The Queen of the Night is one of the most beloved summer flowers, because her scent cannot go unnoticed when it is planted in the area you pass through. It is native to South Africa and has flowers of various colors, which it opens only in the evening. It is easy to care for, is not very prone to disease and multiplies by seeds or tubers.

As its name suggests, the Queen of the Night is the star of summer evenings, due to the incredibly pleasant smell it has. To know where it comes from, how to grow, care for and multiply, read this article. You will find details on the most important aspects, to know what you need to do to enjoy this plant.

The queen of the night, a flower that delights us with its scent in summer evenings, has its origins in South America, more precisely in Brazil and Argentina. Its scientific name is Nicotiana Alata, but it is also found under the name of Affinis Nicotiana or Nicotiana Affinis.

Regarding the popular name under which it is found in our country, the names of: Queen of the Night, Jasmine Tobacco, Ornamental Tobacco or Winged Tobacco are used.

If you search for spring flowers on Wikipedia or other sites, you will not find the Queen of the Night, because she is a summer flower . It is a perennial plant that withstands temperatures up to -5 degrees Celsius very well.

The Queen of the Night has a stem that can reach heights of about 150 cm, with many branches. On the latter there are elliptical leaves, with a length of 10–25 cm, slightly wavy edges and a blunt tip.

Regarding the flowers, they are placed at the top of the stem, in the form of panic. Each consists of 5 petals and is located at the top of a corolla in the shape of a tube, which is 8–10 cm. If you look for images of summer flowers like these, you will see that they are many colors — white, red, pink, purple.

The Queen of the Night is a special plant in that it opens its flowers only during the night . For this, however, they must have conditions to grow in the healthiest way possible.

That being said, it should be planted in well-drained soil, with a pH between 6.1 and 7.8, to be slightly weak acid, slightly alkaline. Regarding the light, the Queen of the Night loves the direct beating of the sun, but she is not bothered by the placement in the semi-shade either.

To do very well, it must not be exposed to temperatures below -5 degrees Celsius.

If you are looking for images of summer flowers like this on the Internet and you want yours to look just as good, follow these conditions.

When we look to see summer flowers in pictures, the beauty of the Queen of the Night is perhaps not the most amazing, but she is very good at the smell. This is an intense and extremely pleasant one, which delights those who have such a plant in the yard or who pass by it in parks.

In order for such a flower to go well, you must also pay attention to its care. Water is very important here. It should be watered in moderation so that the soil is always moist.

Then, pay attention to it when it comes to fertilization, buying and using the right fertilizers. If you want to know more tips about the Queen of the Night, on YouTube you will find videos in which flower lovers explain more.

Given the fact that it does not withstand the cold of winter, when we talk about multiplication you should be interested in germinating the seeds of the Queen of the Night . They are planted in solariums, nurseries or containers kept warm in March. They need a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius to germinate, and the results will begin to be seen in no more than 10 days.

The seedlings are allowed to grow until the risk of frost or frost disappears, then they are planted in the desired place, usually in May.

You can of course have a very beautiful Queen of the Night flower and if you sow directly in the garden soil. This is recommended to be done after the cold period.

To branch abundantly, it is recommended to pinch new plants during the growing season.

If you want the Queen of the Night, you can keep the seeds from year to year, or you can even keep them for many years, if you make sure that this is done in a dry and dark space.

If you want, you can multiply through tubers, but you will have to take them out of the ground, keep them in good condition during the winter (cool and airy place), then replant them in April. -May.

Sometimes, when you look on the Internet for these summer flowers, garden, weird pictures may seem to you those in which the plant does not seem to be too healthy. Well, this is because the Queen of the Night can be affected by various diseases and / or pests . The most common are powdery mildew, aphids or mosquitoes. All these problems can be solved with the help of solutions that you can purchase from phytosanitary pharmacies.

By doing so, you will have beautiful and strongly scented Queen of the Night flowers.

If you have just searched for the Queen of the Night on Wikipedia or other sites and you want to cultivate it too, you need to procure the seed, then plant it and take care of it properly, to enjoy the scent of this flower in the summer evenings. . You have all the necessary information in this guide, and as you can see, it is not too difficult, and the plant is not very pretentious.



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