Jardiniere — Review and comparison in 2021

In order to enjoy the flowers, you need suitable planters in which they grow properly. The choice can be difficult, because the range of products is varied, so it would be better to read our guide before you go shopping. If you don’t have enough time, here are the recommendations: DecorCasa 336 is a planter made of three metal containers, attached to a plate that looks like a window, with shutters. It can be placed outside the home, and due to the material, the water is kept inside, so it is a suitable product for plants that need moisture. If this is not what you are looking for, we have a second option: AnticoMestiere Cassetta Festonata .

Comparative table

This planter has a unique design, because it looks like a window with shutters, it has wooden elements at the top, and at the bottom, three individual metal containers, suitable for small or medium plants. It is made of durable materials, so it is suitable for the outside and has a rectangular shape, so you will need space.

The object must be attached to the wall, in order to have stability when placing the flowers.

It is a planter with which you can beautify the garden, being formed by three pots, in which you can even make a floral arrangement according to the design of the space.

This rectangular planter, with dimensions of 50x25x22cm, can be placed on the windowsill or in a railing support, and due to its shape, it offers you enough space for several types of flowers. It is made of ceramic, so it can be placed outside, being suitable for plants that do not require much water.

The product is not included in the package and plate, so you will have to take into account its cost.

It is a suitable model for the exterior, in which you can put small or medium flowers, to make a colorful floral arrangement.

It is a planter for only one plant, which has the shape of an elephant and measures 26x15x16cm, and for stability it has four legs. The product has a red color, various flowers are drawn on the side and it is made of ceramic material, so it can be placed both inside and outside.

It is small in size, so it does not provide enough space for flowers that have thick roots.

The planter is a resistant one, which you can use when you want to put small plants, and due to the color, it integrates easily for a space full of optimism and vitality.

Reviews about the best planters

If you are wondering where you can buy planters at a good price, we have documented and selected some models that are sold on the Internet, which you can find below:

Wooden planter

DecorCasa 336

If you want to beautify your garden, you can buy this wooden planter, in combination with metal, because both materials are resistant to environmental factors and do not deteriorate over time. The product has the appearance of a window with wooden shutters, and at the bottom, you will find three metal containers, in which you can put small or medium plants. They have a circular shape and are next to each other.

The planter has a concrete frame, so you can position it on a windowsill, giving the impression of a false window. Since the material of the containers does not absorb water, it is advisable to plant flowers that need more moisture.

Ceramic planter

AnticoMestiere Cassetta Festonata

We offer you this ceramic planter with a lot of decorative elements, which can be placed both inside and outside. It has a rectangular shape, measures 50 cm long, so there is enough space to put more plants. However, it is only 22cm tall, so it is not suitable for plants that grow very tall. The vessel must be placed on the stand or on the ground, because it weighs 13.8 kg.

The planter does not retain moisture, because the material dries quickly, being suitable for plants that are resistant to heat and do not need too much water. It has a brown color, so it can be easily integrated in a rustic style space. It has decorative elements on the sides, and the edges are rounded.

OffLimits Square Flower Pattern

In order to form a space full of optimism and energy outside the home, you can choose a ceramic planter as colorful as possible, just like this one. With a square shape, dimensions of 13x13x12cm and a capacity of 1.5l, it can be used for small plants, which do not develop much even at maturity.

Since it is a material that does not retain moisture and dries quickly, it is advisable to put plants that do not need a lot of water or to place the pot in a shady place. The planter does not include accessories and can be placed directly on the ground or on a stand. It is also suitable for only one plant, so you will not be able to form an arrangement in a single pot.

Balcony planter

OffLimits 20236

If you have thought of arranging a relaxing place full of color in your balcony, but you do not have enough space, you can use balcony planters, which have various shapes, such as the one that looks like an elephant. The vessel is made of ceramic material, so it will not be damaged due to moisture, but it must be put in the house when the temperatures reach the freezing point.

It is red, so it can be a splash of color in a simple space. The planter is round at the top and has dimensions of 13x12cm, so you will be able to put only one small or medium plant, which does not need much space.

