Motorcycles Husqvarna — Review and comparison in 2021

A mower suitable for the tasks it has to perform, can help you save hours of work in the garden, while ensuring a professional result, and a green space that you love to look at. If you are thinking of buying such a tool and the Husqvarna products have attracted your attention, we tell you in the guide below how to choose correctly a technical variant from their offer. Are you in a hurry? Analyze directly two of their most popular models. Husqvarna 128 R is the right option for those looking for an efficient and easy to maneuver mower, for home use, on small and medium surfaces. If you need a professional version, which you can use on land over 200sqm, regardless of the type of vegetation, it is good to consider as an alternative Husqvarna 545 RX .

Comparative table

It is a lightweight model, with ergonomic format and intuitive functionality, designed for the maintenance of small and medium-sized land surfaces. It offers a petrol engine, with high autonomy, a comfortable-sized handle, with two horns that help the easy and precise movement of the cutting head from left to right, and a double harness, which ensures comfort.

Because the engine power is only 1HP, you will encounter difficulties in approaching vegetation with hard stems or larger areas of land.

Option with heat engine, from the category of products for occasional use, ideal for garden and lawn maintenance.

The motorbike variant in the professional category, with a powerful motor, resistant structure and harness with belt for lumbar support, which helps maintain a correct position for long periods of time. It is recommended for land areas larger than 200sqm, and handles all types of vegetation efficiently.

Being a professional version, the acquisition involves a larger investment than in the case of hobby models, but the benefits offered justify the costs.

Durable and high-performance model, designed for garden maintenance and hay mowing, effective on any type of vegetation, including weeds with harder stems.

It is a version of the electric mower, suitable for the maintenance of green spaces with small areas and vegetation that does not create difficulties in terms of stem resistance. The battery charges quickly and offers a range of up to 60 minutes of operation, and the width of the cutting head helps you quickly clean the lawn and alleys.

It belongs to the category of low power models, designed mainly for detailed works and less recommended for medium or large land areas.

It can be the ideal solution for those looking for a wireless electric version, with good mobility and high cutting precision.

Reviews about the best Husqvarna mower

Are you thinking of buying one of the Husqvarna motorbike variants, at good prices, but you still don’t know which one to choose? Here are some versions that might suit your needs, along with the most important features evaluated by our specialists.

Husqvarna Hobby Mower:

Husqvarna 128 R

Husqvarna 128 R mower is one of the models designed especially for home activities, hobby type, which means land areas of up to 80–100sqm, vegetation easy to cut, defining the edges of the lawn and cleaning weeds around the trees.

It is a petrol-powered version with a 1HP (0.7kW) engine and fuel pump, plus a SmartStart system for easy manual start-up. Although it comes with both nylon thread and metal disc, it is good to know that its strength level is best applied to the first cutting head option, offering a very good efficiency for grass with a height of up to 20–25cm.

The motor is a two-stroke one, which generates up to 114dB, which means that it is good to choose your working moments carefully, so as not to overlap with the rest hours of the neighbors. It weighs about 5kg, without cutting accessories, and is delivered with a double harness that helps you use the device comfortably. The handle is a handlebar type, with two horns, for good horizontal mobility and precision in approaching the vegetation layers, so that you can work quickly and efficiently, without overloading your back.

Husqvarna 525RX

With the Husqvarna 525 RX brushcutter we reach the hobby type models, designed with a slightly more powerful 1.4HP engine, which can withstand surfaces up to 200sqm and more resistant weeds. It is a version with manual start and curved handlebar, for two hands, which offers you good support in achieving efficient side rotations.

It works both with nylon thread, optimal for lawn and everything that means grass or young vegetation, with a relatively thin and easy to cut stem, and with a metal knife, which offers a little more resistance in areas with harder weeds. The average width of the knife, of 25.4 cm, allows the use on the narrower paths, delimited by shrubs, or in the areas in the immediate vicinity of the house.

