Garden Houses — Review and comparison in 2021

If you have a beautiful garden and you like to take care of it, you own a bicycle, a motorcycle or you have storage tools, or children who need a playground in summer, a garden house is probably on your shopping list. . The versions available are varied and require careful evaluation, because the price is not negligible, and is usually a long-term purchase. Here are some models and recommendations that can help you in your search. The Rexal Accent 30045028 garden shed is the option you need if you are looking for a holiday version, with a generous surface, made of wood, suitable for spending your free time. If what you are looking for is a house for the little ones, we recommend Doloni 5940011108577 as an option.

Comparative table

The house that can be used to create a temporary living space, for holidays or vacations, with an area of approximately 12sqm, terrace for moments spent outside and windows for good visibility inside. It is made of durable wood and includes a gabled roof, which copes well with rainfall in large quantities.

In order to maintain its resistance over time, the wood must be treated periodically against moisture and pests.

Model designed for use in camping areas or in private spaces, with the role of temporary living space, provided with terrace and enough space for several people.

Model designed for children, made of durable plastic, in pleasant colors, with functional door and windows, for the development of creativity and socialization skills. It is mounted quickly and easily, the components being delivered together with all the necessary accessories for stable connection and fixing, and can be used both outside and inside the home.

The low height of the interior, of 1.20 m, makes the product can be used comfortably only until the age of 5–6 years, when the child is already starting to be unable to stand inside.

Product for children, designed to create a pleasant and comfortable play space.

Warehouse made of durable wood, with spacious interior and gabled roof, protected with bituminous cardboard. It is one of the products provided with a double door, which allows you to easily introduce in the house even agricultural machines of type cultivator and provides you with a protected space, easy to manage, which can be provided with shelves and other organization systems.

The floor and rulers needed for support are not included in the delivery package and must be ordered separately.

Wooden house designed to provide additional storage space in the household, easy to install and use.

Reviews about the best garden houses

Are you looking for a garden house, at a good price, and you don’t know exactly where to start? Here are some of the most popular products of this type, available online from which you can choose, along with the most relevant features.

Wooden garden house:

Rexal Accent garden shed 30045028

Do you want a wooden garden house that you can use as a holiday home? We recommend this model made of wood, with dimensions of 300 x 450 x 237cm and traditional cottage look.

It is a version with a fenced terrace (300 x 150cm), simple door and two windows — one front and one on the side, which ensures natural light and good visibility inside. The roof structure is one in two waters, which ensures the efficient drainage of rain and snow, both the roof and the walls having a thickness of 28cm.

We draw your attention to the fact that it is a product delivered disassembled and that for the easy and fast installation the presence of two people is indicated. The delivery package includes all the elements necessary for installation (hardware, nails, screws, roof coverings, technical instructions), except those related to the floor, which are purchased separately. The estimated time for installation is 30 minutes.

Monopanta 250200–19

Do you need a space in which to store your tools with which you maintain the green space? We advise you to consider this garden house, made of wood, of medium size. It is a rectangular model, which gives you an area of 250 x 200 cm, where you can easily install shelves and other support systems you need.

It is made of spruce paneling, with a thickness of 19mm, and the roof is of a single-slope type, with an angle of inclination that ensures the drainage of water and snow and a bituminous cardboard coating that protects the interior from infiltrations.

The opening is provided with a double door, with windows, which allows you to easily insert inside, even larger agricultural machines, without difficulty. We remind you that it is among the versions for which the floors and support bars must be purchased separately. However, the package includes the hardware elements, the bolts and the nails necessary for the assembly, in which it is indicated to participate 2 people.

Children’s garden shed:

Doloni 5940011108577

Made of durable plastic, in warm shades of cream and brown, the Doloni model is a garden house at a good price, designed to create a fairytale playground for the little ones. The material, structure and dimensions allow mounting both in the house, indoors and outdoors, but the installation requires the involvement of an adult.

