The technical configuration includes the ElastoStar system for vibration reduction.

It is a version with a powerful engine, of 3.9HP.

The spray solution is stored in a tank with a capacity of 14 liters.

It can send the solution jet up to a distance of 14.5m.



The ElastoStar system, patented by the Stihl brand, involves, among other things, the use of rubber pads, which reduce the transmission of vibrations from the engine to your body, protecting the back and wrist. In the case of Stihl SR 430 this technology has allowed the reduction of the level up to 1.9m / s 2 , among the smallest you will find in the atomizer models that generate more than 3 horsepower.

The 3.9HP engine is a mid-level one, which takes the performance of the device from the hobby area to the professional one. It therefore gives you enough strength to easily cover small and medium agricultural areas without feeling overwhelmed. It generates an air flow with a flow rate of 920 m3 / h and an expulsion speed of 9 m / s, which allows you to use the sprayer as a blower, if you need this alternative.

In terms of the amount of solution available, the structure of the device provides a tank with a capacity of 14 liters, specific to semi-professional versions of backpack type atomizers. If you are wondering what this volume in the covered area means, we can tell you that, in most cases, you will manage with a single full on a cultivated area of up to 500–1000sqm, at a standard spray flow.

Regarding the distance that the jet of liquid sprayed by such a device can reach, in the case of Stihl SR 430 it is up to 14.5m horizontally, a feature that helps you to easily spread the solution evenly on the crops.

If you want to spray the trees in the orchard, you will definitely be interested to know that the force generated by the engine ensures a jet with a height of up to about 10–11m. It is an above average level, which satisfies the needs of most spaces of this type.




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