The best blade mower — Our recommendations for 2021

Blade mowers are necessary equipment in any garden, and to enjoy a uniformly cut green lawn, you need to know what to choose. And because the information requires a lot of time and patience from the buyer, we thought of relieving you of such a chore, telling you which are the most sought after products. Bertolini AGT 140 Alpine is a professional mower, given that it is equipped with an OHV engine with a cylinder, which is powered by unleaded gasoline and is capable of delivering a total power of 9 hp, being suitable for both landscaping and work agricultural. The lawn mower is also included, and the device provides you with 7 speeds, showing great flexibility. If you think that the price is not affordable, you can opt for the product located on the second position, namely Grillo AGT GF3 .

Comparison table

With a 4-stroke heat engine, capable of a power of 9HP, and no less than 7 speeds, you will be able to pass the mower even through lands with roots or gravel traces, easily processing the surface, for future cultivation.

Despite the qualities it has, it remains a machine that you start mechanically, on the rope, which can be more difficult for farmers without much experience.

Given the high power and reliable construction, you can deduce that you have in front of you a high-performance mower, which you can easily introduce to difficult work.

Having a 4-stroke engine, powered by gasoline, which works with a power of 9HP and can be operated in both directions (it has 6 different speeds), will serve all the needs that a small and medium farmer can have.

Starting the rope, which requires more strength from the user, can give headaches, especially to those who are at the beginning of the user experience.

If you want a fast, reliable and ergonomic mower, which you can use on not very rugged terrain and on large areas, this model is what you are looking for.

It is able to move at 7 speeds (back and forth), traversing the surface quickly, no matter how rugged the terrain, thanks to the 9HP Honda engine. In addition, it has several safety measures, such as automatic decoupling in case of danger.

As you can expect from any performance mower, this one also needs to be started mechanically, which can create problems for the most unskilled.

It is an excellent mower for straw and other types of fine vegetation, which also has a very attractive purchase price, making the entire investment advantageous.

How to choose a mower with a good blade

Buyer’s guide

If you need a fast and efficient way to mow a haystack in record time, the most suitable machine to complete this task is a blade mower or, as these devices are generically called, the mower with mower. . Unlike the conventional tools used in mowing the grass, this type of parts are met with predilection as professional and semi-professional models, so implicitly the typology of the executed works will be part of these categories.

The productivity / consumption / covered area ratio is the best for the respective models, a fact confirmed, in some places, by a higher purchase cost than in the case of simple mowers. However, if you have to take care of large areas of land, you can not omit this solution, because, over time, the investment will be perfectly amortized. You will easily recognize the typology because it has a specific design, similar to other devices useful in agriculture: motor placed close to the ground, a steering fork, similar to that of a plow, wheels for movement and a milling cutter of various sizes, placed in most cases in front of the device.

If you are also one of those who wonder where to find blade mowers at a good price, all that remains is to show you what features you need to check on the list of those required for a quality device. Here are:

The motor: Being located among the most important parts for mowers, it must be chosen from the range of 4-stroke. The justification is simple, because not only is the fuel mixture stage eliminated, but a quieter operating regime is obtained, and pollutant emissions can be reduced by up to 65%. In addition, 4-stroke engines are more reliable, as the cylinder and piston will be harder to wear.

Those who are looking for recommendations from a mower motor, can find out that on the first places in the top of the performances supported and confirmed by the buyers are the parts manufactured under Honda license. Depending on the power of the engine, the parts can be divided into semi-professional and professional variants.

Power: We distribute the respective devices in medium performance models and in high power products. If you have a portion of land with an area of up to 5000 square meters, it is best and most economical to choose a device that offers around 5 horsepower (HP). These values are considered sufficient to ensure a productive work process, in the cleaning of the grass and in the care of the green spaces.

On the other hand, when you want to clean a larger lawn, you don’t necessarily have to think about money, but about the strength and durability that the engine offers. In this case, a good indicator of increased efficiency is a power of 9HP or even higher. In the range of products with these values offered, you will find enough advantageous offers in terms of prices for blade mowers, some competing with those of the 7–8HP models.

Fuel used: Either you choose a diesel mower or one that runs on gasoline. Since each manufacturer specifies what type of fuel the model offered accepts, it will not be difficult to decide between unleaded gasoline, conventional or diesel. It is important to know from the beginning what the yield versus consumption is, in order to orient yourself towards the more profitable choice.

From the perspective of the released energy and the equivalent of complete combustion, there is no need to mention that the diesel version is the most efficient. However, these parts are recommended in highly demanding agricultural work and less suitable for individual users, in which case it is assumed that a smaller area of land will be managed. For seasonal use and on limited areas, the best option remains a gasoline mower.