DecorCasa Decorative pot in the shape of a swan

The model presented is an optimal option for those who emphasize simple but beautiful things. It is a white swan-shaped balcony planter. It offers space for only one flower, as it measures 13x10x13cm and has a round shape at the top.

Being made of ceramic material, it does not retain moisture, so you must put flowers that do not need much water or water the plant frequently. The vessel cannot be placed in a suspended support, but you can place it on a stand or even directly on the floor. Being white, it will easily integrate into the design of the space and will give it an extra touch of elegance.

DecorCasa Metal planter with print

For those who do not have enough space on the balcony, but like flowers, we propose this metal railing planter. It is a rectangular model, so you can put more flowers, and it has two hangers, so you can fix it on the railing. On the outside it has drawn lavender flowers, so it will look nice towards the yard.

Being made of a material that does not absorb moisture, it is an optimal option for plants that need more water. It does not have a self-draining system and no drains, so you will have to put water and pay attention to how much you pour each time.

Wrought iron planter

Raki Round metal support

Buyers looking for a way to store more flowers can purchase this wrought iron planter stand, which has nine spaces for pots. With a circular shape and two legs in the shape of a semicircle, so that it can be stuck in the ground, so that it is as stable as possible.

The object supports a high weight and is not damaged due to environmental factors, so it can be put outside. It is brown, so the stains will not be visible. The support is designed to give an extra elegance to the space in which you place it and can be easily cleaned.

Plastic planter

Santino Lido

If you are looking for a flower pot at an affordable price, you can choose this plastic planter. It is white, so it can be easily integrated, regardless of the design of the space. The shape is rectangular, with dimensions of 60 × 16.5 cm and capacity of 12l, so you can put more plants.

It also has a drain hole, so you don’t have to worry if you put too much water. The planter can be placed on the ground or even suspended, if you purchase a support individually. It does not include a plate and can be placed both inside and outside.

Gardener gard

DecorCasa 311

Do you want a pot in which you can put small plants? Then a variant would be this fence planter, made of wood. It has a square shape and measures 27x18x9cm, so it is only suitable for a single small plant. It has no holes for drainage, and the sides have spaces between the wooden planks, so you can’t put a lot of earth.

It is red, it can be placed on a stand or directly on the ground, so you must have space. This wooden planter can be placed both outside and inside, the material absorbs water, so it is an option for plants that do not need more moisture.

Rattan type planter

Qdecor 89005

If you are among those who have a generous budget for landscaping, then you can choose this rattan planter, consisting of four individual pots, placed on a vertical support, which has a higher price. Due to the shape, it does not take up much space and you can put flowers that need a different type of care, because the containers are not connected to each other.

The planter has a cream color, so it fits in spaces arranged in light colors and has a height of 102cm. It is made of a material resistant to humidity or high temperatures, so it can be put outside. The diameter is 47cm, so it will not take up much space, being an option for small gardens.

Planter support

South Perfect Decor 361

If you love flower stands made of bicycles, but you do not have enough skill to make one, you can buy this planter stand, which resembles such an object. It is made of iron, so you can put it outside, it has three wheels, to be as stable as possible and to support the weight, and the color is black.

The product is designed so that it can support two large pots in a circular shape, one in front and one in the back, but you can also put hanging pots on the handlebars, so you will have enough space. It has dimensions of 45x18x36cm, so it will occupy a larger area in the garden.

Outdoor planter

OffLimits 20235

For the small or aromatic plants you want to put outside, you can use this outdoor planter, made of ceramic material. Due to the material, it is suitable for plants that do not need much water, such as rosemary, because it absorbs water and dries quickly.

The product has the appearance of a drawer and a rectangular shape, with dimensions of 12x11x10.5cm, so it does not take up much space, but it is not suitable for plants that grow a lot. It is white and has a unique design, due to the fact that one of the sides is painted with geometric figures, blue. The product has no drainage holes or plates and can be placed on a wider sill or stand.

Railing planter

DecorCasa 114

Those who do not have enough space to store flowers, but want to arrange such a space can opt for a planter that can be fixed to the railing, using this support. It has enough space to put a circular pot, and the sides are made only of wire.

