Motor Pumps — Review and comparison in 2021

Those who are looking for a solution to household or agricultural problems that require the purchase of a water pump are faced with difficult choices. Because many of the technical specifications can be confusing, we offer you a list of types and brief descriptions of motor pumps on which to base your decision. We have reviewed devices that can be useful in many circumstances and you can orient yourself according to the criteria given by us. Of all the products we have analyzed, we consider that the Honda WT40XK2DE is a more advantageous purchase, being suitable for larger works, given the superior power and the ability to pump very dirty water, but you can also take in calculation and motor pump Ruris MP50 .

Comparative table

It is a powerful product that you can rely on for great work. The product uses a reliable motor and high quality materials, including cast iron rotor, soft steel pump body and silicon carbide seals. It can pump very dirty water, with large particles up to 30mm and has a flow rate of almost 100 m3 / h.

The motor pump is quite heavy and has a relatively low autonomy compared to other products. In addition, it is a fairly expensive professional product.

If you need a pumping unit that can handle difficult tasks and is at the same time easy to maintain, you can rely on this model.

A product created especially for the requirements of agricultural works, the unit has a reliable motor and is able to provide a high flow in a short time. It has an oil level warning and can work in unfavorable temperature conditions. It is at the same time lighter and more advantageous in price than other models.

It has a relatively small discharge capacity compared to other irrigation products, being rather suitable for small and medium areas.

It is a very attractive option in terms of price and reliability. For those who need a water pumping unit both in the household and for irrigation, it is definitely a good choice.

It is equipped with a reliable engine and has high autonomy due to the high capacity tank. The pressure and implicitly the discharge height are at very high parameters. Being equipped with wheels and handles, it can be handled quite easily, despite its heavy weight.

It is not self-priming, which means that you must perform the primer before you can use it. Also, following the manufacturer’s instructions, you will need to purchase a suitable sip.

It is probably one of the best options, if you want to transport water over long distances or to do irrigation agriculture on large areas.

Reviews about the best motor pumps

If your household or small business requires, for obvious reasons, an efficient and easy to use motor pump, we suggest you consult our list of products, drawn up after a thorough study of the market, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. .

Honda motor pump

Honda WT40XK2DE

HONDA WT40XK2DE motor pump is a high-power wastewater pump suitable for heavy work. It is equipped with a Honda engine, OHV in 4 strokes, on gasoline, with a power of 9.5 hp. To avoid overheating, the Honda motor pump has an integrated oil alarm, and for efficiency the rotor is conical.

The resistance in time is given by the soft steel from which the engine is made and by the connections made of silicon carbide, characteristic for a HONDA WT 40X motor pump. The latter are sealed, so that the residues cannot infiltrate the pump. To cope with vibrations, the motor body is mounted on rubber supports.

It is easy to disassemble for cleaning and checking by removing the bolts. It has a high flow rate of 1640 l / m (10 cubic meters per hour). It has a suction screen and works with self-priming, with an easy start. The absorption depth is 8 meters, and the discharge height is 26 meters, being ideal for evacuating excavations for foundations, but also as a motor pump for irrigation.

Honda WB 20 XT

For pumping clean water (semi-loaded) you can use a 2-inch Honda motor pump. The Honda WB 20 XT is suitable for large works, such as irrigation, light construction or evacuation of ponds, river feeding, feeding or draining of fish ponds and flood control.

The pump is made of light aluminum alloy, die-cast, and the shaft is protected with carbon-ceramic seal, high strength. The 118 cm3 engine has 4 hp and includes an oil level warning. It is a Honda motor pump with an average consumption per hour of 0.8 liters and a range of 2.5 hours. The start is manual and easy.

The maximum flow is 600 l / minute, with a discharge diameter of 2 ‘’ (50.8 mm), which produces an outlet pressure of 3.2 bar. The absorption depth is 8 meters, and the discharge height is 32 meters. To protect the pump, the filter acts for particles larger than 8 mm.

Honda EURO DWP-390-H4

This is a professional high power motor pump used for clean water. It can be used for any activity that requires the transport of large quantities of water over a certain distance, from drinking water supply to construction sites or sprinkler or drip irrigation.

