The mower is the modern version of the traditional mower and an efficient tool, which allows you to easily and quickly manage everything that means grass, weeds, shrubs and trees in your garden. Because not all mowers are the same, if you are thinking of buying such a product, it is good to document yourself carefully on the technical characteristics. Here are some models and recommendations from the Ruris manufacturer’s range. If you need a shoulder model, medium power, suitable for lawn and hay, we recommend Ruris DAC 210 as an option. For households with large agricultural areas that require a high-performance version, in the category of table mowers, we propose as an alternative Ruris Ghepard 1000 .

It is a hobby type lawn mower, suitable for garden maintenance and designed especially for works with low difficulty, such as mowing the lawn, mowing the grass and hay. It provides 1.7HP, enough power to easily cover small and medium-sized surfaces and comes with Dual Balance harness.

Configured mainly for fine work, this model requires a fairly long working time when used on large surfaces.

Compact, efficient and accessible equipment, ideal for caring for vegetation in private spaces, removing weeds near trees and straightening the lawn.

Professional model with four-stroke Honda engine, with 8.5HP, ideal for works involving large areas of land, vegetation of different types and areas with unevenness or slope. It includes a 1270mm wide blade for increased mowing process efficiency, and is equipped with 6 working speeds.

Given the superior technical characteristics, as is natural, you will find this product at a significantly higher price than hobby or semi-professional models.

Mower designed for large farms, with powerful engine and blade with above average width.

It is a version of the table brushcutter type, designed to sew vegetation of different types, on large areas of land, powered by gasoline and provided with a toothed blade, 87 cm long. It provides a force of 5HP and includes an adjustable handle that facilitates use.

Due to the large blade attached to the cutting head, this model is unsuitable for detail work or access in tight spaces.

The technical variant for mowing hay or cutting cereals on large agricultural areas, easy to use, with ergonomic handle and available at an affordable price.

You have started evaluating the cheap and good Ruris motorbike models and you don’t know exactly how to differentiate them and which version is more suitable for you? Use the presentations below to tick the essential features and easily compare some of the most popular models.

The Ruris DAC 210 mower is a petrol-powered version, in the category of hobby models, for works that involve lawn maintenance, mowing grass and hay. It provides a 1.7hp TEZ engine, in 2 strokes, which recommends it for medium-sized surfaces, up to 500sqm.

It weighs 7.5kg and is equipped with Dual Balance harness, for comfortable support, delivered together with the three-tooth cutting knife, with a diameter of 20cm, which offers you precision and efficiency. It starts manually, with a rope starter, and is equipped with a handlebar with horns, bicycle type, which helps you to easily control the left-right rotational movements, which ensures fast coverage of a larger surface.

The controls are installed directly on the handle, so you can access them without having to take your hand off the handlebars. Depending on your needs, you can purchase additional accessories that allow you to approach other types of vegetation.

Relying on a 2.5HP engine, the Ruris DAC 310 mower is designed for those who have to cover slightly larger gardens, with areas up to 800–900sqm. Depending on the type of vegetation approached and the characteristics of the area, you can choose to use nylon thread, ideal for precise removal of grass, defining lawn edges or cutting plants near trees, or metal disc. The latter will help you get through the weed-covered areas with harder stems.

It works with a mixture of petrol and oil and we recommend that you consult the manual carefully for the exact quantities. You will receive the product together with a harness, which allows the weight to be distributed on the shoulders, so that your arms do not get tired, which some people find uncomfortable.

It starts manually, pulling on the string and is equipped with a handlebar with horns, which helps you to easily move the cutting head left-right, to cover as large an area as possible.

With the Ruris Ghepard 1000 model we are already talking about a table mower, designed for large areas of land and intensive use, being among the strongest in this range. It works with a power of 8.5HP, which easily copes with large areas of land. The operating cycle of the Honda engine is a four-stroke, which guarantees more forward force and less vibration and noise.

The tank allows loading up to the level of 5.3 liters, a capacity that, with a consumption of 1.5 liters / h, offers you an operating range of up to 3.5 hours, with an average mowed area of up to 3500sqm / h.

It is a Ruris mower from the category of professional models, suitable for any type of grass and provided with a 1270mm finger blade for efficient coverage of large areas. The design allows use on sloping or uneven terrain, without these features unbalancing the machine. For the best possible control during use, you have 6 speeds — 3 forward and 3 reverse — for situations where the terrain does not allow turning.

DAC 777K is a 4-stroke Ruris mower model in the category of professional, table versions, designed for mowing and maintenance work on large spaces, over 1000sqm. Its engine is a Longin brand, with 5HP and ensures a high cutting speed that allows the coverage of approximately 2600sqm / h.

The cutting width provided by the toothed blade is 87 cm, smaller than other versions, but sufficient for efficient mowing of the land. The product is provided with an adjustable handle, with two horns, which ensures easier orientation of the device in the desired direction.

From the point of view of the generated noise, we can tell you that it is at a level of 105dB, similar to an electric saw. We draw your attention to the fact that the DAC 777K is one of the models that open the Ruris series of table brushes, having a lower force than other options, a feature that conditions its behavior to difficult types of vegetation.

