Branch Scissors — Review and comparison in 2021

Comparative table

The scissors weigh quite a lot, 1.7 kg, which means that if you want to use it for a long time, it can be demanding on the arms.

Make your garden work easier and easily cut the branches of the trees, using this telescopic tool, which can be adjusted in three steps.

This scissors is a telescopic one, which has a handle that can be extended from 230 to 410 cm, to reach the branches placed as high as possible without having to use a ladder. It is made of resistant metals and has a locking mechanism that ensures good protection during use.

Compared to other products on this list, it requires a much more significant investment, which many people cannot afford.

It is the right choice for people who want to reach the top branches of trees with great ease, without stairs.

It is an anvil model, which is made of very good quality materials (steel, fiberglass and polyamide, to be as durable and ergonomic as possible. It weighs only 550 grams and is equipped with long handles, 545 mm , to easily penetrate the crown of trees.

It has no telescopic arms, which is why you will have to use a ladder to reach the branches that are higher at the top of the tree.

It is a pair of scissors that helps you easily cut the branches of trees, using an anvil type system and having 545 mm long arms.

Reviews about the best branch scissors

Thick branch scissors

The Little Farmer nrp_00011

This product is appreciated by people looking for a pair of thick branches, because it is able to act on branches that have a diameter of 50 mm. It is an extensible model, which has handles that can be extended up to 1005 mm in length. The minimum size, the one used normally, without extension, is 675 mm.

This scissors has a standard blade that cuts, and another double serrated one, which will help you to act easily on the branches. They are made of steel, to be as strong as possible and have a length of 8 cm. You will be able to easily penetrate between the branches, to cut everything as easily as possible.

The presence of thick branch scissors weighs 1.7 kg, which is why it can be tiring to work with it for a long time. The handles are clad in a material that prevents slipping and the length can be adjusted in three steps. It is silver, with black and orange inserts.

Telescopic branch scissors

Fiskars UP86

Fiskars UP86 is a telescopic branch scissors, which has the great advantage of the fact that you no longer need a ladder when you want to groom the trees. It helps you to reach branches placed even at 6 meters from the ground, because it can be adjusted to the desired height, in the range of 2.3–4.1 meters.

In the first phase, it may not be very comfortable for you to use, because it will seem strange and it will not be very convenient for you to act on a pair of scissors over which you do not feel in close control, but then you will obsinui. In addition, it is quite heavy, weighing 1900 grams. It’s not very much, but it could be quite demanding if you use it for longer periods of time.

To use it safely, stay calm, because it has a well-developed locking mechanism. The scissors are made of metal and are black, with gray and orange details. It’s quite expensive financially, but it’s worth the money.

Matrix BPS-HT710–1SX-ONE

In some cases, the best branch scissors might be the one we’re talking about now, which is an electric model specially designed for the hedge. It is a tool that works with a battery, but the latter is not included in the package, but must be purchased separately.

This product is a set that also includes a telescopic saw, which also needs a battery to operate. It has a motor with a power of 0.6 W and produces a fairly high noise, about 80 dB. Both tools are mounted on the same arm, depending on what you want to use, and the maximum length they can reach is 2.4 meters.

There would be some more details to say about the performance of the saw. It has a maximum speed of 1400 rpm, a distance between the teeth of 14 mm and a blade length of 180 mm.

Evotools 631046

This telescopic branch scissors is a variant that has a double cutting mechanism, in order to do everything in the most efficient way. It is operated using a system that uses a 1.7 meter rope. It is a model for which you will need a little more time until you learn to use it, but then everything will be very easy.

The blade that helps to cut the branches is a galvanized one, made of hardened steel, with a length of 35 cm. It is able to act on branches that are about 30 mm in diameter, so that it can be used on trees with slightly thicker branches.

The telescopic tail on which the scissors are mounted can be extended in such a way as to reach a height of 3.2 meters. That being said, it is often possible that you do not even need a ladder to reach the branches above.

Fiskars branch scissors

Fiskars PowerGear L74

Many people discuss this product when it comes to opinions about the best branch scissors, because it is a tool that will be very helpful in any yard where there are trees that need grooming. It is an anvil model, which allows you to cut the branches in one or more movements, as you wish.

This branch scissors, Fiskars, has handles long enough, 545 mm, to be able to easily penetrate areas with thicker branches and to cut everything much easier. It weighs 550 grams, so it will not be demanding to use when you have long-term work to do.

Steel was used to make the blade, a resistant material, and fiberglass and polyamide for the handles. The arms are ergonomic, to make everything as comfortable as possible and can be used with both hands. This tool will be effective for branches up to 50 mm in diameter.

Fiskars SingleStep HS22

This branch scissors, cheap and good, can be used to groom trees, green fences or vines, being a bypass model, which consists of two quality knives, made of steel. The handles are made of plastic and have no anti-slip inserts, which is why it could be more difficult to handle if you have wet hands.

The Fiskars branch scissors, which we present now, are black, with orange details. It has a total length of 580 mm and a weight of 840 g. The latter is not very large, but for the weakest people it could be too much if they want to use the tool for a longer period of time.