Regarding the occupied space, we can tell you that it is a square version, with a base of 129 x 129cm and a height of 120cm. It includes a single room, equipped with a door and two windows, all functional to be used by the little ones.

The plastic is treated for better resistance to ultraviolet rays, which means that it will keep its appearance for longer, while providing protection against the sun and rain when the house is used in the garden. It is durable, stable and easy to install, the delivery package including all the elements you need for installation.

Dolu Children’s House with Windows and Furniture Door

In pleasant colors and with colorful stickers, this version of the house will attract the attention of the little ones at first sight. It is provided with a door and three windows, the structure thus creating its own space where children feel comfortable and can play by breathing fresh air.

It is a garden house at a good price made of resistant PVC and provides an area of 185 x 93cm and a roof height of 110cm, being a recommended product for the age segment 2–5 years. The format is therefore a rectangular one, slightly elongated, which can be placed both in the house, if space allows, and in the garden of the house.

It is one of the gifts you can gladly give on your birthday, both for girls and boys, and it is an easy product to assemble and use, the delivery package including all the elements necessary for quick installation. We recommend that you always place it on as straight a ground as possible, in order to benefit from the best stability.

Garden tools storage house:

Mara 380300–28 tool magazine

For those who are happy to take care of the green space and the land around the house and need a suitable space for storing tools, we recommend Mara as an efficient solution. It is a robust model, made of wood, with generous dimensions, materialized in an area of 300 x 380cm, with a height of 237cm, which you can arrange as you wish . It allows easy installation of shelves and provides you with enough space to efficiently organize tools and equipment.

It is therefore a tool shed garden house designed to accommodate larger objects. Its structure includes in this sense an opening with a double door, located on the front side, and integrated windows. An additional window gives you the visibility you need inside.

The roof is built in 2 waters, with a frontal extension of 80 cm, to protect the facade from precipitation and wind, and the delivery package includes bituminous cardboard covers for additional protection. Together with the product you receive the necessary accessories for the assembly, with the mention that the floor is purchased separately.

Garden shed:

Trufi S65

Do you need an outdoor storage space, but large wooden warehouses do not suit your needs? Try the Trufi S65 model, with modern design, metal structure, with polymer walls and roof that imitates wood. It offers you simple and fast installation, very good water resistance, ultraviolet radiation, mold and insects, without the need to intervene for periodic treatment.

From the point of view of the occupied space, we can tell you that it is a version that you can easily frame in the smaller gardens, occupying an area of only 185 x 152 cm, which gives you enough storage space. The roof rises to a height of 226cm and is designed in two waters, with a load resistance of 75kg / sqm.

This garden shed is provided with a floor and a ventilation grille positioned on the pediment, which ensures a good air circulation. The door is double and offers an opening of 131 x 181cm, plus two windows that ensure the penetration of light and lock for situations where a lock is needed.

Wood storage:

Casuta Blaj 280198–19

Occupying an area of 5.58sqm on the ground, this wooden storage model is among the medium-sized versions, which balances a generous storage space (4.54sqm usable area) with a compact design that does not cover much of the garden. In terms of height, the walls rise to the level of 1.90m, and the roof reaches up to 2.27m, which means that you will be able to move quite comfortably inside, without having to bend.

The house is made of natural spruce, with a pleasant, traditional appearance, which requires periodic treatment to maintain its properties. The roof is built in two waters and provided with bituminous cardboard covers for protection against moisture and precipitation.

We draw your attention to the format of the door, which is in this case simple and not double, therefore suitable for situations where the space is not used to store large machines. Both the door and the front wall are provided with a window. The interior is not equipped with the floor, these materials representing an additional element delivered at the customer’s request.

PVC garden house:

Factor 8 × 8 Indoor STD Beige-Taupe

Built on a durable steel structure, this PVC garden shed is an efficient storage solution, especially suitable for those who prefer modern materials, which involve less maintenance effort. It includes a gabled roof, with good weight resistance (75kg / sqm), and double doors, with wide opening, which ensure easy access, even with large equipment such as cultivators.