If you want to be able to easily maintain the green spaces in the garden and maintain a pleasant and tidy look using a Ruris machine, the EVO Expert 47 Super mower is one of the options that can help you achieve your goal. It is part of the category of gasoline-powered variants, so it offers you very good mobility on the ground, and provides a 1.8HP engine, optimal for small and medium-sized surfaces.

It can be used with nylon thread, both for straightening the lawn and for removing scattered threads, grown next to curbs and trees, or with a three-toothed metal disc. The last accessory allows you to approach more difficult vegetation, such as weeds with gnarled stems and thorns.

Together with the product you receive the two cutting accessories, plus the support harness, which takes over the weight required by the arms, the protective visor and the earphones, which limit the exposure of the hearing aid to the noise produced by the device.

Have you arranged a small garden around the house with grass, flowers and some beautiful trees and you want to be able to maintain it without investing much in gardening equipment ? We recommend that you consider this Ruris electric mower model, with a 1HP 2-stroke motor, specially designed for small surfaces.

It is equipped with a wire cutting head, designed especially for use in retouching the lawn and mowing the lawns, and less for hard and gnarled vegetation. On the list of accessories received with the product, you will also find a three-toothed knife, which will help you solve the problems created occasionally by weeds with harder stems.

You will work with a cutting diameter of 20cm, large enough to finish cutting the vegetation in time, but small enough to allow you to slip through the bushes or in narrow, less accessible spaces.

Do you want a Ruris mower, cheap and good, but would you prefer an electric model as an alternative to the classic petrol versions? If you do not have to move too far from home, we recommend Ruris TE500 PIVOT, with 500W or 0.7HP motor, suitable for small areas of land, with power supply directly from the socket, by cable.

The brushcutter is equipped with a telescopic handle, which allows you to adapt its size to your height and cutting distance, and to easily store the device after use. The cutting head is equipped with two wires and can pivot in two directions, thus facilitating the adaptation to the shape of the soil and eliminating the need to look for an efficient position to approach the vegetation.

We remind you that this is a model designed for fine work and specially designed to work optimally in narrow spaces, when cutting grass between pavers, near borscht or around trees. It is therefore less suitable if you need a mower that works efficiently in large spaces and large areas.

Do you really want the garden of the house to be impeccable, without scattered weeds or weeds that get out of line? Try the Zimbru 300 brushcutter version. It is a model with power supply, without harmful emissions and easy to use. It works by connecting directly to the outlet, so it needs a nearby power source to be used.

Because it has a discreet and efficient motor, with a power of 250W or 0.3HP, you can easily use an extension cord to obtain more freedom of movement, provided you pay due attention to the protection of the electric wire.

It is provided with a wire cutting head, 22cm wide, and offers you the precision necessary for careful retouching such as removing grass from the joints of garden pavers, cutting the growing vegetation in the immediate vicinity of tree trunks or along the edges that surround the house or paths carefully built through the garden. It weighs only 1.2kg.

Do you need a high-performance tool to help you cut, if necessary, dry or grown branches in risky spaces (near the window or roof)? We offer you, from the Ruris range, the 300S brushcutter model, provided with a rod that ensures access up to 210cm heights.

It is a petrol-powered version, for high autonomy and more force, offering a power of 1HP. Comfort and ease of use are provided by the harness support system, with sturdy straps, and the loop handle.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.7l, and the device and accessories weigh 7.6kg, easy to support with the harness. Regarding the cutting head, because we are talking from the beginning about slightly harder stems, this model received, from the list of Ruris mower accessories, a metal knife with three cutting tips and a working diameter of 25.4mm.

Ruris is a Romanian company producing agricultural equipment, with over 25 years of experience. In their list of products you will find equipment for tillage, lawn mowing, application of chemical treatments and water pumping, zootechnical equipment, for the exploitation of wood and products for the garden and household.

In the last category you will easily identify Ruris brushcutter models, at good prices, adapted to various usage requirements. The role of this guide is to help you choose from them, the option that offers you the best ratio between costs and performance.

Type of brushcutter: Depending on the size of the maintenance projects, you can opt for a Ruris brushcutter, at a good price, from the category of the shoulder ones, or a version from the list of those with table.

The first have lower power, higher mobility, are transported manually by means of a harness or a belt and are designed for work on small and medium surfaces, up to 1000sqm. The cutting head has a diameter of 20 to 25 cm, can be of the nylon thread or metal disc type and is designed for precision, rather than for large coverage.

A mower with a table is considered professional equipment, it is a machine equipped with wheels and a large blade (between 87 and 127 cm) and can cover up to 3500sqm per hour. These versions are also built to be used on rough terrain and difficult vegetation.

Gasoline or electricity: The Ruris offer includes both petrol models and versions with power supply, with or without battery. Electric models are recommended for easy work, short duration and occasional use, wired options with mobility conditioned by access to a socket. If you want to be able to move away from home, we recommend that you opt for a battery version, which will be a bit more expensive.

More freedom and power offer you variants powered by a mixture of gasoline and oil, which you can easily recharge even in the middle of the field you are mowing.

