Scissors — Review and comparison in 2021

To properly care for the vine, you need dedicated tools, and a suitable pair of scissors can help you to increase your work and not damage the cut ropes. Thus, if you do not have much time to search, you can buy Okatsune KST103 , based on Japanese steel processing technology, with slightly curved blades and perfectly aligned, even after several uses. The handle is ergonomic and anti-slip, with convenient locking system to use, with counter-cut for green shoots, strong spring and can be replaced if needed. Another option, also from the professional range, is Felco Felco7 .

Comparative table

A professional model with which you can cut branches and ropes with a maximum thickness of 2.5 cm, with slightly curved blades, with a length of 5.5 cm, with counter-cut for green shoots, with handles that allow a firm grip, being anti -slip, comfortable to hold in any hand, with simple and robust locking system.

Having a steel blade, it must be greased after each use and cleaned properly so as not to rust.

You can easily make the cuts on the vine, using this model of professional scissors.

It is a professional vine scissors, which can also be used for orchard or garden care, with carbon steel blade, slightly curved, with aluminum body, with anti-slip handles, rotary, with anti-vibration system and shock absorption, which can be used to accurately cut branches up to 2.5 cm in diameter.

Because it is a professional model, which you can use for several types of works, it also has a slightly higher price than other products presented.

Robust and durable, with hand protection systems, this model of vine will help you work comfortably and safely.

This type of vine scissors is with batteries, with a capacity of 1.5 Ah, Li-Ion type, which will help you comfortably cut branches up to 2.5 cm thick, with a strong blade of steel, 50 mm, comfortable handle and very comfortable starting system, which operates in a wide range of temperatures (-10 — +45 degrees C).

Being with batteries that have a charging period between 3–5 hours, you have to prepare it in time to be able to work.

A simple and convenient way to clean vines or orchard trees that do not require effort on your part.

Reviews about the best vine scissors

If you are not sure what to choose, go through the list below and do not hesitate to read opinions about the best scissors of other users, in order to find the best option for you.

Okatsune KST103

This model of professional vine scissors will help you to practice the cutting work in a proper way, being very simple and convenient to use.

The blade is made of steel, forged by traditional Japanese methods, keeping its alignment even after heavy use. It can be used for branches or ropes that have a thickness of up to 2.5 cm. It is of bypass type, with curved and counter-curved blades, also curved, which helps you to easily cut the green shoots.

The locking system is very convenient to use, even with one hand. The spring is comfortable and can be replaced if needed. The handles are anti-slip, which gives you a firm use. The dimensions are for a person with an average hand, with a length of 20.2 cm, a blade of 5.5 cm and weighs 228 g.

Vesco Ve-6

If you are engaged in viticulture, you have a small flower business or a vegetable garden, you need a professional scissors to be able to harvest, and this model can be a right choice for you.

It is very comfortable to use, with an ergonomic handle, made of fiberglass and nylon, with anti-slip coating. It has a total length of 19.05 cm, is suitable for a medium-sized hand and is very light, weighing only 87.88 g, so you can use it for a long time without getting tired.

The blades are very sharp, slightly curved and conical, long (4.5 cm) and made of stainless steel. The scissors are bypass type and will be very helpful when harvesting. The locking system is convenient to use with one hand.

Ural bbbx

A vine scissors, at a good price, bypass type, like this model, can be very helpful for harvesting and you can also use it for vegetables or flowers.

With hard, long and tapered stainless steel blades, this scissors is very sharp for a perfect cut in soft and young wood, and in addition, it is corrosion resistant. The ergonomic handle, made of steel and rubber, is comfortable to use for a longer time and does not allow the instrument to slip.

The total length is 20.5 cm, with a blade of 8.4 cm and the scissors weigh 108 g. The locking mechanism is easy to use to protect the blade when not in use.

Gardena DMI-041–7027497

It is a solid and very resistant scissors that will be very helpful in the garden for different types of operations.

Thus you can cut plants that have a thickness of up to 20mm, shoots and shoots, you can cut wire. It has a special ditch through which the sap from the cutting flows. The cutting head is curved, thus having a good precision.

The handles are very comfortable and non-slip and have two positions: one for quick cutting and one for cutting thicker branches, where greater force is required.

Locking the scissors is very easy, with a slide button. It weighs 130g, being comfortable to handle.

Professional vine scissors

Felco Felco7

This model of professional scissors is recommended for cutting vines, for caring for orchards, for gardens or parks, it is ergonomic and comfortable to use with one hand.