It is provided with a resistant floor, which protects the objects inside from moisture and pests and comes with two shelves, which you can easily mount to facilitate the organization of small tools.

The walls are double, the window is fixed, so it cannot be opened, instead, at the pediment, the house is provided with a ventilation area, which allows air to circulate inside. Due to the material used for construction, no protective treatments are required, PVC being resistant to moisture, wind, pests and ultraviolet rays.

Keter Oakland 757

If you live in an area with more heavy snow and are looking for garden models, at good prices, a version that can withstand a slightly higher load, we recommend you consider Keter Oakland 757. It is provided with a roof in two waters, with resistance of 150kg / sqm, steel reinforcement and double walls.

It has an area of 229 x 235 cm, with a height of 242 cm, slightly above average, and the walls made of resistant resin allow drilling for mounting shelves. The color is a combination of brown and anthracite gray, which can be changed by painting, if it does not suit your preferences.

Access to the interior is provided by a double door, which allows the easy introduction of large tools. Visibility is offered by a single window, fixed, the doors having a compact format, without a segment that allows light to pass through. The structure includes the ventilation area and the panel floor, which protects the stored objects from moisture and rodents.

Buying guide

The house designed for the garden is usually a room with walls, roof and door, of various sizes, intended for outdoor use or, in the case of toys, indoors.

The material from which it is made, the size and format, the type of door and the presence or absence of windows are just some of the criteria you must take into account in order to easily choose the best garden house for your household.

Category: Under this name you will find products designed as holiday homes, with a slightly larger format, terrace, single door and at least one window and respectively, tool magazine models. The first are usually made of wood, while in the second category are available other types of materials such as PVC.

A special category is represented by children’s houses, which can most often be located outside and in the house, if the space allows it, the dimensions being significantly smaller. The most commonly used material in this case is plastic.

Material: The most difficult decision regarding the material is usually present in the case of garden sheds. The wood is the traditional version, with a robust structure, the possibility of personalization through painting and natural ventilation, important especially if you don’t have many trees and shade in the space where you mount it.

On the other hand, wood is sensitive to moisture, sun, mold and insects and requires periodic maintenance to maintain its characteristics. If not treated properly, it will deteriorate very quickly, especially in the rainy season. In addition, models of this type are a little harder to mount.

The second option is the variants with metal reinforcement and plastic walls. They are the best garden houses for people who do not want to have too many hassles with their maintenance. They are not affected by moisture, many of them are resistant to the action of sunlight and do not require periodic painting. The assembly is also simplified. But keep in mind that this type of material does not allow air to circulate and look for a variant with ventilation.

Usually, both versions allow the fixing of shelves on the inside, but, for safety, we advise you to check this aspect carefully in the case of plastic models.

Type of roof: Important both in the case of tool sheds and in the case of holiday homes, the format of the roof influences its resistance to weather and especially to large amounts of precipitation during the winter.

Numerous opinions about the best garden houses recommend the variants with a gabled roof, which ensures the most efficient drainage of rain and snow. On the next place is the single-slope type, which has one side higher than the other, allowing water to drain.

Models with a flat, straight roof, without an angle of inclination, terrace type, are the most exposed to breakage, because they support most of the weight of the snow in winter. We therefore recommend that you avoid them, or look for a variant with very good resistance per square meter.

Dimensions and format: You can choose between square or rectangular models, depending on the space you have available for placement.

The models for children are the smallest with surfaces between 1 and 2sqm, while the garden and holiday toolbox generally vary between 4 and 15sqm.

In the case of warehouses, in addition to the area that you know you can occupy in the garden with such an addition, you must also take into account the objects you want to store. If a wheelbarrow or a few cans are the biggest elements you keep inside, you can easily choose a smaller version. If you want to use the shed for bicycles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, cultivators, etc., you will definitely need a more spacious space.

