For the terrace, choose a shaded space. First of all, clean the surface of weeds and try to bring it to the same level, and then pour the foundation. For extra comfort, make a roof. A retractable canopy can become compact when you want to enjoy the sun’s rays, and the floor can be made of tiles.

In order to enjoy the fresh air, it would be best to arrange your own terrace. You can do this yourself by following the steps below:

Identifying the space and preparing it

When you are thinking of arranging a terrace, you must carefully choose the place where you will place it, in order to enjoy maximum comfort. It would be best to choose a shady place, so as not to be disturbed by the sun’s rays.

The size of the space depends of course on the place you have available, but also on the available budget. Because arranging a large terrace requires more materials, and this involves a higher cost.

Mark the place by adding 20cm on each side, this representing the workspace. Then clean the soil, removing weeds, garbage, stones and grass. Then level the place so that the entire surface reaches the same height.

Pour the foundation

It is advisable to determine the type of foundation, taking into account the soil you have in the yard. The soft and clayey soil is left in time, so the terrace will not be straight, after a certain period.

Make a wooden formwork, in which you will later pour the concrete. It provides stability and prevents weeds from growing among the rocks. After you have concreted the surface, wait for it to harden, and then remove the wooden edge. If you want a terrace made of another material, place the brick directly on the ground and then put mortar.

Don’t forget the roof!

The roof of a terrace must be built so as to protect you from sunlight, wind and rain. It is best to make holes in the canopy to allow air to circulate. If you have a larger budget, you can opt for a retractable canopy, because it can be tightened when you want to enjoy the sun’s rays.

You can use several materials to make the roof. Specialists recommend using bamboo or cane, because it ensures good air circulation and, in addition, makes you feel like you are on a terrace by the sea.

The wood is resistant over time and retains its appearance, regardless of environmental factors. When you make the canopy, do not opt for the flat version, because the water will be collected on the roof, when it rains heavily. To avoid this, tilt it at least 5 degrees and install gutters to allow water to drain and drain.

Pillars are essential

The columns have the role of supporting the roof. But you must also pay attention to their appearance, because they influence the exterior design of the house. Pillars can be made of wood, glass, aluminum or stone.

The first option is a suitable choice for spaces arranged in a rustic style. You can use ash, cherry, pine or oak. Glass columns are more resistant to environmental and weather factors and even if they have a higher purchase price, they are an optimal option, because they are easier to maintain.

If you do not have a generous budget, you can opt for aluminum columns. They change their appearance over time and are not as durable as the other proposed variants.

You can arrange the floor

The floor can be covered with any material you want. It is chosen taking into account the way you arrange the terrace. Exterior tiles are an option for those on a budget. It is easy to install and at the same time does not change its appearance due to bad weather, so it is an optimal choice for spaces without a canopy. The surface can be easily cleaned and maintained.

For those who love greenery, we recommend the lawn. The roller shutters can be easily mounted, so you do not need specialized help. The floor surface will be soft, so you will be able to walk barefoot. Being comfortable, it is a suitable option for the spaces where you want to arrange a playground for children, because the little ones will feel comfortable.

The floor helps you get a modern design, but it must be properly cared for to maintain its appearance. In order for it to last better over time, you can choose a variant made of fir wood, which has been previously treated with oils and paints to increase resistance.

Another option is solid wood flooring in combination with plastic. Due to the second material, the floor will last longer and will not degrade due to bad weather.

If you intend to make wrought iron furniture, you can build the bottom of the terrace from gravel in combination with sand. This option is cheap and easy to make, and when you want a change, you can replace it without much trouble.

Pay attention to furniture and decorative elements

The furniture you will place on the terrace is chosen taking into account the style in which you want to arrange the space. For a rustic design, you can choose armchairs and benches made of solid wood or wicker, but it is not excluded to make the elements yourself, using pallets.

The modern style is characterized by objects with well-defined lines, which have light colors. They do not have prints, but are simple. In order to finalize the appearance of the terrace, you also need some specific decorative objects.

So, focus on pots, flower holders, colored pillows, but also products that can increase comfort. Among them is the best umbrella for the terrace , which you can use in the area where the roof does not protect you from the sun. In order to be able to move it easily, it should also have a support, and in order not to be taken by the wind, a base is absolutely necessary that helps you maintain stability.

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