Lopeti — Review and comparison in 2021

Over the years, different types of shovels have appeared on the market, each with its own characteristics in terms of design and functionality; the length, the shape of the blade, the general design and the construction are all important elements. Whether you are an amateur or a professional gardener, we aim to satisfy your curiosity about the latest inventions in the field of shovels, to choose the most functional and best models that exist. Our first recommendation, Ats Grunman DDFibra , has a length of 120 cm, the actual size of the shovel is 35.8 x 19.9 cm and is made of steel and fiberglass. It is a durable, ergonomic, non-slip, efficient, cheap and last but not least versatile product. Fiskars Solid 143073 it may be a second choice if the first model is unavailable.

Comparative table

This multifunctional shovel is ideal for a wide range of tasks in the garden, and can also be used to move building materials from one point to another. It is also very useful when contouring furrows, leveling surfaces and scraping the ground.

The sharp blade can damage young crops, especially during transplanting.

Overall, this is a sturdy, hard garden shovel, suitable for a wide range of medium and high intensity work and is expected to last for many years. It can also be bought for a very good price for a sturdy and durable garden shovel.

The shovel is a convenient and practical tool for you, an excellent lightweight plastic tool to be stored in the trunk, as it weighs very little and does not take up much space.

Even if the manufacturing material is extremely light, resulting in a plus in terms of portability, some users consider that it would have been an advantage if the shovel had included a metal edge, which would increase its durability.

The snow shovel combines smart design with state-of-the-art materials and a more than reasonable price. It is not only practical to use, but also reliable, being an item that should not be missing from any trunk.

It is a versatile tool, and you can, depending on your needs, use it to cut vegetables, as a firewood saw, as an icebreaker, to peel, dig or as a hammer or to break ice or to defend you. It is also an ultra light and super compact tool, and can be easily transported in the storage case included in the purchase.

The blade of the instrument is very sharp, even the serrated part, so you must pay attention to personal safety or those around you when using it.

If you need a practical tool always at hand on the beach, in the campsite or in the garden, you can rely on this military shovel from Carface.

Reviews about the best shovels

If you are always in a hurry and do not have time to consult too many opinions about the best shovels, we have at your disposal the ranking prepared by us, as well as the list of products carefully selected and described to come to your aid.

Ats Grunman DDFibra

This shovel, at a good price for the advantages offered, was built to last. The blade, measuring 35.8 x 19.9 cm, has been designed from quality steel for increased durability and wear resistance.

With all types of soil and all wet surfaces that the shovel comes in contact with during work, it requires a good quality blade, tail and handle. In periods of rain, no matter how intense the rainfall, this instrument will remain in good condition.

The total length of the product is 120 cm. If we refer to the tail of this shovel, it is made of fiberglass. The handle is also made of cushioned fiberglass, not only to provide comfort during handling, but also for better grip during work. Even if you use a shovel with gloves or bare hands, the tool will not slip. Also, the resistance of the fiberglass makes this product very durable.

Snow shovel

Fiskars Solid 143073

The snow shovel recommended here is made of a heavy composite material and can withstand severe loads. The tool is not at risk of freezing and keeps the hands warm, unlike metal. The manufacturer is completely confident in its product and offers a warranty for this model for 24 months, so when you buy a copy you do not have to worry too much in this direction.

They can also be highlighted for the snow shovel model, for cars and other economic advantages: the one-piece design ensures the reliability of the gun; T-shaped handle geometry, serving as a hand support; the efficient shape of the shovel itself makes it easy to remove and transport snow; the low weight (500 g) and the comfortable fastening system make you less tired while working.

Like all household accessories from the Finnish manufacturer, the Fiskars Solid 143073 snow shovel for the car deserves special attention. The product is useful in snow and not only — due to its compact size (22 x 63 x 10.5 cm), it can also be used on trips, hikes and picnics. The shovel has excellent operational properties and can serve you for many years.

MetaloChimice MET1641-M1

If you need more shovels at good prices, you can opt for the 4-piece package offered by MetaloChimice. With these tools you can perform several operations, such as transporting and transferring certain materials, such as sand, gravel, earth or grain. You can also use them for various agricultural works.

