Garden Decorations — Review and comparison in 2021

Comparative table

Both the wood and the mirror will be affected by moisture, so we recommend that you place it in a place that benefits from a small roof.

Decoration with a strictly aesthetic role, ideal for green spaces arranged in an elegant style, the constructive details allowing the association with wrought iron furniture.

Model of statuette with a double role, aesthetic and utilitarian, which can be used as a bench, due to the design with the flattened upper side. It is made of stone, durable and resistant, with a funny piglet look, which will entertain the little ones, being at the same time easy to integrate in the look of the garden.

Due to its large size and dense material, this product is quite difficult to move, so choose the location carefully from the beginning.

Stone bench, for children, water resistance and ultraviolet radiation, with the appearance of a piglet and an ornamental role.

It is a decorative garden object, suitable for those who want to add a little color in a predominantly green area or to complete the look of the yard with a cheerful and full of energy detail. The gnome is made of durable ceramic and painted in warm and pleasant shades, which easily integrate into the landscape.

The ceramic material is exposed to the risk of breakage, so avoid placing it near paved alleys, wrought iron fences or other hard ornamental objects, which could collide.

Classic garden dwarf, suitable both for free surfaces, covered only with grass, and for courtyards full of flowers and bushes.

Reviews about the best garden decorations

Wooden garden decorations:

Adobe mirror

If you are wondering what a mirror is looking for on the list of wooden garden decorations, we will tell you that it is one of the ornamental objects that can help you transform a small yard into a green, pleasant and relaxing oasis.

The visual effect is similar to the one that such an accessory has inside: it expands the visual space, creating the impression that the green area extends through the wall or fence you decide to fix.

It has the dimensions of 30 x 122cm, the frame made of wood, white in color, with a slight antique and design effect that makes you think of the Gothic style.

GardenPleasure Potted decoration

It is an object from the list of models of wooden garden decorations, with zinc mesh and plywood, which illustrates, in miniature, a window with a flower pot in front, the pot can be used for real flowers. It has a width of 34.5 cm and a height of 55 cm and you can place it either to mark the end of an alley or the beginning of a layer of flowers, or fixed on a wall covered with ivy.

Its effect is all the more pleasant, as it manages to effectively create the impression that another type of space is starting behind it. If you plan to use the included pot, we recommend that you use it as an ornamental model in which to include a planting pot, ceramic or plastic, with water drain plate, to protect the wood.

Fedor Carro S

For those looking for cheap but effective garden decorations, we recommend as an option Fedor Carro S, which is nothing more than a classic wheel, made of durable fir wood. It has a diameter of 40cm and a thickness of 3cm and can be fixed on a vertical support or supported.

Because it will give the space a rustic, traditional note, it is less suitable as a decoration for spaces where it has opted for an elegant look, with glass and wrought iron furniture or imposing stone hangers. You can use it to draw attention to a favorite shrub or tree by placing it near its stem.

Stone decorations for the garden:

Esschert Design Stone bench

This stone statuette is a visual addition that ingeniously combines an extra shape and volume brought to the garden, with a pleasant source of fun for children. It is made of stone, with dimensions of 77 x 23.9 x 36.5cm, with bench type format, which means that the upper part is flattened to allow comfortable sitting.

It can successfully replace a classic bench for the little ones, it offers very good stability, and the durable and robust material ensures superior resistance to environmental factors. It is gray in color, being easy to integrate into the natural appearance of the vegetation, whether we are talking about an impeccably mowed lawn or freely grown flowers and herbs.

As 65792

Are you looking for a durable, good-looking and spacious outdoor table? From the category of stone decoration decorations for the garden, we propose a version specially designed to be kept outside throughout the year, which copes very well at temperatures between -45 and +90 o C, scratches, liquids and UV radiation .

The countertop is made of natural stone, hand-painted and framed by a border made of wood. The support structure is made of steel covered with a protective layer of paint, to reduce the risk of corrosion. It has a round shape, is a model of 6 people and is part of the fixed tables category, the high weight making it difficult to move frequently.

Dwarf garden decorations:

Garden dwarf PMS 956326–1

Do you love the energy and joy that the famous garden dwarfs can bring to the green space and are you looking for a suitable one for your yard? Take a look at this version made of ceramic, with standard, durable and stable format.

It is a model with decorative sprinklers, which pleasantly combines soft shades of red and blue with more neutral tones of brown and gray, without aggressing your eyes with spectacular combinations. The height of 26cm will add volume to the surfaces covered with grass or any other type of short vegetation, and the colors will easily harmonize both in the simple grass and in the flower seedlings.

Strend Pro Pitic with solar lamp

Some models of garden gnomes are not just simple decorative objects. This version of the Stren Pro includes, for example, the LED solar lamp, with the design of a mini-lantern, which can ensure visibility on the alley to the house, during the night.

