Motocultoare Ruris — Review and comparison in 2021

Whether you have a farm or just a small plot of land and you are passionate about agricultural work, it is necessary to purchase a series of tools and tools to help you perform your work efficiently and quality. For a small or medium-sized field you can turn to the Ruris DAC 6000K cultivator, with good technical characteristics, easy to use and powerful. It runs on gasoline, with a tank capacity of 3 l and a consumption of 1 l of fuel per hour. You can attach other accessories to perform the related work such as plow, for thinning, to remove potatoes or a trailer. Another variant is Ruris 731K , from the professional range.

Comparative table

A model from the semi-professional range that will help you work your land efficiently, with a 4-stroke engine, with 3 gears (2 forward and one reverse), which runs on gasoline, with a consumption of 1 l per hour , with a 3 l petrol tank capacity, with manual start.

Although it has a good price, you must take into account other accessories if you need them, which you will purchase separately.

A decent investment, high-performance technical equipment, the possibility to add other accessories, are just a few reasons why we recommend this product.

This cultivator is recommended for agricultural works, having as advantages the following aspects: it is equipped with rubber and metal wheels; has three speeds, including reverse to make it easier to handle; electronic ignition function; good working dimensions (width between 56 cm and 83 cm, depth 15 cm and 34 cm) and comes with rarity.

Some customers have stated that manually starting this device can be considered a disadvantage.

A robust and powerful product that you can rely on for quality agricultural work, easy to use and with a good yield.

If you want a high-performance model, you can go for this variant, with a 4-stroke diesel engine, with a fuel consumption 20% lower than traditional engines, with 3 gears (2 forward and one in reverse), with large working dimensions (width between 80 cm and 100 cm, depth of 20 cm), which comes with a rarity and 2 sets of wheels (metal and rubber).

Being a professional, powerful and robust equipment, it has a higher price than other products presented.

Specially designed for professionals, this cultivator has a good yield, being able to work up to 1000 sqm in one hour.

Reviews about the best Ruris cultivators

Specially designed for various agricultural works, to help both professionals and amateurs, these products can be easily purchased online. Whether you need Ruris motocultivator mowers, Ruris motocultivator mowers or just a chainsaw, you will find various models to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

Ruris DAC 6000K

If you have a piece of agricultural land that you want to work in your free time, you need tools and implements, and a Ruris cultivator, at a good price, will be very helpful. This model is from the semi-professional range and is suitable for small and medium lands.

Due to the technical equipment it has: 4-stroke engine; 3-speed gearbox: 2 forward and one reverse; petrol supply with a tank capacity of 3 l and consumption of 1 l per hour; it is a basic aid, easy to handle and powerful.

It is built in such a way as to allow the installation of other accessories in case of need such as: trailer, which has a capacity of up to 500 kg, plow, rake or device to easily remove the potatoes. The working width has a maximum of 83 cm and a minimum of 56 cm, and the depth it can reach is 29 cm. You weigh 80 kg.

Ruris DAC & 009ACC

This Ruris motocultor is a model from the semi-professional range, with which you can perform various operations in the garden or on an agricultural land, being easy to use and with good productivity, up to 1000 sqm in an hour, preparing the land for sowing. or planted.

Equipped with an engine with increased transmission torque, it has a low fuel consumption (runs on gasoline) of 1.1 liters per hour, the tank capacity being 3l. The gearbox with which the cultivator is provided is in 3 gears, 2 forward and one in reverse. The working furrow has a maximum width of 83 cm, a minimum of 56 cm and a depth of 29 cm.

The product contains besides the chainsaw and other accessories necessary for agricultural works such as: 1 adapter, 1 plow, 2 rarities, 2 rubber wheels. The start is manual , and the product weighs 80 kg.

Ruris 731K cultivator:

Ruris 731K

If you own a garden or farmland over 7000 m then a Ruris 731k cultivator is what you need to perform various jobs. It has a 4-stroke engine and runs on gasoline, with a tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters and a consumption of 1 liter per hour.

The gearbox is in 3 gears, with two speeds in front and one in reverse. The working width is between 56 cm and 83 cm, and the depth of the furrow can be 15 cm or 34 cm.

It is a set that offers you, in addition to the chainsaw itself, a rarity, 2 rubber wheels and 2 metal wheels. The ignition is manual and the ignition is electronic. It is easy to handle and is very resistant, with a nodular cast iron housing. The tool kit with which it is equipped allows you to always have the desired accessories at hand.

Ruris diesel cultivator:

Ruris 650KSD

If you are a professional and want a Ruris diesel cultivator, you can stop at this model, specially created and improved according to the needs encountered during the work.

Thus, the cultivator is equipped with a 4-stroke, diesel engine that has a power of 6HP and consumes up to 20% less fuel than the traditional one. It has 3 gears, 2 forward and one reverse. It has a very good efficiency, being able to work an area of 1000 sqm in one hour.

The working dimensions are generous, with a width between a minimum of 80 cm and a maximum of 100 cm, and a depth of 20 cm. Comes with rarity and 2 sets of wheels, one rubber and one metal. To be comfortable to use and easy to handle, it has an extended handlebar that gives a precise position during use.