Given the fairly large surface of the “palm”, 38 x 28 cm, any of the components of this set can very well play the role of snow shovel, made of aluminum. The tools are very easy to handle, mainly due to their low weight (1.15 kg, of which 500 g tail and 650 g shovel itself). This was also the main purpose of choosing the materials from which they were made: the blade is made of aluminum, well known for its lightness, and the tail made of wood.

With tails of 127.5 cm, these cheap and good shovels measure every 167 cm, and can be handled by anyone, but especially by people slightly taller than average.

Military shovel

Carface W01030556

This foldable shovel has several functions: digging, breaking, punching, grinding, cutting, cutting, nailing, supporting, etc. It can also be used as a knife, hammer or bayonet. It can meet many of your needs related to outdoor activities. It can break the ice in winter.

The sharp military shovel, associated with a short tail, with a total length of 41 cm, can cut thinner branches. It can also be used as a hammer to break glass. The handle is covered in rubber, it is comfortable and non-slip. The 13 x 9.2 cm blade is made of high quality steel, 1.5 cm thick, with high wear resistance, high hardness and tolerance to extreme temperatures.

The tool is suitable for all types of environments. The pivot point allows you to adjust the shovel. It can be used straight or bent at 90 degrees and has a serrated blade on one side. Therefore, you can easily change the function of the shovel for digging, scraping and drilling. It is foldable (measuring 15.5 cm) and stored in a practical case.

Lopata Fiskars

Fiskars 142000

With a length of 126.8 cm, this Fiskars shovel is easy to handle. In terms of weight, this model weighs only 1.4 kg. This quality derives mainly from the materials from which it was made. The tail is made of birch wood.

As for the shovel itself, it is 31 cm wide, which is very practical when you have a medium cleaning surface. It is also made of aluminum. This material is famous for its solidity, but also for its low weight. The D-shaped polypropylene handle ensures comfortable handling of the object.

The use of this aluminum snow shovel does not require any special technique. At the price level, this item is sold at a price not exactly low, but fair in relation to the advantages that the product has.

Fiskars SnowXpert 141001

Fiskars was founded in 1649 and is the oldest in Finland. Its products are recognized worldwide for their state-of-the-art functionality and design. The SnowXpert Lin product line has an elegant orange handle and a patented construction system, which lasts three times longer than traditional models.

The advantages that this shovel enjoys at a good price are, first of all, the length (131 cm) and the weight (1.4 kg). The instrument is made of light aluminum, and the shovel itself is made of polypropylene, with an aluminum edge and a steel rod that interests the blade. With this combination it was possible to achieve an extremely low mass of the product.

The lightweight and durable aluminum handle has a soft, orange plastic cover. This way, your hands will freeze significantly less. Even when working at low temperatures, wet gloves will not freeze on the aluminum surface.

Snow shovel, with wheels

VidaXL 142915

Winter and heavy snow can be wonderful, unless it blocks your gate, terrace or sidewalk. At the same time, snow removal can be such a demanding job that you feel discouraged if you do not have the right device. With the Fiskars snow shovel, with wheels, you can solve the problem quickly, efficiently and without the stress and tension that a normal shovel would imprint on your back.

Thus, you will be able to guide the machine through the 99 cm wide T-shaped handle, pushing the snow very easily, instead of shoveling clocks in a row. You simply clear the snow while you relax. The 100 x 44 cm blade as well as the push rod can be adjusted according to your posture, the amount of snow and the direction of snow removal.

The 2 wheels with which this snow shovel is provided help you to be able to push the device even on slippery or uneven surfaces. The shovel can be easily assembled and disassembled for easy storage.

Folding shovel:

Intex Profin L1

Inspired by Soviet military shovels, the model proposed by Intex Profin is easy to use, being a light tool (1 kg) and super compact. The blade has the dimensions of 18 x 15 cm, and the length of the shovel varies from 38.5 cm folded to 57 cm unfolded. This seemingly simple tool comes equipped with a hardwood handle.