The dwarf is made of ceramic and painted in warm colors, which resonates pleasantly with the shades of plants, in any season, and has a height of 27cm. The lamp is equipped with an LED bulb, with cold light and a 300mAh battery, which needs 6 hours of sun exposure for charging and can be easily controlled from the On / Off switch integrated in the design.

Yard and garden decorations:

Antic Line Road Sign

On the list of decorations for the yard and garden you will also find ingenious variants, with a purely ornamental role, meant to add personality and charm to the space and to contribute to the completion of a carefully established design. One such product is this decorative pole, designed similar to the signs that indicate the names of the streets, at intersections, made of iron and cardboard.

The square base, which ensures stability, occupies an area of 33 x 33 cm, and as a height, we are talking about a level of 215 cm, which recommends it for medium and large gardens, or parks, or public spaces with a generous surface. It includes variously colored plaques, named after cities, and fits very well in combination with wrought iron outdoor furniture.

Frog King Garden hose holder

In the carefully arranged gardens, even the smallest details out of place stand out. That is why, for the spaces that benefit from frequent irrigation, we propose this decorative object, with a functional role, meant to ensure, in a pleasant format, the necessary support for storing the hose used for watering.

The product is made of cast iron, and weighs 2kg, being stable enough to support medium length hoses. It has a width of 15.8cm and a length of 25.5cm, and the design is a cheerful and elegant one, depicting the frog king on a bridge segment, with carefully made floral details and an antique effect finish.

Palmonix LED Lantern TKG-1386

From the category of electrically powered ornamental objects, many opinions about the best garden decorations recommend, as a pleasant lighting solution, LED lanterns, such as this model from Palmonix. The product is designed similar to indoor electric fireplaces, to mimic the warm look of wood fires, creating a pleasant and intimate atmosphere.

It includes an LED lamp, with efficient operation, and is powered by a battery, which means you can place it anywhere, without depending on access to an outlet. You can hang it from a vertical support point or place it directly on the table or other available surface. Please note that the battery is not included in the delivery package.

Ramax Garden Pillar 2219

If you have a medium or large garden and you do not have a public lighting pole nearby, you are probably already looking for another option to provide the necessary light. We offer you a model of decorative pole, designed for parks, with a structure made of zamac, a resistant alloy of aluminum, zinc, magnesium and copper, with two arms and glass lanterns, with a classic design.

It includes E27 type sockets, for which you need two 60W bulbs, and benefits from IP44 protection, which means that it is resistant to rain and dust particles larger than 1mm, so it is suitable for outdoor use.

Adobe Hen

Is your garden too simple and looking for an ingenious way to get it out of anonymity? If you don’t like dwarf garden decoration models, we offer you a more elegant and effective version, in the shape of a hen. Before rejecting the idea, we recommend you take a look at the product, because while the poultry profile seems trivial, the details and finish turn this product into a large piece of jewelry.

The design is elongated, easily taken to the abstract area, by inserting non-specific patterns in the plumage profile, and the size (70cm high) requires use in generous courtyards as space. The statuette is made of mild steel and weighs about 1 kg.

Plastic garden decorations:

Progarden 8711295578168

For those who are hesitant to consider plastic garden decorations, we remind you that this material is among the most resistant to moisture, being ideal for objects meant to be placed near fountains and ponds, as is this figurine, with height of 80cm, depicting a bird specific to delta and reed areas.

With carefully penciled details and pleasant colors, this accessory, made of polypropylene, can bring that extra life and color needed sometimes even in the most beautiful natural frames. The high format recommends it more for green spaces with well-developed grasses and shrubs, and less for smooth lawn surfaces.

Wrought iron garden decorations:

French Urn Lou

Adaptable and impressive, this urn made of cast iron, with a low design and large opening, is among the variants of wrought iron decorations that can easily accompany a mansion or an old house. It occupies a space of 28.5 x 19.8 cm, with a height of 12.6 cm, and can be positioned both on the ground and on specially built supports, made of stone or masonry, simple or as an ornamental pot.

It weighs 3.5kg, so it is a really stable element, and the finish, made of paint with antique elements, I recommend it especially for elegant gardens, inspired by the charm of past centuries.

Buying guide

Size, material, style, strictly decorative object or element with a utilitarian role — these are just some of the aspects that will help you more easily select the best garden decorations for your household.

Aesthetic and / or utilitarian: The objects you choose to include in the green space must have well-defined roles, especially if we are talking about a small garden. It can be a predominantly utilitarian function, such as lighting fixtures, flower pots, outdoor tables and chairs, etc., or a strictly aesthetic one as in the case of a mirror mounted in the yard, wooden ornamental wheels or popular garden gnomes.