Blade: You can have models equipped with a cutter only for cutting plants or devices that come equipped with a snow blade, being recommended to choose the latter if you know that winters are more difficult in the area where you live. For the blade, it is suggested to mainly consider the maximum cutting width, and then the adjustment possibilities and the material from which it is made. D

the dimensions can vary between 80 and 150 cm, being natural that, the bigger the accessory, the faster the mowing or snow removal process will be completed. In a yard or a garden where you also have planted trees, we advise you to use a cutter with a length of 80–100cm, because you want to be able to move more easily in this space.

For large surfaces and without unevenness, we recommend accessories with 130–140 cm cutting width. At the same time, it is worth specifying that such a table mower will be able to do its job on a level ground, evenly leveled, while for areas with uneven surface we recommend simple models, which are fastened with a belt on the shoulder.

For buyers who consider themselves more pretentious, we remind you that there are also models for which the dimensions of the cutter can be adjusted. The most suitable construction remains the steel one, having the edge improved by different processes, which gives it ample resistance in case of wear.

Functions: We advise you to analyze the number of speeds, the possibility to act in reverse mode, the handlebar adjustment, the starting system, the way the blade is coupled and other safety systems. For any type of operation we recommend that you make sure of the possibility of at least one speed for reversing, and if the options are more diverse in this regard, it can only be an occasion of praise for that device.

High speeds are recommended when working with grass and when the vegetation is not very difficult to beat, and the slowest ones are preferable for shrubs or if you use a mower with a snow blade. If you have more than two speeds, you can say that you have ensured optimal performance.

Most of the time, the start will be made on the rope, so be careful how you prepare to perform this procedure, as the first attempts will seem more difficult, and if you put too much force, you can damage the starter system. If you want to get rid of this chore, nothing stops you from opting for an electric mower, more comfortable for beginners.

Two of the most appreciated additional options, noted by some opinions about the best blade mowers, are the possibility of adjusting the height of the handlebars and the quick coupling of the accessory. We also recommend these to those who want to carry out their activities in full comfort or who have not used such equipment before. However, sometimes the costs for extra functions can be a bit more noticeable.

Indispensable for user safety is the automatic shut-off function. This is very important for any model and we advise you to check it on your list of expectations. We emphasize its necessity, because it can quickly stop the brushcutter, in case the one who handles it loses control over the device. It is easy to understand that we encourage you to always wear protective equipment and to read the instructions for use, because reliability takes precedence over comfort.

Parts and operation: In the case of other devices you may not be so interested in repairs, but when we talk about a lawn mower carburetor or other vital components, you will have to make sure that you find in service everything you need for replacement or reconditioning.

If you do not want to take care of these aspects too soon, you should use only the fuel recommended by the manufacturer, periodically check the air filter, make sure you buy a part with transmission in oil bath, ie a professional one, and check how the cylinder is made. Give priority to cast iron motors and easily lubricated knives.

About the accessories, we can say that you have the freedom to choose according to your needs: snow blowers, lawn mowers or straw, trailer and any other elements that you will find useful in the agricultural work carried out. The more of these, the more you have to invest in the purchase.

Look to buy models with large, durable wheels, which will ensure you have a trouble-free ride. All controls must be placed on the handles or in their immediate vicinity, even the reversing device must be present on the handlebars for optimal use.

There are many companies that offer quality products, and among them we mention: Bertolini, Grillo, Techsan, BCS. If you want to know where other farmers can find blade mowers at good prices, you can confidently choose any of these brands. However, in terms of prices, you can find the cheapest mowers for sale on the Internet, no matter what manufacturer you are looking for. In most situations, online investment does not cost you as much as it would if you chose a device from a specialty store and there is also the possibility of product return. To prove this, we invite you to analyze our selection of models, made according to productivity / costs and popularity among users.

Recommended models in 2021

Bertolini AGT 140 Alpine

Those who want to buy the best mower with a blade will be inspired if they turn to Bertolini offers. This company is one of the brands that sell quality mowers, especially in the area of products for professional operation. In this case, we selected a model that is not only high-performance, but also affordable depending on the investment required to buy. The device comes equipped with an OHV engine with a cylinder, from the 4-stroke range, also benefiting from an air cooling system.

The maximum power developed is 9HP, which means that the device can be used for difficult and even frequent work. It will be powered by unleaded petrol, a mandatory condition for proper operation and a long life. The starting is done by a mechanical starter, the gearbox is in an oil bath, and the clutch has manual control, all these elements contributing to a very easy use, even when the user is an amateur farmer.

