The brushcutter is provided with a large tank for this performance category.

The cutting head is of the metal knife type with two edges, but it also allows the use with nylon thread.

It runs on gasoline, offering medium power and high mobility.

It provides a total length of 1.70m.



This model also offers you a control system for the electrical device integrated in the handlebars, on the right side, in the form of buttons that stop and start the brushcutter in a single movement.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.34l and has been designed to provide sufficient working independence, without adding too much to the weight of the device you are supporting. From the reviews of the clients who have already tested the product, it appears that a full one is enough for at least 30 minutes of intense work, during which time you can easily clean a significant area of land.

The possibility to use both a metal knife and a nylon thread for such a device allows you to adapt more easily to the type of vegetation you need to maintain. Nylon thread behaves better on lawn-covered surfaces, while the metal blade will help you do more efficiently on a field where the grass is mixed with various other plants.

Unlike electrically powered models, gasoline models give you more freedom of movement, even compared to battery options. Unlike batteries, which require a few hours to charge, in this case it will only take you a few minutes to refill the brush of the mower with fuel and continue your work. In addition, a 0.8kW power supply and equivalent power costs significantly more than its gasoline alternative.

Together with the rod on which the cutting head is mounted, the device measures 1.70m, long enough to use it comfortably even if you are taller than average. At the same time, it offers you a wide range of action on the field, helping you to quickly cover a large area and the possibility to easily reach more difficult to reach areas.



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