This model is equipped with guards, which prevent the sending of plant residues to the legs and double harness, which ensures the uniform distribution of the 5kg of the device, on the shoulders and back, and helps you maintain a comfortable and favorable position for the spine. In the delivery package you will receive, in addition to the brushcutter, the harness, the wire cutting head, the metal knife with three teeth, the guard, a technical manual translated into Romanian and the accessories you need for quick assembly of components.

Professional Husqvarna mower:

Husqvarna 545 RX

If you have decided that it is time to join the professionals and benefit from everything that a mower can offer better, we recommend you to consider this Husqvarna model, of 2.7HP. For those who have taken care of the garden or tried to mow the fan with a hobby or semi-professional version, the Husqvarna 545 RX mower will be, without exaggeration, a revelation of what a powerful engine means.

You can use it on any type of vegetation, from tender grass and dry hay, to tangled weeds and young trees, without worrying that it will yield technically or you will yield nervously. It works smoothly and efficiently, both on nylon thread, and with the metal knife included in the delivery package, the magnetic housing significantly simplifying the change of accessories.

In terms of noise, it generates up to 100dB, which means that, although it is a professional Husqvarna mower, from this point of view, it remains at the level of hobby options, being quieter than you might expect. It includes a vibration reduction system, so that the arms can support the device for a longer time, and it is provided with a Balance X harness, with lumbar support, which takes the weight supported by the shoulders, distributing it evenly at the back. The shaft is long enough to ensure increased efficiency and a comfortable position for the tallest, and the handlebars are designed with two horns, which allow the support and guidance of the brushcutter with both hands.

Husqvarna 535 RX

With 2.2HP and an X-torq engine designed to increase fuel efficiency, the Husqvarna 535 RX brushcutter is a version designed for professional use, which means good performance and efficiency. The engine power is recommended for large areas of land, over 200sqm, and for situations where the vegetation approached also contains weeds or young shrubs.

The included LowVib system reduces the vibrations produced during operation, making the device easier to use for long periods, while the 0.6 liter tank ensures good autonomy and maneuverability. The cutting head is provided with double wire, which offers better resistance in difficult conditions, and the handlebars include handles with a soft and comfortable texture, which allow the hands to work sustainably.

The controls are integrated on the handlebars, for easy and quick access, and the weight of the device, which reaches up to 6.5 kilograms, including accessories and fuel, is supported by the double harness, which reduces the pressure on the shoulders and takes over the effort of the arms.

The handle can be easily adjusted to suit the height of the user, and the guards can be adapted to the two types of accessories (nylon thread and metal knife) to provide the best results, regardless of the type of vegetation you work with.

Husqvarna 555 FX

If you need more suitable equipment for forestry work, many opinions about the best Husqvarna mowers recommend that you go for a version similar to the 555FX. In this case, you have at your disposal, a thermal engine with a power of 3.9HP that can easily cut the branches, and a tank with a capacity of 1.1 liters, which allows you to work a longer period of time between two refuelings.

It is good to know that this product is marketed, in some cases, together with the protection house with transparent visor, which protects your face and eyes from wood debris projected during cutting. Unlike the versions designed for grass and vegetation at ground level, the Husqvarna 555 FX mower is built with a short stem, which facilitates cutting in areas with thick trees, and a 24-degree bevel gear, which gives you better accuracy.

For the weight to reach almost 10 kilograms, it is delivered together with the Balance XT harness, among the most efficient models of the brand, with a wide belt for the lumbar area and double straps on the shoulders and back. You will be able to move easily and work for a few good hours, without feeling the physical stress imposed by transporting the equipment. It is one of the best Husqvarna mowers and includes an adjustable handlebar with control buttons inserted in the handle for quick operation.

Husqvarna 135 R

This time we are talking about a semi-professional version, with a 1.9HP engine, designed for those who work land up to 200sqm, but want to have at hand a high-performance model, strong enough to handle all types of vegetation.