It is delivered with a grass cutting blade, and the attachment system of the accessories favors quick coupling and uncoupling. You have 7 speeds, 3 of which are for reversing, which determines a very easily adaptable cutting process. The cutting width of the blade is 140 cm maximum, but can be easily adjusted. Likewise, the control handlebar will be adjusted in height, to provide comfort when handling. In case of loss of control, a system will automatically shut down this machine.


You can use no less than 7 different speeds, back and forth, depending on the plants and surfaces you need to process.

The device quickly processes large areas of land, with a large cutting blade of 140 cm.

It has a safety function, stopping in case the user loses control of the device.

It works efficiently, being a professional device with 4-stroke and 9HP engine.


It starts mechanically, so a little more difficult for novice farmers.

Cricket AGT GF3

AGT GF3 is one of the best blade mowers in the professional range from Grillo, which are sold at very advantageous prices. For performance, we have as indicators a 4-stroke engine that will develop a maximum of 9HP, so enough to perform its tasks frequently, quickly and for large areas of land.

For impeccable operation it needs unleaded petrol, especially if you don’t want to look for spare parts for mowers too soon. The oil bath filter and the reverse clutch encourage good performance in heavy use. It includes a string starting system, a method that is a bit more difficult to master at first, but otherwise not much can be blamed on it.

We mention the possibility to use three speeds when going forward and another three for the reverse one. For safety, the clutch automatically disengages the engine, which still remains on, in case the user accidentally loses control of the device. The handlebar will be adjusted both laterally and in height, and the cutting bar has a width of 115cm, enough to do an excellent job for large areas. At a weight of 98Kg, we can say that the grip on the work surface is appreciable.


Professional blade mowers at a good price.

Provides 6 different speeds, in both directions, allowing versatile terrain management.

It will quickly process vegetation on large areas, thanks to the 9HP engine and the 115cm wide blade.

Includes function for user safety, in case of loss of control.


Starting the rope is a more difficult method.

Bertolini Honda Alpine GX270

When you are looking for a new mower with a blade and you plan to cut more straw, Bertolini has an excellent offer for you. Being equipped with a professional 4-stroke engine and an air filter in the oil bath, this model is mainly appreciated because it represents a Honda mower, at least as the origin of the engine. The power developed will be 9HP, as a maximum value, which means some very good performance of vegetation processing, durability and fast work.

The mechanical starter requires starting the rope, but even this method will be easy to approach, once you learn to master it. The direction of travel can be changed without affecting the chosen speed, as the product incorporates a lever inverter that offers quick control. Speaking of speeds, this machine offers you 7 different steps, of which 3 are useful back.

For the safety of the person operating the device, an option with automatic decoupling prevents accidents in the event of loss of control. You can easily adjust the handlebar height, and a vibration damping system helps you have more comfort in use. The blade is made to process grass, fodder and to clean various green spaces, with a working width of 140cm.


It offers very good efficiency, thanks to the 9HP Honda engine.

It processes fodder, grass and other similar types of vegetation, being equipped with a blade (140cm) for straws.

Allows movement as versatile as possible, with 7 speeds back and forth.

It is a reliable device, including function with automatic shut-off and anti-vibration system.


It will be a little more difficult to start it if you are not used to mechanical starters.

Honda GX 270 cricket

The Grillo brand also used Honda engines to equip this range of professional mowers. Therefore, this model will be extremely useful in managing vegetation on various surfaces, being powered by a 4-stroke engine with 9HP as the maximum power offered.

The device starts at the cord and includes a 127cm wide sectioning bar, which has some dimensions suitable for medium and large surfaces. It provides 3 speeds in each direction of travel, back and forth, which demonstrates how useful and versatile the product is.

Based on an automatic disengagement system, the engine is disengaged, but not stopped, if the person driving the machine loses control of the car. The supply is made with unleaded petrol, and the total weight of the piece is 98Kg, thus allowing to obtain a very good power take-off on the field. Even the quality ratio in relation to the cost indicates a blade mower at a convenient price for many users.


It is strong and durable, with a 9HP Honda engine.

Provides fast cutting on large areas, thanks to the 127cm wide blade.

It allows easy movement in two directions and with 3 speeds for each, determining diversified processing of vegetation.

It is a safe piece, with a system for automatic decoupling in case of danger.


Initially it is difficult to easily start such an agricultural machine.

Bertolini AGT Honda Alpine GX160

Also belonging to the Bertolini brand, this moderate mower as a necessary investment is recommended for all those who want to spend less on a semi-professional series product. It is addressed to users of any category, as it incorporates a moderate power engine, namely 5.5HP. Of course, the 4-stroke engine will be powered exclusively by unleaded gasoline.