This scissors do not have handles that extend, but it is long enough to allow you to easily reach the branches from the tops of the trees, if they are lower in height, and to penetrate the branches without injuring yourself.

Gardena branch scissors

Gardena Comfort EVO

This branch scissors, from Gardena, is a small product, equipped with a blade of only 10 cm, which can be used very easily, with one hand, to shorten the branches of small trees, to clean flowers, vine or other types of vegetarian. It is recommended to be used for cutting branches that have a diameter of no more than 20 mm.

The cutting head present on this tool is tilted, and the upper blade is coated in a non-stick layer, very well sharpened, to work accurately and easily. You will also be able to see with this scissors a drain channel of the sap, which makes this tool to be pleasant to use.

To increase its lifespan and to enjoy it for as long as possible, periodically use a cleansing spray. The scissors are blue, with black and gray details.

Buying guide

If you also want to buy a branch scissors, at a good price, we will tell you in the following what aspects you need to take into account:

Type: From the beginning you have to think about the product model that you might need, depending on what you want to do, the speed with which you want to execute the work. The most common options are:

Bypass — such scissors is characterized by the fact that it consists of two overlapping blades. It looks very similar to classical instruments of this kind and is easy to use, especially for the finer, thinner branches. It is not the best option for thicker branches, but it is ideal for shrubs, flowers, etc.

Anvil — This is called carrying items that use a single blade to cut. It comes by pressing the handles on a fixed support (on the anvil) and is able to cut even thicker branches.

Telescopic — scissors of this kind are equipped with long arms, to give you the opportunity to reach higher heights, to be able to cut the branches from the top of the trees. They are used with both hands and are very popular especially when it comes to the branches of thorny shrubs.

Electric — if you do not want to put too much physical effort and do everything as fast as possible, then such a tool could be useful. But be careful, because it does not offer as much precision as the classic variants and you have to handle it very carefully.

Purpose: Here we refer to what each product can do, what it is intended for. You will see that it will be specified in the description if you can use the article you are referring to for thicker branches or only for flowers, what thickness must the branches on which you act have and so on.

Take into account such details and proceed exactly, so as not to unnecessarily damage the tool.

Material: A pair of scissors, at a good price, is of course chosen depending on the materials. For the handle we often find aluminum, with silicone protections or other textures that prevent slipping. But what matters even more is what was used for the blades, to cut as well as possible. The most appreciated variants are:

Stainless steel — durable, does not deteriorate over time, does not rust and will help you work with great precision. It will need to be sharpened periodically to be as effective as possible.

Carbon steel — is an extremely durable material, it contributes to the accomplishment of the works with great ease. It will have to be taken care of very carefully and cleaned constantly, because stains can appear and it can oxidize, if it stays in contact with water for a long time.

Method of operation: Consider this aspect, if you want to choose a pair of scissors that you can use in the way you want:

With one hand — they are usually small models, which you can use to cut smaller branches of trees, to clean vines or flowers.

With both hands — the really high-performance variants are like that, because they need to be able to include as many branches as possible, to penetrate in hard to reach places, etc. If you climb a ladder or a higher surface, see that everything is very stable, because you will not be able to support yourself with your hands.

Dimensions: These values are very important when buying branch scissors, cheap and good.

Blade size — to figure out how much the tool you are using could hold, how easily you can cut what you want.

Weight — to get an idea of how easy it will be for you to handle such a tool. Keep in mind that the more you choose a more efficient model, the more suitable for the larger branches, the more generous the weight will be, because a more voluminous model is needed.

General dimensions — it helps you get an idea of how a scissors look, how easy you will handle and / or store it.

If you take into account the above, you will be able to easily buy the best branch scissors. Enter the online sites, see what models you find and buy the right product for your needs.

Frequent questions

When are decorative trees pruned?

Specialists say that it is important to choose the perfect time for such work, namely when the plants sprout, because otherwise, if everything happens too early, it may be necessary to have another grooming, and if it is too late, the development will not it will be a very good one.

When are fruit trees pruned?

How much do you cut when you cut the trees?

How to shape the crown of a tree?

Furthermore, in the third year, the tree is already richer. In November-February it is time to cut the newly grown branches, cutting over a bud that is oriented outwards, but also the small branches inside, at the fourth node. Do the same in the following years, to have a beautiful crown.

What is the difference between pruning trees and vines?

Then, when it comes to pruning, trees often use large scissors, capable of cutting even thicker branches, while in the vineyard, the shoots are smaller and often a classic tool will suffice. gardener’s.

Regarding the steps to be followed, in both cases it starts with removing the dry and diseased parts and with the thinness of the branches / shoots, in order to illuminate the interior as well as possible. Then, in trees, the weak shoots are shortened to half their length, the vigorous ones to a quarter.

In the vineyard there are usually three cutting systems, to then enjoy a fruit as rich as possible: short — the shoots are cut at 2–3 stitches (it is recommended when the stems have poor growth), long — everything is cleaned in this way so that they remain fruit strings with 6–12 stitches each, and then they are caught by tying and mixed — combine the rules of both methods.



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