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Affordable, light weight and suitable motor, power saws are the optimal combination of efficiency, cost and power for home use. If you need such a tool in the household, to clean trees or cut wood, you can find out in this article how to choose it correctly and what are some of the most popular models. The Makita UC3541A is, for example, a variant that combines technical performance and comfort in use in a powerful and easy to handle device. It can be used both for removing dry branches and for cutting logs of medium and small diameter. For those looking for a slightly smaller model, we recommend Bosch AKE 30 S .

It is a version suitable for home and professional use, with mains power supply and an engine power of 2.4HP. Provides ergonomic handle, with anti-slip profile, increased safety brake and medium length chain, recommended for most household chores.

Being a branded version, made of quality materials, it is a bit more expensive than other models in the same power category.

The right chainsaw model for households, strong enough to easily solve tasks, but comfortable enough to be easily used by amateurs.

Light, efficient and robust, this version of the chainsaw is one of the recommended options for those who want to have a tool in the house that allows quick cutting of branches. Includes 1800W motor, large oil tank and allows chain management without the need for a key.

The actually used length of the cutting chain is 24cm, which means that you will manage a little harder at a higher height or with slightly wider branches.

Hobby type model, designed for household use, with ergonomic design and fast brake, which ensures a safe and comfortable use.

It is an electric version, with battery, which eliminates the dependence on the power source and allows you to work away from home. It offers an above average working power in this product category, a 40cm long rail, suitable for cutting thicker logs and is delivered together with a chain, loader and battery.

Due to the battery, it significantly exceeds the average weight level of the cable versions for this performance category.

Chainsaw model suitable for projects that involve limiting access to electricity and more freedom of movement, ideal for tasks involved in household chores.

Are you looking for cheap and good electric chainsaws to take care of the trees and shrubs in the garden? Take advantage of the variety of online offers and check, for a start, the examples below, selected from the most popular and high-quality models sold on the Internet.

This 1800W Makita electric chainsaw model is one of the best options for cutting wood and beautifying household trees. It provides you with 2.4CP and a cutting length of 35cm, which balances the force of action with the comfort of use, impressing the chain with a speed of 14.5m / s.

Generates 101.3dB, average value for this category of technical performance, and vibrations up to 4.3m / s 2 . In terms of weight, you will work with a 4.4kg version, quite easy to handle in short and medium duration tasks.

Because it is a model with mains supply, it will give you more power than the alternatives with power supply, but you will probably need to buy a suitable extension cord. In terms of design, ergonomics and safety, the Makita UC3541A is equipped with a non-slip profile handle and integrated rubber cushion, automatic oil lubrication function and chain brake to prevent accidents.

For those who need and feel comfortable with a stronger version, we recommend this model of Makita electric chainsaw, 2000W, and professional chain, 35cm long, with a thickness of 1.3mm and a standard pitch of 0.375inch. It is powered directly from the mains, including a 0.3m electric cable, which you will have to supplement as needed.

The 2.7HP generated means a chain speed of 14.5m / s, which helps you to efficiently and quickly clean unsightly or dry branches and prepare wood for fire. But we draw your attention that during operation you will be exposed to 101.8dB, so if you know that you are preparing for a few good hours of work, use a pair of headphones, recommended for anything over 80dB.

The chain can be changed and tensioned quickly and easily, without the need for additional tools and is equipped with a brake, which stops it when the current is interrupted, and a pump that ensures automatic lubrication.

Suitable for light household chores, the Bosch AKE 30S electric chainsaw is part of the hobby model category and helps you solve, without pretensions or difficulty, the cleaning of trees and the segmentation of medium and small diameter wood. It has a power of 1800W which materializes in a chain speed of 9m / s and is powered directly from the network.

The construction is robust and comfortable, easy to use both on horizontal hubs and on the vertical stem, and the Bosch SDS system allows you to manage the chain tension without the need for additional tools.

Includes QuickStop brake, for quick reactions and optimal safety in use, and 200ml oil tank, with volume indicator that lets you know when you need to refill it. It weighs 3.9kg, being light and easy to handle, even by those who are not familiar with this type of power tool. However, we draw your attention to the fact that the actually available area of the chain is 24cm, the 30cm included in the description being evaluated from the shaft.

Are you looking for an electric chainsaw with battery, which will give you more freedom of movement? Try this version from Rotakt, with a 40cm chain and a 58 volt battery, which ensures you enough power to cut firewood and beautify shrubs and trees in the garden.

It takes up to 2 hours to fully charge the battery, and a full energy gives you enough power to cut 120 sections, through wood with a diameter of 15cm. You will definitely appreciate the very low vibration level, of only 2.2m / s 2 , which means less effort for the joints.