Ruris 751 KS cultivator:

Ruris 751 KS

For those who have a farm and work the agricultural land, a Ruris 751 ks cultivator can be a good choice, being a product from the professional range of the producer. You can thus perform quality work and prepare the soil for sowing or planting.

As technical equipment, the machine has a 4-stroke engine, is powered by gasoline, has a consumption of 1.3 l per hour, the capacity of the fuel tank is 3 l, starting is manual, and the 3-speed gearbox is with oil gears (2 speeds for forward and one for reverse).

The working width is between 69–90 cm, and the depth can be 10 cm or 35 cm, with a good efficiency. In addition to the cultivator itself, in the purchase package you also receive other useful accessories such as a rarity, a reversible plow, and a set of metal and rubber wheels. Although the price is higher, it is one of the best Ruris cultivators.

Ruris 7 HP cultivator:

Ruris DAC 7000K

If you need a Ruris cultivator, cheap and good, you can rely on this model, from the semi-professional range, dedicated to agricultural works in plots or gardens.

It is a Ruris 7 hp cultivator, with a good yield, in 30 minutes it can crush 500 sq m of soil. With a 3-speed gearbox, including reverse, you can easily return to the narrow spaces at the end of the field. The start is manual and has an electronic ignition system, easy to use even by beginners.

As fuel, unleaded petrol is recommended, the tank having a capacity of 3 l, and the average consumption being 1 l per hour. It has a working width between 83 cm and 56 cm, and the depth of the furrow is 29 cm. In addition to the chainsaw, you also receive a set of rubber wheels and a rarity.

Ruris cultivator accessories

Ruris cultivator trailer:

Ruris UN2085

In case you need a cultivator with a Ruris trailer, you can buy them separately, and this trailer model can be easily and easily attached to a wide variety of chainsaws from this manufacturer or others.

It has a good capacity of 550 kg, being useful for transporting animals, vegetables and fruits or fertilizer. Toggles to the back. The chair is ergonomic and absorbs vibrations, being equipped with shock absorbers, so you will have a comfortable position.

The braking system is mechanical, with pedals and the trailer is equipped with road signs. It weighs only 35 kg so as not to make transport difficult, but it is stable. The medium dimensions (80 x 125 x 37 cm) allow access in narrow places.

Ruris motocultor wheels:

Ruris 400 TS 103

If you have just bought a Ruris cultivator, at a good price, but it does not have metal wheels, it is not a problem because you can buy them separately, and this set can be what you need.

They are compatible with a wide range of Ruris cultivators from both the semi-professional and professional range. They are easy to attach and help you dig regardless of the terrain, being equipped with attack spurs that do not skate in contact with the ground.

The two wheels are on a frame with 3 circles, welded together for better resistance, and the distance between them allows easy evacuation of the ground. In the package you also have the clamping screws, as well as the necessary sleeves.

Ruris cultivator plug:

Ruris rev 22015

In case you have a Ruris 1001 ksd cultivator and you also need a plow to be able to plow the agricultural land from the endowment, you can go for this product, especially for the purchased model.

It is a robust product that facilitates the return of large pieces of soil, and being perfectly balanced in contact with the ground will give you a good yield. It turns the furrow only in one side, and at the end of the row it can turn next to the same furrow, which leads to a lower fuel consumption and ease of use.

It is easy to install even if you are not a specialist and ensures a good efficiency, saving up to 20% fuel per hectare.

Ruris cultivator sleeve:

Ruris TG 320

The sleeve is mounted on rubber or metal wheels and connects them with the equipment itself. The price is good and this accessory will help you do your work in good condition.

This set of two products is compatible with the 751 KS and 1001 KSD cultivator models, equipment from the professional range of the manufacturer.

It is a model with lock, with a suitable rod that offers stability to the machine during agricultural work.

Buying guide

Even if agriculture is a hobby for you, or you do professional work that will bring you an income, do not hesitate to buy Ruris cultivators, at good prices, to help you execute the work quickly and well. Ruris is a producer of agricultural equipment with 100% Romanian capital, with over 25 years of experience in the field, known and appreciated on the national market. Before making the purchase, determine what needs you have in order to be able to focus on a product that can withstand the works and at a fair price.

Engine type: it is one of the most important features because it gives you information about the power of the machine, about consumption, what maintenance costs it entails, but also how efficient it is for the land surface you own.

Thus, you can opt for electric motors that are intended for smaller areas of land, hobby type works, where the power is expressed in W; and diesel engines where power is expressed in hp and consumption increases in direct proportion to efficiency.

For small areas, a power of 4 hp is enough, for farms I go on equipment with a minimum of 6 hp, and for agricultural land with large areas according to several opinions about the best Ruris cultivators, the power must exceed 8 hp.