The handle is handlebar-type, designed to be supported and controlled with both arms, and includes buttons that allow quick management of working parameters, without interruptions and hesitations. It works both with nylon thread, which offers you better performance when it comes to straightening the lawn or fine work, and with a metal disc, with three teeth, more efficient in sectioning weeds with hard stems.

It is part of the category of gasoline-powered options, which means good working autonomy, and is accompanied by a double harness, which ensures easy support of the 6.8 kg that the equipment weighs. It is not one of the quietest models, generating up to 113dB, so we recommend using headphones, especially if you plan to use it for longer periods of time.

Among the accessories supplied with the product you will find an adaptable guard, designed to protect your feet from plant debris thrown during cutting, and allow the use of both Husqvarna nylon wire brush head and metal disc with three teeth.

Husqvarna electric brushcutter:

Husqvarna 115iL

Do you want to buy a cheap and good version of the Husqvarna mower, with low weight and high mobility, suitable for the small touches you have to make periodically to the lawn or to cut the weeds that stubbornly grow under the trees? Try this electric model, delivered with a compatible battery and accumulator, weighing only 3.45 kg, easy to handle and support.

The brushcutter is provided with a front handle, loop type, which offers you precision in the direction of the cutting head and allows adjustment on the rod, at the level that offers the most comfortable position for your height. The rod is also telescopic, so you can change the length and can be stored easily, without taking up much space, and the device is turned on and off using the intuitive digital keyboard. You can choose between normal operation, with higher power, or the economical version savE, which ensures a longer battery life by reducing the cutting force.

It is one of the quietest models, generating only 77dB, and provides a cutting width of 33cm that helps you quickly cover small and medium grass areas. The battery requires 40 minutes to charge and ensures 60 minutes of battery life, which means that if you have two batteries, you can work continuously for as many hours as you need.

Buying guide

Husqvarna is one of the brands under which Husqvarna Group products are sold, along with Flymo, Gardena, McCulloch, Diamant Boart and Zenoah. The group specializes in the production of saws, mowers and classic and robotic lawn mowers, with distributors in over 100 countries and a history of over 300 years.

Like the rest of the product lines and the brushes, it includes models for household and professional use, differentiated by power, adaptability to large surfaces and features necessary for long use. The role of this guide is to help you find the best Husqvarna mower for your projects, balancing the technical requirements with a suitable budget.

Electric or heat engine:

In general, electric motor options are recommended for personal use and in gardens with small areas of land, lawn and vegetation of low or medium difficulty. The reason is simple — they are designed to be light (about 3–4 kg), and quiet (70–80dB), have a lower power (80–100W) and a small cutting diameter, designed for easy access in tight spaces and detail works. You can easily recognize them in the product list by the letters “Li” or “i” included in the name (for example, Husqvarna 115iL or 336LiC).

For those who work green spaces over 50sqm, we recommend a Husqvarna mower, at a good price, from the range of heat engine options, which are specially designed for large areas and large rotational movements, offering high power (between 1 and 4HP) and larger working diameter, for increased efficiency. They are a bit heavier (between 6 and 9.5 kg), but they offer you very good autonomy and easy refueling.

Engine power and working surface:

If you need a light and handy tool to remove the weeds between the tiles of the alley or its edges, around the tree trunks or near the house, or to define the edges of the lawn or shorten the wires on an area of up to 50m , you can easily handle an electric version of 80–100W.

For maintenance works that involve the approach of different types of vegetation, on a plot of up to 200sqm, are indicated the options with a power of 1–2HP (0.7–1.5kW) which, in the case of the Husqvarna offer, you can find in the range of brushcutters. Husqvarna, cheap and good, for occasional use (eg 128R, 135R models).

The variants over 1.5kW, designed for surfaces larger than 200sqm, are grouped in the series of professional products, provided with a specific body support system, which ensures efficient weight balancing and comfortable use for long periods of time.

Handle type:

The products of this brand are equipped with two types of handles: loop and two horns. The loop design is designed to give you more precision in the direction of the cutting head. It is held with one hand, usually the dominant one, the second arm benefiting from a support point slightly higher on the body of the mower. As you probably already know, it is not a format that gives you a very good balance, being designed for small lateral movements.