A useful bar in sectioning straws, but grass, is used, it has a width of 115cm. The 7 speeds will be appreciated for the diversity of working methods provided, especially since there are three different ones for the reverse.

You benefit from height adjustment possibilities for the handlebars and a vibration attenuator meant to offer minimum comfort. The quick coupling system of the cutter and the automatic stopping of the engine guarantee not only reliable but also very simple use.


The blade is useful for both grass and straw.

It is equipped with a semi-professional 5.5HP engine, which allows excellent efficiency.

Process the plants on a width of 115 cm in a single pass, with such a wide cutter.

Includes vibration damping and automatic shut-off for user safety.


It is a little more expensive than other devices of similar power.

Stiga SILEX 87 B

The Stiga SILEX 87 B mower has a 5.1 hp Briggs & Straton four-stroke engine. It has a cutting width of 87 cm, the mowing bar being equipped with steel teeth. The cutting height is adjustable, being marked several positions to easily and safely set the desired cutting size. The height of the handlebars can be adjustable — which allows all users to use it with maximum comfort and efficiency.

The ergonomic and compact design make the mower a safe and easy to use tool; all control is performed from the same handle: the start button, the throttle and the safety switch are placed on this handle, being at the user’s disposal at any time during work.

The level of emissions is low, ensured by the technology with which it is equipped with the engine, which reduces the level of pollutant emissions, while also ensuring a low fuel consumption. The cylindrical capacity is 190 cubic cm, with a 1 liter capacity tank, unleaded petrol engine. The starting is done manually, through the rope, it has a speed, and the maximum speed is 2900 rpm. The engine is air-cooled, the transmission is made through a worm wheel in an oil bath and belts.


The ergonomic design ensures total control and safety when used.

The adjustable height of the mowing bar makes it suitable for various terrain profiles.

It has a low level of emissions.

The safety switch on the handle ensures a high degree of protection against accidents.


Requires maintenance to ensure the oil bath level.

Progarden JRF 1001 A

The model presented here has a blade of 870 millimeters in working width, driven by a 4-horsepower or 3000 Watt motor, in four strokes and a cylinder. The fuel tank has a capacity of one liter, enough to ensure three hours of mowing.

The device has a single gear (on, off), and the starting system is with string. Given the weight of the product (60 kilograms empty), it is in the light category, therefore this also eases the burden of pushing.

The noise level, of 108 decibels, is also in the middle, this value being normal for the respective type of engine. The working height is adjustable, from 3 to 8 centimeters, in order to be able to mow the lawn but also the taller weeds and grasses. Regarding the price of the product, it is relatively affordable, the model also offering a fairly high level of quality for its category.


It has a working width and height suitable for most tasks.

The size of the tank is adequate to ensure more than three hours of mowing.

It offers a very attractive quality-price balance.

The four-stroke engine is easy to maintain and reliable.


It will not successfully cope with heavy tasks, with hard grass, on large surfaces.

How to use a blade mower

If you really care about your garden, you’ve probably already bought a blade mower, but you’d better do some serious research before starting the engine of the appliance, because you risk destroying its components or getting injured. So we set out to discuss at length about everything related to the use of such a machine, so that you can get to work immediately and transform your yard into a harmonious space, which all your neighbors envy.


Always secure the perimeter before starting work! The access of children in the area to be mowed is strictly forbidden, because they are generally unpredictable and can be easily injured. It is also advisable to wear complete protective equipment, containing boots with non-slip soles, gloves, safety helmet and face shields.

Avoid sparks as much as possible, as the fuel used by the engine is extremely flammable. Therefore, quit smoking during the use and refueling of the machine, because the repercussions can be catastrophic.

The mower should be stored only in rooms where there are no stoves, boilers, fireplaces or boilers, as there is a risk of fire.


The power supply is made, as we have established, away from any source of sparks. In the first phase, you will have to open the fuel tank cover and pour the fuel that was recommended by the manufacturer. Be very careful! If you do not follow its instructions exactly, the appliance may be damaged. As with cars — gasoline can not take the place of diesel or vice versa.

After filling the tank, don’t forget to tighten the lid well, because there are great chances to pour the contents of the container, during the mowing process.


Starting the machine may cause you some problems, as it is done differently from one model to another. For sophisticated parts, for example, you will first need to operate the clutch damper and securely engage the mowers.

In the following, you will have to close the shock and open the fuel supply channel — so quickly identify the two switches for these operations. When everything is in place, you can pull the string and start the engine.