It is made of metal, to withstand moisture and sunlight, and in the front it has a ladybug, to give the object a splash of color. The support does not include a plate or pot and can be fixed to the railing with two hooks.

Elho Green Basics Easy Hanger

With the help of this planter you will be able to beautify your balcony, because it is a suspended model. Made of synthetic materials that do not retain water, it is an optimal way to protect the plant’s roots. It also has a tray in which the excess water can drain and so the flower will not suffer.

It is a simple and light planter, black, with a length of 36cm and a height of 27.5cm. Due to its small size, it is not suitable for plants that need a lot of space to grow, but on the other hand it will not take up much space, being an option for smaller balconies.

Planter 50 cm

Stefanplast Orpheus

In this 50cm planter you will have enough space for several flowers, that’s why you can make an arrangement that will attract the eyes of those around you. It has a rectangular shape, 18cm wide and 17cm high, so it is suitable for small or medium flowers. It can be placed on the floor or windowsill or, why not, in an iron support hanging from the railing.

It is made of terracotta, and the interior is lined with plastic, so that the humidity will be maintained for a long time. It has holes for drainage and a plate in which the excess water can drain, so that the plant does not suffer. It is a model that can be placed both outside and inside, with a simple design that fits into any space.

Buying guide

Plant lovers know how important gardeners are for flowers or leaves to grow properly. Manufacturers provide a wide range of flower containers, so the choice can give you headaches if you are not properly informed. In the guide below, we present you some selected selection parameters after consulting several opinions about the best planters.

Type : Planters can be of two types: simple or those provided with a self-winding system.

The first category are the most commonly used, because they have a more affordable price. They are similar to some containers and have holes at the base to allow excess water to drain. The indoor plant should be watered manually, whenever necessary. They are not an optimal option for those who leave home frequently, because there will be no one to water the flower during the trip, and it will suffer.

Products that have a self-planting system are considered the best planters, especially by those who frequently forget to put water on the plant or put more than necessary. They do not allow the flower to dry or rot, because it provides the optimal amount of water.

These models are based on a mini tank provided with a wick, through which water rises to the ground, so that the plant will never have more liquid than it needs. They can also have an indicator that provides information on the status of the tank, to know when it is necessary to refill it.

Location : Depending on the space you have available and the plants you want to place, you can find several planters at good prices, which can be placed in different ways.

The wall ones are attached to a plywood-like support, which is then fixed to the wall. These are placed in a vertical position, one below the other, and are an optimal option for small or medium-sized plants, which do not grow very much, or for greens.

Suspended planters can be placed on the windowsill and have a support that attaches to the window sill inside or outside, depending on how you have space. Also in this category are those for the balcony. They have hook-like fastening systems, or have a space at the base that attaches directly to the railing. When choosing such a model, analyze the total weight (including flower, soil and water), but also the height of the plant, so that you can close the window or put it easily in the shelter, when it is cold outside.

The best planter for those who want to move the plant from one place to another is the one with a stand. It has a metal or wood support that should not be mounted anywhere, but just sits on the floor. It is an optimal variant for plants that in the cold season must be sheltered, and when it is hot they must be taken outside. They can have different shapes or sizes, to easily adapt to the space. Also in this category can be included the planter with trellis, which has a box at the bottom and a plate with holes on which the hanging flowers can be raised.

The concrete planter is a fixed model, which is placed in the garden or in the yard of the house. It’s big, that’s why it gives you a generous space. It can be used to put flowers with large roots or those that are heavy and need support and space to grow. However, you must choose plants resistant to cold and temperature variations, because you will not be able to put them in the house.

Material : Planters can be made of a variety of materials, including ceramics, plastic, rattan, concrete, wood or metal. The choice is made taking into account the place where you will place the vessel. Some materials do not deteriorate due to sunlight or low temperatures, and others do.

Ceramic planters are stable and have a solid base, so you can put tall or voluminous plants in them. They must be placed indoors, as they can break at very low temperatures. Also, the surface dries quickly, so they are suitable for plants that do not need much water, such as cactus.