On the other hand, a cheap Husqvarna mower with two horns is designed to be used with both arms and to offer maximum left-right opening, to quickly cover a larger area of land. At the same time, it ensures a more comfortable and natural posture of the body, which allows efficient use for several hours.

Harness structure:

The electric versions are not usually accompanied by a harness, because they are light and the lateral working position makes it difficult to support the weight on such a system. However, some models come with a strap that allows support on the shoulder.

The variants with thermal engine are delivered together with a double harness, whose design depends on the weight of the product, its power and the type of use for which it is designed (occasional or intensive). You will find for example the Balance 35 harness which is simpler, with a strap near the lumbar area, Balance X with a wider support and doubled in the waist area and Balace XT which also has the straps on the shoulders and back doubled.

Functions and features:

Versions of the Husqvarna mower with manual start are equipped with StartSmart system that reduces the resistance of the string and simplifies the start. The handles are adjustable, whether loop or handlebar, to allow adaptation to the shape of your body, and the electric versions include the option of using SavE, which saves battery, for a longer use.

Because some variants are designed as multi-purpose chainsaws, we recommend that you always check if the model you are interested in allows you to attach extra accessories to the nylon thread and the cutting knife.

Frequent questions

Which is Better — Husqvarna vs Stihl?

The products of the brands are comparable in quality and performance, but if you check the prices carefully at several distributors, you will notice that, as a rule, you can buy a Husqvarna variant with the same technical characteristics, similar or even slightly better, at a lower price. than the technical equivalent of Stihl.

The difference is not very big, but for those who care about the budget, it is enough. In addition, you must take into account the service points near you, so that you can choose the brand for which you can easily solve the change of a part or a possible repair.

How much oil is mixed in the Husqvarna brushcutter?

In general, mixing for two-stroke engines on a Husqvarna multifunction mower or a simple model involves a ratio of 1 to 50 for Husqvarna oil, or 1 to 33 for other JASO FB / ISO EGB classes. For example, to 5 liters of gasoline you add 100ml of Husqvarna oil or 150ml of oil made by another manufacturer. For safety, however, it is recommended that you always read the technical manual of the purchased product carefully, in order to identify the exact formula for that model.

Can I buy Husqvarna brush strand online?

Yes, you can buy both the brush and the wire head online, if you need one to replace a damaged version. However, in the latter case, it is important to check compatibility, because not all versions of Husqvarna include the same head type. Thus, for example, the Husqvarna 555 RTX brushcutter includes a Trimmy T55X head, while the 128R model is equipped with a Trimmy T25 head.

Husqvarna brushcutters — instructions and precautions

No matter how performance a Husqvarna multifunctional mower or even a standard model, just for the grass, the quality of the works and the lifespan is conditioned by the way of use. This is why we tell you, in short, what aspects you should be most careful about when using such a product.

Read the manual and check the equipment

Start by going through the manual and making sure you know very well what each button and element of the product is used for. Then check if they are fixed well: the handle, the rod, the cutting head with nylon wire or metal disc type knife, and the Husqvarna brushcutter looks like in the image in the technical guide. Never forget the guard that protects your feet from chips, roots and pieces of earth or discarded stones.

Be careful where and under what conditions you work

Take a look at the ground before you start work and remove the boulders, visible stones and other obstacles you notice. Dress appropriately, use headphones, if the model generates over 80dB and you will use it for a few hours and use a Husqvarna mower harness to protect your back.

It is best to add a safety helmet with a transparent viewfinder to the equipment, to make sure that your eyes are safe. We recommend boots or boots and long pants, which are not too flared, to avoid accidental catching in the cutting thread.

Choose your target carefully

Not all chainsaws are as strong and, no matter what is written on the box, the wisest thing is to test yours, gradually increasing the degree of difficulty. It is not good to underestimate the models from Husqvarna either, so be careful how close you get to the tree trunks, wooden fences and other elements that you do not want to damage.

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