The four-stroke petrol engine, the Honda OHV GX390, reaches 13 hp and uses a 6.1-liter fuel tank and a 1.1-liter oil tank. The large capacity of the tank ensures a large autonomy. The ignition system is electronic, and the start is done manually, with the help of a string starter.

The discharge flow is 7.5 bar, and the 3 ‘’ discharge diameter allows it to transport 66 cubic meters per hour. The 3-inch Honda motor pump has an absorption depth of 8 meters and a discharge height of 75 meters. It is a water-resistant and easy to handle water motor pump, being equipped with a frame and transport wheels.

Motopompa Ruris

Ruris MP50

RURIS MP 50 motor pump is a product put up for sale by a Romanian brand, specialized in power tools intended for use in agriculture. The Ruris MP50 pumping unit is also specially designed for irrigation agriculture or fishing.

The 4-stroke engine has a large cylinder capacity (212 cm3) and develops 7 hp. It is a gasoline engine with an average consumption of 1.75 l / h, so the gas tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters allows a range of about 2.5 hours. The Ruris motor pump is equipped with a damping system and the manual start can be done easily, regardless of the temperature.

The Ruris motor pump is self-priming and does not require priming the entire water column, so pumping starts in a short time. For resistance to vibration or shock the pump is equipped with a steel chassis. The flow rate reached 25 m3 / h, with an absorption depth of 8 meters and the maximum discharge height of 25 meters.

Diesel motor pump

Visoli TDH80CL

The product is intended especially for those who want maximized results, as they use it for large-scale works. The unit is a Diesel motor pump suitable especially for irrigating large areas, water transfer or extinguishing fires.

The model is equipped with a 418cc high power (10 hp) VS 186F engine, with a 15-liter fuel tank and a 1.65-liter oil tank. With an estimated consumption of 1.9 l / h, this motor pump motor has an increased autonomy.

Features include a stainless steel pressure pump and 2 wheels and handles for easy handling. The motor pump is not self-priming, but is primed manually and must be equipped with a motor pump according to the recommendations. As performances are to be noted the transfer capacity of 41 m3 / h and the discharge height of 90 meters vertically (equivalent to 900 meters horizontally). The maximum pressure is 10 bar.

Dirty water motor pump

Breckner WP30

Used for domestic and dirty water, the Breckner WP30 motor pump is mainly used in general irrigation and garden works, for draining water from ponds or in case of floods.

The 168F-1 petrol engine produces up to 6.5 hp, has a cylinder capacity of 163 cm3, a 3.6-liter tank and a 0.6-liter oil tank leading to a range of 2 hours. The ignition system is manual, with starter. For safety, the Breckner WP30 motor pump is equipped with a warning system for low oil levels.

The product comes with accessories necessary for installation and operation: collars, connector couplings for intake and exhaust, filter with cover and other parts. The water transport performance is ensured by a large diameter at absorption and discharge, of 3 ‘’ each. This ensures the transport of 60 cubic meters of water per hour. The absorption depth is 8 meters, and the discharge height is 30 meters.

Irrigation motor pump


This article is mainly intended for irrigated agriculture, but can be very well used in case of floods or for other transfers. Because it is intended mainly for the transport of semi-dirty water, it has a tolerance to particles of up to 8–10 mm.

The diesel motor pump with WM 186 engine has a nominal force of 10 hp and a consumption between 1.3 and 1.8 l / h, the latter for maximum working capacity. The tank with which it is equipped, of 11 liters, and the oil bath of 1.65 l, ensures sufficient autonomy when performing long-term works. To start, the motor pump motor is equipped with a starter and electric motor.

The operation of the motor pump is done with self-priming, having a priming time of 1–2 minutes. Its characteristics are the large diameter of the suction and discharge (4 ‘’ on the inside of the tube). It can absorb water from a depth of 8 meters and leads it to a height of 20 m. The resulting flow is a maximum of 2000 liters / minute, but at the recommended load it reaches 1250 l / min.