Engine power: This indicator influences the cutting force and the speed with which you can work in the field. Numerous opinions about the best Ruris mowers recommend the 1–1.5HP models (Ruris 300S, 280C, 330C, 633ES, 731C) for areas up to 300–400sqm, 1.5–2.5HP versions (DAC210, 335, 310, RURIS mower 441C, 430C, 520C, 643ES, 740C) for lands of 400–800sqm.

In the category of table models, the power varies between 4.8 and 8.5HP and are designed to mow the vegetation on land over 1000sqm, up to 50ha.

Engine type: If you need a powerful model, for intensive use, on medium and large surfaces, and you prefer a quieter version, the best Ruris mowers for you are those equipped with a 4-stroke engine. These technical variants also have a lower vibration level.

For routine use in the household, you will do very well using a 2CP motorized mower, as long as the power generated matches the demands.

Technological improvements: For those who prefer a version of Ruris lawnmower at a good price, with electric start, we recommend the versions whose name includes the ES (Electrical Start) specification.

Most models are equipped with the EcoTeck system, which streamlines fuel consumption, reducing it by up to 25%, which means you can cover a larger area of land with the same amount of gasoline.

Except for the DAC series, available at a slightly lower price and designed for occasional use, all shoulder products are equipped with a 2-segment handle, with ergonomic design and PlusConfort support system. It is an elevated format, which reduces by up to 50% the effort made by the user to swing left-right.

Accessories and multifunctionality: Most models can work both with a nylon thread cutter head, designed especially for the actions of detail and mowing the lawn, and with a metal disc. We recommend the disc with 3 cutting tips for areas with weeds and vines, and those with 40 or more for cases where you need to cut gnarled bushes or trees.

If you have come to the conclusion that the best Ruris mower for you would be a multifunctional model, we recommend you focus on the DAC335 model in the category of shoulder options, provided with mowing wire, hedge trimming system and tree extension, saw chain and the possibility of adding a ground cutter, water pump and rotary brush.

You will also find such an option in the list of table mowers (DAC777K) which can be easily transformed into a cultivator.

Ease of use: For easy control of the device, all models of shoulder brushes are equipped with an ergonomic handle with buttons for stopping, starting, acceleration and locking.

In the range of table models you will find options with 1 to 6 speeds, for forward and reverse, useful for cases where it is difficult to return the equipment to the mowing area.

The weight of the shoulder versions varies between 6.4 and 8 kg, and for comfortable support they are provided with Dual Balance harness, on which the brushcutter is easily fixed and which ensures the correct weight distribution, for effortless use.

In many cases, when it comes to Ruris products, you will find the indications you need for carburetor adjustment included in the technical manual, received together with the purchased brushcutter. This information is also available in pdf formats of the manuals , which you can download online at any time.

Additional details, coming from the practical experiences of other users, you can find quite easily on websites and forums, looking for the name of the brand and the product purchased or the series of which it is part.

For any Ruris mower model, you can easily find spare parts from the brand’s authorized partners, the complete list of which is available on the manufacturer’s website, with contact details.

You can of course also turn to online stores, specializing in the sale of agricultural machinery, and to companies that provide service for these products and usually provide the necessary parts, but carefully checking the reviews and technical characteristics to ensure compatibility.

For Ruris mowers, the generally recommended mixture is 25ml oil per 1 liter of gasoline, but it is advisable to always check the formula in the technical manual of the product. If you bought the used model and it is not accompanied by the appropriate user guide, you can find it on the Internet in pdf format.

Some people recommend the use of a proportion of 30ml oil per 1 liter during the running-in stage, a detail that you will not find in the manual, but on the profile shapes.

Although the final products are assembled in Romania, in Craiova, not all the component parts are obtained in the country. However, the warranty offered by the manufacturer covers the entire system.

Whether we are talking about a Ruris Expert 55 Super mower or a hobby model from the DAC collection, in order to ensure the correct and long-lasting operation, it is good to run it, even if it is considered that it is also made in the factory.

Prepare the fuel and fill the tank

The first step is to properly prepare the mixture of oil and gasoline, and from this point of view some people recommend supplementing with 5ml the amount of oil in the formula, only for this running-in stage.

So it means that you will work in this first use, for most Ruris products, with 30ml oil per 1 liter of gasoline, and you will return to the proportion of 25ml oil per 1 liter of gasoline starting with the next time you activate the device. Fill the tank with the obtained fuel.

Check the device

Before each use it is good to always check if all the components are mounted correctly, especially if you have disassembled or changed one of the elements, even when it is only about the cutting head.

Start the engine

For most models, starting the engine involves locking the accelerator, pressing the Start button and priming the carburetor using the priming pump which you must press repeatedly until it is filled with liquid.

Close the shock damper and operate the starter by first pulling the cord on a length of 10–15 cm, then on its entire length, until the engine starts. Once the engine is started, you need to open the shock valve and accelerate a few times.

Perform the break-in

The running-in consists in leaving the device in operation until the fuel is exhausted, with the acceleration of the working speed every 10 minutes, for 20 to 50 seconds. Once the tank is empty, running in is complete and you can turn off the appliance. From now on you can use it for garden maintenance.




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