volume of sprayed liquid of up to 3.5 liters in 60 seconds. For its refueling, the design includes a 2.15 liter fuel tank, which offers you a working autonomy of up to 2 and a half hours, with a consumption of 0.9 liters per hour.

Among the advantages you benefit from due to the powerful engine and the modern air ventilation technology is the clearance distance of the solution, which reaches up to 18m horizontally and 16m vertically.

It is a feature that easily recommends it as a good atomizer for medium-sized agricultural areas and orchards with trees over 10m, which require pesticide treatment. You can also use it in the vineyard and on the layers with vegetables or greens, but also for disinsection in closed spaces, respecting the safety conditions.

For the chemical solution you need to spray, you have a tank with a capacity of 17 liters, among the largest in the category of backpack atomizer versions, with rear carrying. It is therefore a model that you do not have to reload often, even if you spray areas over 1000sqm, a single full one is often enough for medium-sized gardens.

Cifarelli M1200 is in all respects a high-performance version, which offers you more than the classic hobby options. Among the obvious pluses is the possibility to spray pesticides and fertilizers in both liquid and solid form, as powder. It is provided with 9 evacuation stages, which allow you to accurately manage the dispersion speed and, implicitly, the sprayed quantity.

It can also be used to clean the surface of the lawn after mowing and to remove dry, fallen leaves from trees, similar to a blower, if you do not put a solution in the tank.


The Cifarelli M1200 atomizer is one of the recommended options for those who want to have a high-performance spray device in the household, which exceeds the technical characteristics of standard models. It is generally delivered with a sturdy and comfortable harness and easily copes with all the tasks in your garden.