Gasoline pump

GP-20A Professional Household Set

Compared to the previous product, this petrol motor pump is indicated both for irrigation in the field, in gardens and orchards, as well as for use in constructions or in adductions from wells or rivers or lakes. In the package there is also a hose of 20 meters and 20 couples, for those who are ready to start irrigation

The motor pump motor is in 4 strokes, of OHV type, with a nominal power of 6.5 hp and 196 cm3 cylindrical capacity. For autonomy it is equipped with a 3.6 liter fuel tank. The manufacturer has also provided it with an alert sensor in case the oil reaches a low level.

For resistance and easy cleaning, the pump is made of an aluminum alloy, which also contributes to reducing the weight of the machine (only 26 kg). The flow you can expect is 30,000 liters per hour. The absorption is made through a 2 ‘’ connection, at a maximum depth of 8 meters, and the discharge can reach 28 meters in height.

Steinhaus PRO-GP50

This unit can be used for pumping domestic water, being intended especially for household use, for extracting water from wells, wells or standing water. The centerpiece is a four-stroke gasoline engine with a cylinder capacity of 212 cm3 and 7 horsepower. It has a simple start, with starter and rope and 3.6 liter tank, enough for an autonomy of more than 2.5 hours.

It has a high efficiency in terms of flow, reaching 33,000 liters per hour. The absorption depth is 7 meters, and the delivery height is 30 m. The maximum size of the particles allowed in the suspension is 4 mm.

The manufacturer specifies, in the technical data, the type of compatible engine oil. Recommends the use of 10W30 oil during the year and 15W40 for the summer season. The product comes with user manual and EURO V certification, better than many cars on public roads.

Total TP3202

This motor pump is in the series of water transport units for household use and you can use it for adductions, irrigations or discharges, depending on your needs.

With a cylinder capacity of 208 cubic centimeters and a classic 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, air-cooled, the motor pump reaches 7 hp. The engine is equipped with a 3.6 liter fuel tank, and the start is made by operating the starter with the rope. Use a mixture of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 25 to 1.

Both the suction and discharge diameters measure 2 inches. The equipment ensures a maximum flow of 550 l / min. For more resistance, the fixed and rotating blade is made of cast iron. The specified maximum absorption depth is 8 m, and the discharge height is 28 m. Being light (21 kg), this motor pump is easy to transport and mount.

Motor pump hose

Evotools 677253

When purchasing a motor pump, it is possible to receive a suction or discharge motor hose in the package, but if they are not included, you must find a hose with appropriate dimensions.

For motor pumps with a discharge diameter of 3 inches, the Evotools 677253 hose is suitable, having the same diameter. Being a discharge hose, it must withstand a fairly high pressure, usually over 2–3 bar, so the product is made of double layer, rubber and textile.

It has a length of 20 meters, but is not provided with couplings or drum. It is up to you to extend the hose route with several pieces of hose and couple it.

Buying guide

There are, of course, both surface water pumps and submersible pumps, but we suggest you briefly analyze the criteria you need to be guided when choosing a surface water pump. We used some opinions about the best motor pumps, but to them can be added other criteria that you can consult, below:

Usage: The first choice you make, when you are looking for cheap and good motor pumps, is the use you will give to the pump. If you plan to do extensive construction and agricultural work, use the pump to evacuate large flooded areas and clear large tanks or pools, then the manufacturer’s specifications will help. Industrial, professional pumps are what you need.

The technical specifications and general characteristics in which only residential use is mentioned will direct you to a lower power motor pump, a motor pump at a good price with low consumption and flow, technical characteristics that, in fact, you can use in the household.

Fuel type: It is important to decide for one type or another of fuel and fuel. In the case of electric pumps, you will need a mains connection, which is not always at hand, if for example you need a motor pump to irrigate a surface, or if you want to use it for evacuation when a flood.

Diesel or petrol motor pumps are more practical from this point of view and you can find many such motor pumps at good prices. They can be transported wherever you need, and you can use them even in critical situations. If a flood makes it necessary to use the pump, but you do not have electricity, a gas pump can get you out of trouble.

Depending on the capacity and power, the pumps have different consumption. That’s why you have to take this detail into account, when you decide for one model or another.