After trying it, you will be surprised at how easy it allows you to dig in some of the most difficult surfaces you can find outdoors and how durable the tool is. It’s a good survival shovel, especially if you’re venturing into a cold area (such as a winter camping trip).

Its steel is heat treated at the end of the manufacturing process to give it maximum strength. The ax-like blade can be easily sharpened until you can scrape it efficiently, if you need this function as well. One of the sides is serrated, so the shovel can also be used as a saw.

Levior 61085

Although compact, the small foldable shovel from Levior offers invaluable help when it comes to digging or hoeing, cleaning or scraping a certain area. Multifunctional, the tool has a shovel blade, a pickaxe sharpener and a saw blade, being an indispensable accessory for camping, trekking or survival.

It is discreet and easy to carry: it can be stored in a small cover (included) and can be transported at the bottom of the backpack or on the belt, because the cover is provided with a belt loop.

Made of steel, it offers substantial durability. Its total weight is 548 grams. The blade measures 13 x 9.2 cm. In use, the Levior 61085 mini folding shovel has a length of 41 cm. Stored in the cover, the same mini shovel measures only 15.5 cm. Also, depending on your needs, it can be adjusted to an angle of 90 degrees.

Buying guide

Regardless of the season, how big the garden is or how much you go out for a picnic, if you have to choose a tool that you should not miss from the barn, then this is a shovel, being a truly versatile tool. But which is the best shovel for you? Here are the criteria we propose for choosing this type of tool:

Shovel type: There are different models of shovels currently available on the market. The difference is in the shape and intended use of the tool.

The most popular model is the rounded shovel . This type of tool is used especially in gardening, in addition to spades. It can be used to move earth, sand or gravel. As its name suggests, it has a blade made of steel. This type of shovel is essential if the work you want to do requires digging the ground.

The square shovel is also called the snow shovel. You can use this type of shovel to push and move snow without much difficulty, but not only. This type of tool can also be used to collect plant waste. Lantern shovel and ash shovel are used not only for gardening, but also for household chores. Finally, the military or folding shovel has smaller dimensions, can be folded and is the most versatile of all.

Use: Shovels available on the market have a different capacity. The more extensive the work you want to do, the more you have to be careful when choosing the right tool, so that you don’t have to slow down your work by running to buy more and more tools. However, always make sure you choose a model whose weight matches your strength. There is no point in choosing a model with a very high weight that you cannot lift without injuring your back.

If you intend to dig somewhere with a shovel, it is best to choose a tool with a steel blade. To counterbalance its weight, opt for a shovel model equipped with a carbon handle. In this combination, the tool will be quite light and easy to handle. The square or chamfered shovel is suitable for small gardening works, while the models with round, classic head are suitable for larger agricultural works.

Your physical condition: When asked which shovel to choose, the most obvious answer is: the most suitable model for your body type. Remember that, once loaded, the weight of the shovel can double or even triple. Therefore, it is essential to choose a model that you will feel comfortable with, both empty and full. Whenever possible, always choose the shovel model that is easiest when empty.

Also remember to choose a shovel model according to your size. If the tool is too long or too short, handling will be difficult and may cause long-term back pain. The ideal height for a shovel is up to shoulder level.

Ergonomics: Maneuverability is an important point to consider when choosing a cheap and good shovel. When selecting the tool, think that you will have to work with it several times in a shorter or longer period of time. If the shovel is difficult to handle, the work will become very demanding quickly. If your tool is able to withstand a load of 5 kg, you will lift this weight every time you lift and shovel, which means a total weight of up to a ton after a few hours of work.

An ergonomic handle shovel, such as the Fiskars snow shovel, is much easier to handle than the others. Ergonomic models are recognized by their slightly curved tail, which facilitates their handling. For better maneuverability, opt for shovel models with D or T-shaped handle. Both offer a better grip, but, as much as possible, it is best to choose a model with D-shaped handle, which offers better grip.

Shovel robustness: Whether you intend to use the shovel frequently or set it aside for occasional use, the strength of the tool is an element that you must take into account when choosing it. The blade must be made of a material strong enough to withstand possible shocks.

