The brushcutter is equipped with a round, adjustable handle.

This version includes Elastostart system for vibration reduction.

The device has a low weight of only 4.2 kg.

Provides a cutting diameter of 380mm.



The power level of 0.9HP is an average one, optimal for the care of small gardens, with vegetation area of up to 80–100sqm, for lawn maintenance and straightening the edges, being one of the preferred options for managing green spaces in the household. It is also easy to start and use, and consumes little.

The small circular handle is specially designed to provide the best possible control over the cutting direction and allow work in small spaces, among rows of shrubs, around trees or near the house. It has an ergonomic format, which allows a good grip, preventing slipping, and helps you easily and quickly orient the cutting head in the area where you want to clean the lawn.

To this feature is added the small diameter of the cutting head, 380mm, which helps you prevent the wrong sectioning of other plants than those targeted, located at the edge of the workspace, offering more accuracy in movement. You can easily approach the uncut grass remnants near the layer of roses or tomatoes or grass that has grown too much in the shade of the trees.

The vibrations produced by the operation of the engine are tiring for the muscles, bones and joints and, in addition, can affect the precision with which you work. Versions of Stihl mowers include a patented system to reduce these annoying movements, which makes the devices comfortable to use, even for longer periods of time.

Because it is a device whose weight must be borne by the user during use, it matters a lot how many kilograms you have to carry with you when working. This model weighs only 4.2 kg, without gasoline in the tank. You do not need a harness, because it is very easy to hold and use, even by younger or less robust people.




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