It has a powerful engine that you can handle even harder work, such as cutting hardwood logs.

It is equipped with a centrifugal air cleaning system.

The chainsaw has an anti-vibration system that helps the user not to get tired during use.

The cutting blade is 36 cm, being suitable for hobby type works.


If you want to use it around the house, especially in the morning, to prepare firewood or to do small hobby work, you have to be careful because it is quite noisy, with a noise level of 113 dB. Even if you wear protective equipment, including earplugs or headphones, it can be annoying for those in the house, so be careful when you use it, not very early in the morning and not in the afternoon when certain people I can rest.


Although it is part of the range of hobby chainsaws you can rely on this model, being one of the most popular of the Husqvarna chainsaws, equipped with an X-Torq type motor (produced by Husqvarna) in 2 strokes, with cooling, which it has the advantage of consuming less fuel and implicitly will release much less toxins into the atmosphere.

This is in line with the rules specified for the protection of the environment, but at the same time it helps you save fuel. It is a high-performance model, which, although it is from the hobby range, has good technical characteristics and you will be able to successfully cope with various activities. In addition, it is easy to handle even for a beginner.

The presence of the centrifugal air cleaning system removes dust and sawdust from the work area during cutting, thus having a longer life for the filter and longer periods of use before cleaning it.

The anti-vibration system is very efficient and absorbing a large amount of vibrations obtained during use, thus protecting the arms of the user, being a safety element. This way you will be able to work longer without feeling tired and you will be able to have a good control during the execution of different works.

When purchasing, the chainsaw comes equipped with a 36 cm blade that is well suited for all kinds of work near the house. However, if you feel that you are not comfortable and you need a smaller blade, you can change it with one up to 30 cm, or on the contrary, if you need a larger cutting surface, you can go up to 40 cm. . It is not recommended to change with a larger model, because you will no longer have safety during work.


Ideal for households, the Husqvarna 236 chainsaw is a good choice for you, with a very good value for money. With innovative equipment, it will be very helpful for the small activities around the house, being able to easily section the trees, the orchard toilet, but also for other hobby type works.