Plastic or rattan are among the most accessible and lightest materials. They will not crack due to the cold, but the containers made of these materials are not so stable, so they cannot be an option for large plants. The walls do not absorb water, so it is advisable to put flowers that need more moisture, but be careful not to pour too much liquid, because the roots can rot.

Concrete is a durable material that can be placed outside the home and does not deteriorate due to environmental factors. The material is a good insulator, so it protects the plant’s roots during frost.

Wood is a material used in rustic arrangements, which offers good thermal insulation, so it will protect the roots in the hot months. Even if it looks good from an aesthetic point of view, it will rot over time, so it is not a sustainable option.

Metal is a choice for those who want a modern style arrangement, it does not absorb water, but it heats up quite quickly, so the soil will always be dry and the roots can be affected. To avoid this, you can put a plastic or clay container on the base to keep it moist.

Other aspects : In vain you can find a planter, at a good price, if it does not have the right size. In order for the plant to grow properly, make sure it has enough space to grow. Also, if the plant is too big and too heavy, there is a risk that the planter will fall. To make it easier for you to choose, orient yourself visually. The container must be at least half the height of the plant and 1.5 times the width of the root.

In order for the plant to grow properly, the chosen planter must have a drainage system consisting of holes positioned at the base of the pot. Some containers, even if they do not have holes made, show you where you can make them. If the planter does not have drainage, it is advisable to put the plant in a smaller container that is positioned above the water and thus the root will not rot.

If you want to buy a cheap and good planter, which you can put on the floor in the house, choose one that has a tray included in the package that you can put underneath. This prevents water from leaking directly onto the parquet.

Frequent questions

What are the most popular planter flowers?

In general, to highlight a suspended outdoor planter, it is advisable to choose flowing plants, such as: geranium, petunia, fuchsia or oenothera. If you want the result to be full of color, nemesis is the best option, because it blooms in early summer and lasts until autumn, if you take care of it properly.

What planter flowers are resistant to the sun?

The best known sun-resistant plant is the cactus. In order for it to grow, it needs a lot of light, especially during the growing season. Besides this plant, you can also put amsonia, tagetes or even rosemary in the planter, if you want to cultivate various aromatic plants.

How do I decorate unique planters?

If you have a large concrete or wood planter, you can color it with special paints depending on the surface. In order to give as much color as possible to the exterior space, it is advisable to choose light shades. Also, you can put in the edges, inside, garden bulbs that are charged with solar energy and so you will have light when you go outside and it is dark.

Can a concrete planter be made?

Yes, you can make a concrete planter yourself and place it outside. All you need is a little skill and a mold to be able to give it a shape. To better understand the steps you need to follow, search the internet for a detailed video.

How to make a DIY planter

If the cheap and good gardeners you found on the market are not to your taste and you want to arrange your garden in a unique way, try to do them yourself. With a little skill and the right tools, you can reach a result that will delight you. If you have no ideas, here are some handmade models:

Suspended rubber planters

Old tires are too dull to be used, so most of the time they end up in the trash. You could reuse them by making planters. First, wash them with a hose so that they remove all the dirt. You can also use a wire brush to clean the streaks. After that, drill a few holes for drainage, in one of the sides, which will later be the base.

Then, paint the surface of the rubber with as light shades as possible, which will add extra optimism to the entire space. If you want the planter to look old, you can apply a single coat of paint. After the color has dried, catch a chain or rope on the opposite side of the drainage holes. Then, using it, hang the planters in the tree, but make sure you choose a branch that can support the entire weight.

Trough planters

First of all, prepare the board that will support the planters. You can use one made of MDF, drywall or even wood. Apply the paint on the entire surface, in two layers, using a brush or a small roller. Then measure the distance you will leave on the edge, so that the planters look beautiful.

Clean the gutters, cut them to the desired size, depending on the width of the panel and put lids on the sides. After that, paint the mounting brackets in the same shade as the panel and fasten them with screws. Apply the paint on the gutters, preferably a shade contrasting with that of the panel, to stand out. After drying, you can put them in supports and plant the desired flowers.