But we draw your attention that it is not as light as you would expect, because the battery adds 2.5kg to the 3.8kg of the device. It works with up to 5800 rotations per minute and is delivered with battery, charger, guide blade and Oregon chain, with a standard thickness of 1.3mm, 56 teeth and a pitch of 0.375inch.

Do you want to be able to take care of the dry branches of the trees yourself, without having to turn to neighbors or professionals? You can do this with the help of this model of Einhell electric chainsaw, with ergonomic design and balanced center of gravity to facilitate the handling of the device during cutting.

If it is your first tool of this type, we can tell you that it includes anti-kickback protection and safety brake, with quick activation, and that the chain can be tensioned without having to look for a suitable key. It is a version of 1800W, with a chain of 35cm (32.5cm — cutting width), features that recommend it for accomplishing the usual tasks in a household.

You can easily cut both unsightly branches and logs that require training for fire or slightly thinner trees. It weighs 5.38kg, being a little heavier than other versions, and includes a 160ml oil tank, which ensures the maintenance of the chain in the best conditions.

For those who have more trees in the garden, we have included in our list of recommendations this model of electric chainsaw Stern, which provides a motor with a power of 2800W, enough to cut without problems the small and medium shafts. It is true that it is a little noisier than its smiles of 2000W or less, generating up to 106dB, but the ease with which it passes through wood, certainly compensates for the discomfort.

Equally impressive is the cutting length of the chain, 40.5 cm, designed to help you easily approach logs with a larger diameter. Surprising is the weight, which does not exceed 6kg, giving you, together with the ergonomic design, enough comfort for complex projects.

It is powered from the mains and is provided with a 30cm cable, standard, which you will need to complete with a suitable extension cord. For optimal safety in operation, the system includes a brake that protects you in case of knots or accidental release of the device.

Although it puts you in the middle of nature, gardening does not mean the lack of modern technology. For those who want to work with a state-of-the-art saw model, with digital display and programs that allow consumption optimization, we recommend as an option the Husqvarna Cordless 120i electric chainsaw, with 12inch screen and 80W power.

It is among the quieter versions, generating up to 88dB during use and is powered by a 4Ah Li-Ion battery, included in the delivery package, which allows up to 400 recharges. The advantage of the Husqvarna brand is the universal character of the BLi20 battery, which can be changed from one product to another.

Regarding the cutting length, you have 30cm of chain, with a thickness of 1.1mm, a standard pitch of 0.375inch and a speed of 11.5 m / s. The device includes handle protection, which ensures good rail visibility, and inertial chain brake, which prevents unwanted accidents. The motor is encapsulated, without brushes, which means that it does not require expensive maintenance work.

From a constructive point of view, any electric chainsaw, at a good price, consists of a motor and a chain placed on a metal support, plus two handles that ensure correct handling. On this basic structure, however, a variety of technical versions are modeled between which it can be difficult to choose.

Use this guide to find the best solution for you, taking into account the context of use, power supply, chain length, safety systems and functions offered by the product.

Wired or battery-powered: Although both can help you equally in doing your job, due to the technical characteristics and the power supply, the best electric chainsaws are the wired ones. It generally gives you enough power to go beyond simply clearing dry or too low branches of trees and to be able to cut young trees or trees with small or medium thicknesses.

But do not forget that these versions are limited by the length of the cable, which experts recommend not to extend by more than 150 meters. So consider the location, the accessibility of an outlet and the height you want to reach with it, before making the final decision.

Battery models offer you high freedom of movement, but less power, generally ensuring an autonomy of up to 1–2 hours and being recommended for beautifying trees and shrubs and cutting thin branches.

Power: In general, electric wire saws offer a power of 600 to 2800W. In the category of those that generate between 600 and 1500W you will find models specially designed to work at height, with the motor and control buttons at the base, and the chain mounted on a telescopic tube.

The versions between 1200 and 1800W are designed for light projects, for cutting branches and changing the appearance of shrubs. The most powerful versions in the list of models powered by electricity are the “all-purpose” with a power of over 2000–2500W, which can also be used to cut thicker trees and logs.

In the case of battery variants, there are versions from 1.5 to 60 volts (indicator that tells you what power you have available) and between 2 and 12Ah (value that tells you the maximum current you can draw in an hour, from battery, to use the device). Numerous opinions about the best electric chainsaws recommend options over 9Ah if you want to cut branches larger than 30–40cm. If the branches you work with do not exceed 10–15 cm, you can also handle versions with lower amperage.

Chain length : The chain used to cut wood can have a length between 20 and 60 cm, the smallest being dedicated to cosmetic shrubs, which have thin branches and do not rise to too high heights. The rule says that the length of the chain is directly proportional to the power of the device.

However, specialists recommend moderation in both areas. Opt for a version over 40cm, only if you work with trees with thick branches and you have to reach a higher height. Otherwise, for routine tasks related to tree care, a variant of 30–40cm will help you solve any problem, quickly and comfortably.