Once it has been switched on, the shock must return to the “ON” position. Next, all that remains is to engage the wheels, respectively the mowing bar, and to put the appliance in a gear.

However, some models are a bit easier to start! The first step is to turn the throttle lever to maximum, so that you can then start the engine by pressing the button intended for this purpose. After the task has been completed, you can pull the starter handle and turn on the device.

Don’t forget to lower the mower that activates the mowing bar, and to engage the safety of the forward flap! When you are ready, you can click on the latter and start your work.

Popular brands:

If you are the happy owner of a medium-sized garden or orchard, for example, you may need various cars to help you maintain the space, so that it always looks neat. A lawn mower with a blade can help you cope with challenges, provided you choose it wisely, from a dedicated brand.

Bertolini is an Italian brand recognized for the production of machines for tillage and garden care. It is produced by Emak, an existing corporation since 1992, resulting from the merger of two other major gardening machine companies: Oleo-Mac and Efco, both of which have been operating since the 1970s.

Oleo-Mac was founded in 1972 by Ariello Bartoli, who soon became known for the production of industrially assembled chainsaws. Efco was born in 1978, at the idea of Giacomo Ferretti, and became the main manufacturer of devices for landscape architecture. Shortly afterwards, the two merged, to the benefit of both.

Currently, the group has 28 international affiliates in 14 countries. The declared mission is to offer innovative solutions for added value. The goal of the brand is to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines, components and accessories for lawn and garden care, in agriculture and forestry.

Emak Group’s efforts aim to identify innovative solutions and provide services designed to maximize efficiency for consumers and professional customers. Their satisfaction with the impeccable services obtained by using Bertolini products is the best sign that the brand is going in the right direction, including in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Grillo SpA was founded in 1953, when it was called Officine Pinza. The appearance of the company was due to the innovation of Benito Pinza who, at only 20 years old, launched the first Grillo tractor, which gave the brand its name since 1957. 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of adventures in the world of mechanized agriculture.

Grillo’s portfolio includes machines used in professional agriculture on a large scale, in the maintenance of green spaces, but also for personal use in their own gardens. The basic goal is to create new and new technical solutions to help users in their daily work. The employees are, without exception, qualified persons in the field and who show a special dedication.

Each new car is subjected to extremely strict tests to prove its durability and reliability, and only if the results are satisfactory, it will be launched on the market, in accordance with strict European quality standards, implemented by the Grillo quality system.

Grillo production is about 20,000 cars annually, belonging to a number of over 50 models and with the help of over 200 employees. Its products are sold in over 55 countries, on 5 continents, with the help of over 1000 dealers and over 50 distributors.

Honda is one of the largest international corporations in the world, headquartered in Japan. Its product portfolio includes automobiles and motorcycles, scooters, trucks, jets, ATVs, motor boats, generators and, of course, garden care equipment. Every year, the brand ranks 5th in the ranking of car manufacturers and maintains its leading position in terms of engine production.

Soichiro Honda, the company’s founder, worked on tuning the cars and preparing them for racing. In 1937 he founded a company whose business was to produce pistons, but it was not until 1941 that the quality of his products was good enough to win a supply contract with Toyota.

Although the factories were destroyed in World War II, the activity was resumed, with only 12 people working in a garage of 16 square meters, this time the products being represented by motor bicycles, built from a stock of radio generators. When this reserve ran out, they started producing their own engines. Step by step, we came to the first Honda motorcycle, called Dream.

Tenacity and hard work continued, thanks to them the brand reached the position it occupies today. Recognized for their extraordinary qualities, the products of this brand are considered “crème de la crème” in many fields of activity.

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Other recommended models, currently unavailable:

Cricket AGT G52

All the features of this model show us that it is a high quality semi-professional device. Starting with the professional Honda engine and ending with an 86cm lawn mower, this cheap blade mower confirms that it provides one of the best prices for such a machine. The maximum achievable power will be 5.5HP, very suitable for individual users, who have a lot of land to manage.

The 4-stroke engine will be powered by unleaded petrol, with a low average consumption of 1.4l per hour of work. The gearbox includes only two gears, one for forward, one for reverse. The clutch lever is double-actuated, allowing the disengagement procedure in case there is any danger of injury.

In addition, for optimal operation and simple operation, as soon as the reverse function is activated, the cutter is automatically disengaged. Weighing only 55Kg, this device does not press excessively on the tread, so it is much easier to handle than other models.


Cheap and good blade mowers.

Ensures efficiency and efficient work, based on the 5.5HP Honda engine.

It is suitable for obstacle management, with a limited width blade, 86cm.

Includes two safety functions for disengaging the motor or cutter.


It offers only two working speeds for both directions.

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