Type of cultivator: it is also an important aspect not to choose a machine that is too high-performing and at a high price for small works and also to cope with the land you own. Thus the manufacturer offers 3 types of cultivators:

Hobby cultivators: they are effective for small areas of land or for your own garden. They have a good quality-price ratio, are easy to handle and have smaller dimensions to be convenient to store in a warehouse or garage.

Semi-professional cultivators: Suitable for larger, firm work surfaces, of 300 sqm or 5000 sqm, in the garden or in the field. The transmission system is more efficient than those in the hobby range, and they have a gearbox. They do not require complex maintenance operations and also have a good efficiency. Other devices and accessories can be attached, including a small trailer.

Professional cultivators: They are the most efficient and solid models offered by the manufacturer. The transmission from the engine to the gearbox is done through the clutch, and the gearbox is with gears in the oil bath. It is suitable on different soils for complex or light works, being a reliable ally for agricultural work.

They can be used for various operations with a wide range of accessories that can be used, some already coming in a package, and others can be purchased later depending on needs. They are used on large areas of land, in the field, in plots or in gardens, with a good yield and being very efficient.

Working width: this aspect provides information about the size of the furrow that you can work on in one pass and is important, being in direct correlation with the land you have. Thus, for hobby type works, in a garden with a smaller, narrow surface, a width between 50–80 cm is enough. The semi-professional models can have a width of up to 100 cm, and the professional ones can reach up to 140–150 cm.

Working depth: it is in direct correlation with the weight of the device, so a heavier car, from the professional range, will have greater working depths than a hobby type model. Speeds also have an influence, so speed 1 is used for more difficult, harder soils, speed 2 is suitable for steeper terrain, and speed 3 is usually for reverse.

Accessories: a fully equipped model helps you with different activities in the agricultural sector and you can opt for packages that come with all kinds of accessories, but at a higher price, or simple models for one or two applications, at a lower price.

Among the most common accessories that come with the package are rubber transport wheels, metal wheels, hoes, rarities, plows, potato harvesters, etc. For semi-professional or professional models with more than 6 hp, you can attach a trailer that helps you transport different products you need, such as: small animals, vegetables, fruits from your own production, fertilizer for the field, etc.

You can also pay attention to some aspects related to user comfort, safety, such as: handlebar with long and adjustable horns, control panel, automatic shutdown, etc.

Price: in order to be able to make the right budget, we also offer you some information related to the purchase price. Thus, for a model in the hobby class, the price is lower, finding a cultivator up to 1000 lei. The semi-professional models have a price that varies between 1000 and 2000 lei, or even more. Professional products reach prices between 2300 and 5000 lei, with high performance, good efficiency and accessories.

Frequent questions

How do I order Ruris cultivator parts? Can I find it on the manufacturer’s website?

Being one of the most popular manufacturers in Romania, you can easily find the products sold by them, as well as accessories and parts for cultivators. In the online environment you have a wide range of these products, both in specialty stores and on the manufacturer’s website and you can easily find Ruris cultivators, cheap and good.

On the manufacturer’s website you can also benefit from help or service in case of need. You can also visit the manufacturer’s online store to see what other equipment you can buy ( ).

Is it true that Ruris cultivators are only assembled in Romania?

According to the manufacturer’s statement on the official website, it deals with “research, development and production activities” of various products needed for agricultural works.

If you want to find out more about the cultivator you have chosen, consult the user manuals , where the technical specifications and the certificate of conformity or the declaration of conformity, you have all the necessary information about the product. For example, the hobbyist 5500 R cultivator has switched to the manufacturer ZFGM Co. from China, and the 701KS model from the professional range has passed as a Ruris manufacturer.

The most common Ruris accessories for the cultivator

Now that you have purchased the best Ruris cultivator, you can turn to other accessories to help you perform the necessary work accurately and efficiently. The manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories, among the most common being:

Metal wheels — are of several types and are mounted on the front, instead of milling cutters, the equipment being thus prepared to have a better grip on the ground, when performing other works. They can be with or without a sleeve.

Trailer — which can be used to transport certain materials, for fertilizers, for harvested products such as vegetables or fruits, for the transport of small animals. It can be of several sizes and you have to pay attention to this aspect in case the access is narrow. It also varies the weight supported between 450 kg and 1000 kg.

Plug — it can also be mounted on the front with a dedicated adapter, and helps with plowing. In general, I am turning the furrow on one side, in the direction of travel.

Cultivator — is used to prepare the soil by shredding, loosening and leveling, but it is also useful to destroy weeds that appear between crops.

Seeder — easily attached by attaching to the support of the cultivator’s foot. Helps in the process of sowing the soil after the preparation works have been carried out. Planting depth can vary between 10 and 35 mm, and the capacity of the tub is generally 5 kg of seeds.

Potato harvester — if, in addition to other crops, you also deal with potatoes, you need a device to help you remove them easily and mechanically. It is easily mounted using an accessory adapter and two screws to secure it.

Potato planting and fertilizing device — is a very helpful device for potato growers, which performs several operations, namely: sowing, covering the ditch created and fertilizing. It is compatible with Ruris cultivators from the professional range and is very helpful, making the work easier and performing quickly and well the operations for which it is intended.