Hydraulic efficiency: Engine power and flow are technical specifications that appear in the description and in the technical book, so you can get an idea if you came across a cheap and good motor pump.

Another way you can determine the hydraulic efficiency of a motor pump is to report the number of turbines it is equipped with.

Motor pumps are designed either to push water with a stable flow or with several flow levels. The best motor pumps can be adjusted to supply water at a higher flow, ie equipment with several water-powered turbines under construction.

Flow: It would be ideal to know how much water you need to transport or evacuate and at what rate. Depending on this, you can orient yourself in choosing the motor pump. The flow is expressed in the number of liters per minute or per hour.

It is an essential element if you want to choose, for example, an irrigation motor pump. If the flow is high and the diameter of the hose is small, then you will get a higher pressure, suitable for irrigation or water supply.

When you need water for irrigation, be interested in a high pressure motor pump. Manufacturers often consider this feature in particular and build devices with specifications that fit, including high pressure.

Depth and height of discharge: You will find in the technical books of the motor pumps two elements of height that you must take into account. One is the depth of absorption, ie the maximum height from which the pump can absorb water.

The other refers to the discharge height. A pump can carry water up to a number of meters. The best motor pump is the one that supplies you with water from a great depth and can discharge as many meters as possible vertically.

Transported liquid: Motor pumps are built differently depending on the type of water they transport. Some types of pumps are designed to push clean water from one side to the other, others are designed to deal with wastewater, those left behind by floods or those with impurities in stagnant water.

For water that does not contain waste, there are clean or transfer water pumps. With a motor pump for irrigation, remove water from the river or well, for irrigation or drinking water supply.

Semi-solid motor pumps are more suitable if you want to empty a basement or a tank that contains small scraps of materials, be they vegetable scraps or dirt. They can usually deal with impurities measuring between 0.5 and 2 cm.

A dirty water motor pump, for wastewater measuring more than 2 cm, needs a greater absorption path and is usually used in agriculture or construction, to evacuate areas with dirty water, often mixed with soil, leaves. , rubble and others.

Even if you found out, by going through our list of products and the buying guide, what would be your purchase option for a motor pump at a good price, we recommend you to continue reading the section of frequently asked questions and the one dedicated to different applications of motor pumps gosodarie.

Frequent questions

When is the time to buy a motor pump?

The water motor pump is an equipment that can be borrowed and rented hard and expensive. The best time to buy one is, of course, before you really need it.

Can I install the motor pump alone?

Usually motor pump manufacturers express themselves quite clearly in this regard, namely that the product must be installed by a professional. It is good to know the characteristics of the motor pump, but as long as you do not have the necessary training, avoid mounting yourself.

Is it worth buying a used motor pump?

Because they are not evaluated at a service, like cars, you cannot find out what condition they are in. It is an investment that is not advisable not to waste.

How much does a used Honda motor pump cost me?

Usually they are found on the market at prices between 800 and 2000 lei, depending on the model and age.

What’s a motor pump sip?

The suction is an important part, usually metallic, perforated or provided with a sieve that prevents impurities from the water to enter the pump, thus protecting it.

Top 3 applications of motor pumps in the household

Frequent users of motor pumps are people who use them for household chores. We will see what are the most common ways to give them a use.

Drinking water transport

Most often, motor pumps are used in the household to supply water from a nearby source. The fountain or spring must be within range of the motor pump, of course. The surface unit is located rather in the basement or near the house, to reduce the unpleasant sensation given by noise during operation.


In order to take care of their lawn patch, orchard or layers of vegetables, people use motor pumps. Because efficient irrigation can be done with less water if it is well thought out, the most competitive of the small farmers are heading for units with high pressure discharge, which is suitable for installing hoses on large surfaces.

Rainwater drainage

In areas where the soil is clayey or swampy, groundwater infiltration occurs slowly or stagnates and water accumulates in the vegetation layer and on the surface. The stagnant water affects the structure of the buildings and the superstructure, and a dirty water motor pump can drain the excess water. Even if it is a temporary solution, it is quite practical in the short term.

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