Double or single door: Holiday and toy houses, for children, are usually provided with a single door. In the case of tool stores, you have at your disposal both single-door and double-door models, and the choice also depends on the type of objects you want to store. If you plan to use the space for agricultural machinery, it is better to look for a product with a double door, which allows easy introduction of vehicles inside.

Windows: The presence of a window ensures natural light and limits the use of electricity for good visibility inside. If you want to use the store to keep some room flowers, then you definitely need at least one window. If you have chosen a small model in which you store only a few tools, only the glass integrated in the door structure may be enough.

If you want to buy a garden house for children we can tell you that what makes the difference is the presence of functional windows, which can be opened and closed.

Frequent questions

Do I need a permit for the garden house?

In general, for constructions that do not involve the construction of a foundation, you do not need authorization, considering temporary construction. For safety, especially if you want to go to a wooden house for the larger garden and the land is classified as urban, but we recommend you check at the town hall you belong to.

Which is more profitable — wooden garden house or PVC garden house?

Do you want to buy a tool house, garden and hesitate between plastic and wood? We can tell you that in the same size category you can find cheaper PVC versions than wooden ones, given that the latter often do not include the floor.

Plastic requires less care, so in terms of maintenance costs it receives extra points compared to wood.

But if you want a product that will keep you alive and you are willing to take care of it properly, we recommend wood. The natural material also offers you better thermal insulation than plastic, useful if you want to be able to craft indoors in winter or on hot summer days.

What can I keep in the garden storage box?

In a cheap and good garden shed you can store, depending on the space available: small tools (hammer, nails, pliers, garden shears, hoe, scythe, ax, etc.), equipment (chainsaw, chainsaw, cultivator etc.), mopeds, motorcycles and various objects that do not find their place in the house (jars, drums, old toys, etc.).

Garden house project — tips on how to build one

If you searched through the offer of cheap and good garden houses, a model to your liking and you still haven’t found something suitable, you are probably thinking of building one yourself . The approach is not very difficult, if you know what materials and tools you need and what are the steps to follow. Here are some recommendations that will help you successfully complete such a project.

It doesn’t start without a clear project

Start construction only when you know exactly what you want to achieve. If you are not very good at technical drawing and drawing schemes, you can find online enough garden house projects to use. That simple drawing is the material that tells you exactly what raw materials you need and in what quantity. Weigh the dimensions well and check if they fit in the space you have available.

Gather all the necessary materials at hand

Although the list may vary depending on everyone’s preferences, you will generally need wooden planks, nails, wood screws, hammer, drill, electric or manual saw, measuring tape, sign pencil, glass for glass (if applicable) , door and window hinges (if mobile), bituminous cardboard roof coverings.

Protective equipment is essential

Even if you work in your own garden and the project itself is more like a hobby than a job, you have to protect yourself. Use gloves to avoid sharp splinters and goggles when cutting with an electric saw. You also need the right shoes, because there is always the risk of losing something. So avoid slippers and choose a pair of reliable boots, even if it’s hot outside.

Wood treatment

The main advantages of wood are the ease with which you can work with it and the reasonable price. On the other hand, its durability as a material is conditioned by the quality and periodicity of protective treatments. If you choose a wooden garden house, don’t forget to use primer, stain and paint or varnish, to prevent damage caused by moisture, sun and insects.

Stability and strength

Level the ground or pour concrete, to ensure a flat, straight surface and good stability. First create the floor, placing the boards carefully next to each other, so that there are not too many spaces, or use panels.

Build the resistance structure of the walls and roof and then start dressing with wood. We recommend you to opt for a single-slope roof, easier to make than the one in two waters, but efficient in terms of supporting the snow.

