Easy weed removal, efficient loosening, even of sticky soil, automatic sowing, lawn mowing or snow removal are just some of the benefits that a diesel cultivator offers you. Find out from this article what else he can do for you and decide if you need such a household appliance.

Do you need a cultivator or not? The garden evolves well and without, but couldn’t you get better results with such a machine? We tell you in this article what are the benefits of using a diesel cultivator and how it can help you work the land better and easier.

In gardens where the soil is hard or with a high clay content, so sticky and dense, the plants encounter difficulties in the development of the root system, which hardly crosses the soil. Despite your efforts, neither the frequent addition of fertilizers nor the frequent supplementation with compost can change the structure of the soil and help the plants.

The only way you can support the roots is to intervene directly by digging. Deep penetration with the blades of cutters mounted on a high-performance cultivator helps to aerate and loosen the soil and is essential to ensure young plants an environment in which they can grow easily. Do you think you can handle this manually?

Classic digging of sticky soils is cumbersome, less efficient, because human strength does not compare to the power of an engine, and it takes a long time. If you choose the traditional method, you will often be put in the situation of having to priosite the land areas and crops, because you can not dig everywhere, especially if you have a large garden. It is a feasible version only for those who grow a few vegetables and vegetables in three — four layers created in front of the house.

If the sown layers or rows are formed correctly, you can go with the cultivator during the growing season to weed. This process helps to effectively remove weeds, which can suffocate the cultivated vegetation, ensuring a clean soil for at least a few weeks, as the seedlings gain height and strength.

Weeding also contributes to loosening the soil, ensuring easier water penetration to the roots, a process that can be hindered by soil compaction and the formation of drainage channels. Like digging, hoeing can be done manually. But it is an activity that requires a lot of physical effort, puts your back to the hard test and proves to be very difficult, especially during periods with hot days, when you expose yourself to sunlight for hours.

You can also use the cultivator to spread the fertilizers, ensuring at the same time their penetration inside the soil, from where they will be released gradually, providing the plants with the nutrients necessary for development. For this activity, such a machine helps you from two points of view. First of all, it allows the mounting of the trailer for the easy transport and spreading of the substances and, secondly, the milling cutters help you to make sure that they reach deep.

Most cultivators allow use together with an accessory called a seed drill, consisting of a tub, in which you put the seeds you want to use, and two, three or more arms, which ensure their transmission in the layers prepared for them.

Unlike the manual alternative, the use of the cultivator significantly reduces the time required to cover the entire land, especially if it is large areas, working at the same time in several rows. It will also give you a uniform spreading of seeds, without spaces for agglomeration of seedlings or areas with missing plants.

Is it a drought and you have to water a surface of land at a considerable distance from the water source? No problem, the cultivator can work together with a tank, which helps you to transport it close enough to be able to water the soil easily and efficiently, whenever needed. This additional function is especially useful for those who own large agricultural land, but who have not installed a drip or sprinkler irrigation system.

Most diesel cultivator models (here are some models compared to us ) can also be combined with an accessory called a hay rake, which does exactly what the name says. It helps you to collect dry hay from the agricultural land more easily, so that you can store it, thus cleaning the land and preparing it for the next agricultural activities.

Rather than setting fire to the dry branches and vegetation you gather when you clean the field, it is much more efficient to put all the leftovers in a shredder and prepare compost to improve the quality of the soil you grow. If you have a cultivator, you no longer need to buy a separate shredder, but only the accessory that is mounted on the cultivator and allows the crushing of plants and branches using its motor.

Although it is par excellence an agricultural machine, the cultivator can be used successfully to beautify the gardens arranged with lawn. With the right accessory, this device helps you mow the grass evenly, quickly and easily, without the need to invest in a mower or a lawn mower. However, it proves to be more suitable for generous gardens as a space, its rather large dimensions making it more difficult to enter narrow areas, such as alleys or segments that border the house.

Diesel cultivators are powerful enough to power a turbine in the winter to remove thick layers of snow. So you can use such a machine to clear the road in front of the house, the access routes to the garage, garden or warehouse and other areas you want to get out from under the man, because you need to be able to drive quickly and safely.



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