Differentiating between the products you need and the ones you would like to buy will help you first in the efficient management of the budget and then in identifying the necessary physical characteristics. A garden large enough not to benefit from the light coming from the veranda, will always need an additional addition (poles, hanging lamps, spotlights inserted in the pavers). If you like exotic plants, not assimilated to our climate, you will definitely need garden decorations, at good prices, from the category of pots or planters, which you can bring home during the winter.

Do you use a hose-based irrigation system? It would not spoil an efficient and pleasant-looking support that ensures correct storage. Do you plan to spend a few hours in the garden every day? You will definitely need a table and chairs, a sunbed or a swing. Once you have established the basic necessities, the list of objects you are looking for starts to appear easily and clearly. When it comes to a purely aesthetic role, in size and shape, things get a little complicated.

Dimensions and shapes: When choosing the size and format, it is important to keep in mind two basic rules. The first says that in a small yard you need garden decorations, cheap and good, fewer and larger, and not many small objects, which will overload it. So if you have a small space, focus on one or two lighting poles, instead of many small spotlights, one or two large pots and not a small bunch, a bench or a roomy outdoor sofa, in instead of several chairs.

In terms of format, one detail that many overlook is the need for any space to have volume. Do you prefer lawns to flower bushes and shrubs? Very well, but don’t forget to include at least a 30–40cm tall statuette or pots with plants that grow in height, with rich leaves, and to define the boundaries of the land by planting colorful flowers along the fence. An area devoid of level differences, in which shadows and lights have no way to contribute, is a green space devoid of personality, flat and often looks smaller than it is.

Materials: Stone, wood, iron, plastic and more recently, rubber, are the materials you will most often encounter when looking for a cheap and good garden decoration that will suit your home. Wood and stone are the options that most easily maintain the natural look of the yard. Properly managed, they can even create the impression that they are integral elements of vegetation development. However, the wood is less resistant and, in order to keep its appearance and properties, it requires periodic reconditioning with special solutions. We recommend wooden objects if you want to get a rustic, traditional or hobo decor.

The stone copes very well with the weather, needing, at most, to remove the layers of lichens that can form over time, due to moisture. The massiveness of the material creates in this case an image of a sober elegance, which brings to the atmosphere the imposing character of the aristocratic houses. So choose carefully the type of vegetation with which you adjoin such a decoration, relying less on the spontaneous flora and opting instead for special species, such as thuja shrubs, layers of roses, path, tulips or simple lawn.

We recommend wrought iron if you are looking for a durable and robust material, which can be easily processed into delicate and elegant profiles. Because it is rarely used in compact and heavy objects, wrought iron is a material that can be easily added in small spaces.

Plastic is preferable when looking for a garden decoration, at a good price, which reproduces very well animals, birds, cartoon characters, objects, etc. The material is very easy to process and can be painted in shades that perfectly mimic reality. In addition, it resists water very well. The rubber currently falls into the category of garden decorations made of recyclable materials, most opting for the use of old tires as a pot, table top support, swing for the little ones, chair seat, etc.

Colors: In general, it is recommended to use neutral shades (cream, gray, brown, black, white) to highlight the vegetation, without intervening in any other way than subtle, to the overall image. But for those who prefer a green space full of color or have small children for whom they want to create an area defined by interesting stimuli, there are decorations in bright colors, beautiful and attractive.

Frequent questions

Can I make home decorations?

What are the most popular handmade garden decorations?

From what materials can I get handmade garden decorations?

Top 4 rubber garden decorating ideas

Ornamental pots

Do you have a lot of small pots in the garden that you don’t know where to put? Use the rubber as a pot-organizer. Choose a nice colored paint, which you already have around the house, or invest in a box with your favorite shade, and completely cover the rubber surface. Then place the rubber in a suitable place to gather more plants and place the small pots around it, so that, as much as possible, only the flowers and the ground can be seen from the outside. Three or four small pots have thus become larger and your yard is cleaner and tidier.

Instead of the border

If you want to delimit a certain plant from the rest of those around you, or make sure that the weeds do not cover it completely, or the animals do not step on it, clean the ground well and place a rubber so that the plant grows in its center.

Simple and funny swing

Fastened with strong chains or durable rope, by the thick branches of a mature tree, the rubber can easily turn into a fun swing for children who already know how to hold well and have enough strength in their arms to avoid injury. An ornament that enters the list of rubber garden decorations with a utilitarian and fun role.

Improvised playground

Because children feel best in the garden, you can arrange a corner just for them. Fill with sand a large enough portion to be able to play at will and fix in the ground, vertically, two tires, one in extension of the other. Paint in bright colors and you will get a useful decoration that the little ones can ride or walk in balance and under which they can slip at will.



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