What to consider before building a garden shed

The place where you will place it, the size and destination of the garden house, the type of material from which you will build it — are just some of the elements you need to consider when planning such a project. Make sure you think about everything before you start.

Garden houses are among the ambitious and interesting projects that appear sooner or later, when you have a yard large enough to host it. From a technical point of view, they are not very difficult to build, so you can make them alone or with a few friends, without necessarily having to buy a prefabricated product or turn to a professional. But before you start working, you need to clarify some aspects that will make your job much easier.

Dimensions and location

Such a house is a very important addition to the garden space, it will not go unnoticed and will influence the appearance of the yard and access to its various parts, more than you can think. So carefully determine the place where you want to place it, taking into account the available area and how big you want to build it.

Because most constructions of this type do not usually benefit from insulation, or at least a sufficiently thick layer, specialists recommend that you protect the house from the heat of the summer sun, placing it under the crown of a sufficiently tall tree and rich. Also keep in mind that you will have to arrange an access path to it, which will not damage the structure of the garden, if you have layers of flowers, vegetables or greens. Or you can choose to position it near an existing path or alley.

Depending on the destination, such a house can have a footprint of 130 x 75cm and up to 450 x 210cm or even more.

The type of house

In general, you will have a choice between three categories of houses. The first is the one built as a tool magazine. This type is generally smaller in size, except when storing equipment that needs more generous storage space. The structure is also much simpler, such a model rarely having a terrace or any kind of compartmentation inside. So it means less material and an easier construction process.

The second option is the holiday cottage, which you will use to host guests during the summer or to spend the weekend, if you want to change the atmosphere and your garden is large enough to hide the construction of the main house.

In this case it is advisable to consider space for the terrace and enough material to allow the roof to be extended over it. You may also want more windows and a minimum of insulation for thermal comfort. Depending on the number of family members and how you want to use it, you might want to consider a two-camera version.

You can also use such a garden house as a summer kitchen, a situation in which you need to consider the connections to water, gas and electricity.

There is also the option of building a wooden house for the little ones. We are talking in this case of much less material, no foundation, colored paint, functional windows and doors, plus a rigorous sanding, plus covering all the nails to prevent scratching.

With or without foundation

You get the best level of resistance over time by making a house with a foundation. If you can prepare it and pour it yourself, this option means only extra materials and work. Otherwise you will have to hire someone to handle this stage. Before deciding to opt for the foundation, however, we recommend that you check with the mayor’s office whether or not this approach involves a building permit.

You can also opt for careful compaction of the soil and covering with gravel, to keep moisture away, then complete with concrete slabs. It is a less durable but effective alternative, and saves you from the hassle of getting a license.


For walls you can opt for wood or OSB. The wood is more resistant, especially if it is treated correctly and maintained periodically, but it involves more work time because the assembled segments are smaller. When evaluating the material requirements, carefully calculate the dimensions of the walls, floor and roof.

Do not forget that, in order to effectively protect the interior from rain and snow, it is recommended first of all to use the integration of a roof in a slope or in two waters and to cover it with bituminous cardboard.

Buy glass for windows, hinges, anti-moisture treatment, anti-mold and for resistance to ultraviolet rays and varnish or paint for exterior finishing.


If you start work without having everything you need at hand, you will stop frequently and you will unnecessarily prolong the construction time. So gather everything you need and put it at hand before you get to work. You need roulette and pencil, electric saw for cutting, rotary hammer and enough nails, grinder or sandpaper, pliers, wheelbarrow, shovel, rake for uniforming gravel, protective gloves, level.


Depending on how well you know how to build and work with wood, such a house will be ready in a day or more. It is good to make sure you have enough time to finish it and check the weather forecast, to know on which days you will be able to work outside.

If you are not sure what are the steps you need to follow, we recommend that you search the Internet for a complete tutorial, so that you can go through all the stages as easily as possible. Do not hesitate to turn the project into a family one or a relaxing weekend with your best friends, willing to help you.

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