When we think of durability, we immediately think of steel, and yet the shovels have clearly evolved, and now there are models made of other materials as durable as steel, but much lighter, such as aluminum or polypropylene.

The robustness of the shovel does not depend only on the material from which the blade was made. The tail should also not be overlooked. If the latter is not strong enough, the shovel can break when it has a heavy load. Generally, opt for a shovel with a solid wooden tail, such as birch, for example. The treated steel or polycarbonate models are also quite solid.

Price: Last but not least, the price of the shovel. It varies depending on the model, but you can easily buy a cheap and good shovel for about 50 lei.

If you have advanced enough in knowing the different types and uses that the best shovels can have in your household, stay on our page to find out more answers to frequently asked questions and some information about infantry shovels.

Frequent questions

Is the farce still a shovel?

The farasul is an object used in the household that has the shape of a shovel, but of smaller dimensions, with the help of which usually the garbage resulting from the sweeping is collected, without being a real shovel.

How do I use a snow shovel?

Warm up, it’s an exercise like any other. Choose the snow shovel: depending on the model, you can push or lift the snow. It is best to push it so as not to get tired. Hold the shovel properly: place your hands away from each other on the tail. If the tool has a D-shaped handle, use it.

Maintain a good posture: keep the natural curve of the spine, whether you have your knees bent (when digging the hump) or push the snow. Make sure your legs are apart, beyond shoulder width. Keep the instrument close to your body. Clean small surfaces so that the load on the shovel is not too heavy. Try to gradually remove the thick layers. To throw snow, instead of twisting your body, move your legs. At the same time, avoid throwing snow over your shoulder.

Can fines be applied to traders who do not shovel snow from the sidewalk?

Traders are obliged to clean the sidewalk in front of the store they own, otherwise they can be sanctioned with variable fines depending on the locality. The amount of the contraventions is established by decision of the Local Council and, in general, they are between a few hundred and a few thousand lei. For example, in Iasi it is between 190–370 lei, in Cluj-Napoca between 500–1000 lei, and in Bucharest between 500–2000 lei.

What’s the difference between a spade and a shovel?

The differences consist both in the different shape (the spade is generally straight, with a sharper tip, while the shovel is slightly concave and wider), and in the usefulness of the tools: the spade is used primarily for digging and the shovel for carat or moved.

Military shovel, infantry — what you need to know about it

More than 2 millennia ago, soldiers wore infantry shovels for the same reasons as today: there was a very good chance that they would need them even several times a day, and wearing them in equipment was the safest way to use them. at any time, as a shovel, weapon, ax, hammer, paddle, or even as a camel.

From its origins to the 19th century

The first written sources about the inclusion of a small shovel in military equipment come from republican Rome, during Caesar’s Gallic war. The legionaries used the so-called dolabrae to secure their temporary camps and to try to break the siege by weakening the defensive walls.

Until the end of the 19th century, the infantry shovel appeared in various moments of military history, such as the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815), as a tool also used during sieges, but not as part of personal equipment. The turning in this direction was made by the Americans in 1870, who introduced the bayonet trowel, effective both for digging and as a weapon.

Lopinn Linnemann and the Great War

The Danish Mads officer Johan Buch Linnemann begins, in 1869, a new era for this tool, which will bear his name, and which looks like a miniature shovel. Every soldier in the Danish army, then in the Russian army, will be equipped with such a piece.

But the main role for the infantry shovel was to build the trenches used during the Great War. This was a very important aspect, because the First World War was characterized as “trench”. The shovel was usually carried in the soldiers’ sacks, which indicates its vital role in a soldier’s daily responsibility.


Although the importance of the tool begins to fade, the variety of types and models appears. The Germans, British, Soviets and Americans create their own models, all armies aiming to get as many benefits from the design, shape and material of their own version of the infantry shovel, today generically called, in the English -speaking environment, E-tool ( Entranchment tool).


Even if you no longer have to dig trenches, purchasing an infantry shovel, now foldable, increasingly light and multifunctional, is not a nostalgic or unnecessary investment. This will prove to be a difficult help to beat in camping, in the forest, on the beach, in survival exercises and, last but not least, on an archeological site.

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