Also keep in mind that if you choose a cheap and good electric chainsaw with a large rail, you will get a heavier tool that will tire you faster.

Noise and vibration : These are the two indicators that tell you how much your comfort and health will be affected by the long-term use of this device. Although the electric versions are quieter than the petrol ones, they still generate between 88 and 110dB during use.

In addition to the need to select a variant as close as possible to the lower limit, we therefore recommend that you also consider a pair of earphones, if you use this tool frequently and for several hours in a row.

In the vibration category, we can tell you that most models include a damping system and that the best electric chainsaw can reach a minimum of 2m / s 2 . But most are somewhere between 4 and 5.5m / s 2 .

Chain speed: The speed with which the chain works, tells you how fast you will be able to finish the work and varies between 8 and 15m / s. As for the size of the teeth, the larger they are, the greater the risk of the chainsaw bouncing off the wood.

Safety and maintenance systems: To use the device in the best conditions, we recommend you to look for an electric chainsaw at a good price, with: chain brake — which stops the engine on steep impact, low-kickback system, which prevents the saw from jumping back and back, to the user and handles with ergonomic design, which offers good grip and comfortable support.

Assisted starting helps you put less effort into starting the engine, and the automatic lubrication function ensures the correct maintenance of the chain, without too much intervention on your part.

The chainsaw models sold under the Grunman brand are not related to the well-known Bosch brand and are not part of the products of this company. There are economic variants made for low budget projects and fall into the category known generically as “no-name”, not being a well-known manufacturer.

The chainsaw variants you find on the Romanian market under the Hitachi brand cover the price range 430–1400 lei, varying depending on the model, technical characteristics offered and the context of use for which they are designed (hobby, semi-professional, professional).

Hitachi is a Japanese company founded in 1910, manufacturer of household and industrial tools. It is the first company to bring to market the five-horsepower engine and one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Their product range offers a high level of quality and performance and includes from brushes, chainsaws, rotary hammers and even grinders.

You can find spare parts for Bosch models, quite easily, in most of the stores that sell this category of products and on several sites that specifically provide these components for garden tools. It is enough to do a simple online search, using in the query formula the chainsaw model for which you need components.

Chain compatible for any chainsaw with power supply you most often find even at the supplier who sold you the product. But you can also buy from most stores that sell electric saws and from sites specializing in spare parts for machine tools.

We recommend that you always use an original chain, produced by the company that also made the chainsaw, in order to obtain the best results and easily avoid low quality products.

If you have managed to find among the models of electric chainsaws, at good prices, a version suitable for your needs, it is time to find out some basic elements about the safe use of this tool. Remember that this is a device that works with electricity, cuts wood easily and can cause quite serious accidents, if not used properly.

General conditions

Have you purchased a mains supply? You definitely need to buy an extension cord. Always choose an outdoor version, carefully check the integrity of the cable and the device and place it in such a way that it is not in contact with water or exposed to heat. It is important that the saw plug fits perfectly with the extension cord and the extension cord with the main power supply, which must be a grounded outlet.

Avoid starting and using the chainsaw in a humid space, or where there are flammable elements in the form of gas or dust.

To avoid accidents, we recommend that you work only in an area where you have enough light, so that you can clearly see where you are cutting and what is happening with the chain. Postpone work if you are tired, have difficulty concentrating, have consumed alcohol or narcotics.

Protection equipement

To use an electric saw in the best conditions, you need durable footwear, from the category of protective ones, and with a sole that will ensure a very good grip on the ground.

Your eyes need to be protected from dust generated during cutting, which is why we recommend using glasses, and to prevent hearing damage over time, earphones. Do not work with the chainsaw dressed in loose clothes and leave the jewelry at home, they can easily hang on any moving element.

Maintenance and storage

The chainsaw must be stored in a place that is not accessible to children, away from dust, moisture and the direct action of sunlight. Always check components before use and replace broken, blunt, deformed or rusty parts.

Store the appliance only after you have cleaned it. Read and follow the chain lubrication and accessories storage instructions and don’t forget to put a protective sheath on the chain before storage.


Each model is designed to meet a certain level of demand. In order to use it in optimal conditions for as long as possible, we recommend that you do not exceed it, trying to force the saw’s capabilities.

The power cord is an additional element of risk compared to battery versions. To avoid accidental sectioning, we recommend that you always keep it in sight and avoid leaving it in tall grass or bushes.

The recommended position for using the chainsaw is with the dominant hand on the back handle and with the non-dominant one on the front handle. It is the position that gives you the best control.

Always check, before turning on the device, that the rail and chain are not near an object or yours or any other person.

Pay close attention to young vegetation and thin branches, which are elastic and can get caught in a chain, causing accidents.



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