It is suitable for high intensity works, with rotating handle, to make work easier, and shock and vibration damping system. The blade is made of carbon steel, very resistant and slightly curved. The scissors are made of aluminum, with handles that are covered with an anti-slip material, for a firm grip.

Due to the rotating handle, the effort is spread on all fingers and protects the wrist, the scissors being optimal for those who work a lot with such an instrument. All component parts can be easily replaced if needed. It has a total length of 21 cm, a weight of 290gr and can be used for branches with a maximum thickness of 2.5 cm.

Sail Hope Tools FR-501

If you have vines, a cheap and good vine scissors can be a suitable purchase for you, especially this model which is from the professional range and will help you to have a good productivity.

It is recommended for harvesting vines, being able to easily cut the bunches without damaging the stem. Having a sharp blade, it can also be used for vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc., for flowers, but also for other activities, such as cutting secondary arms or for children.

The blade is made of stainless steel, withstanding well over time. The handles are wrapped in rubber, so that they can be held precisely in your hand and without hurting you.

The total length of the scissors is 18 cm and it is very light, weighing only 100 g. It has a band that keeps the scissors closed when you do not use it.

BarnelR A3002SC

This model of scissors for vines can be used for other activities, such as in the garden to harvest vegetables or for flowers, being very useful in a flower shop.

It is made of quality materials, with aluminum body, steel blade and rubberized handles. The slightly curved blade is very suitable for easily and firmly cutting even the green branches. The blades are very sharp, providing safety in use.

When you are not using it, you can keep it closed, with a central locking mechanism, safe and easy to use. It is recommended for branches up to 7 mm in diameter.

The scissors have a total length of 19 cm and a weight of 120 g, and can be convenient to use with one hand. This way you will have full control and you will be able to make different floral arrangements, to take care of your bonsai or to be able to clean the vine.

ARS Corporation VS-7XZ

A professional vine is very useful to be able to maintain the vine in the best conditions, and this model can be an optimal option for you.

It can be used with one hand, with a total length of 18 cm. The maximum diameter of the branches that you can cut with this scissors is 19 mm.

The blade is made of high quality carbon steel, durable and very solid, with a length of 4.8 cm. In addition, you also have a curved counter-knife, useful for easily cutting green branches.

The handle is with a rubber cover, ergonomic, so you can work for several hours, without tiring your hand. It is anti-rust treated, has interchangeable blades and a locking system for when you store it or when you don’t use it. It weighs 212 g.

Battery shears

Strend Pro 111216

If you care about gardening and especially vines, then this model of cordless vine scissors can be a good purchase for you.

Besides cutting the calf, it can also be used for branches if you want to clean the orchard and you will have more work, being electric. The maximum thickness of the branches that can be cut with this scissors is 2.5 cm. The blade is made of steel, being very resistant, and has a length of 50 mm.

It works on a battery base, which has a capacity of 1.5 Ah and is Li-Ion type. The battery is charged in 3–5 hours, so it must be prepared in advance.

The handle is very comfortable and the control button is easily pressed. The scissors weigh 0.82 kg. You can use it even in winter, up to a temperature of -10 degrees C, in summer up to 45 degrees C.

Set with vine scissors

White 33

A pair of scissors, at a good price, can be of interest to you, if you have planted vines and you want to have high performances, and this professional set can be very helpful.

It contains several pieces that you need for a careful and professional care of the vine.

For grafting, you have special pliers with three blades, U, V and Omega, with the help of which you will be able to graft different varieties and you will have a high percentage of grip. In addition, you also have a counter-cut spare, as well as two 100m strips for tying.

The vine scissors can also be used in the garden if you have vegetables, being also a professional product. The handle is very comfortable, to be able to work for several hours and has a fastening system to stay closed while not using scissors.

Buying guide

For those who work in the viticultural field, it is very important to ensure a professional care of the vineyard, but also to have the right tools for harvesting, so a pair of scissors is a good purchase. The market offers a wide range of products and you can easily choose from the best vine scissors a model convenient for you. See, in the guide below, which are the variants offered by the manufacturers and establish exactly what you need:

Usage: you can go for a universal or dedicated scissors model.

The universal ones are suitable both for cleaning vines and for cleaning trees, for gardens and parks, with a much wider area of use.

If you only have vines, then you can go for a product dedicated either for harvesting grapes or for annual maintenance work, in which the type of pruning is very important for future production.

Type: there are two more frequently used types, namely:

Anvil type: they are recommended to clean the vine during its inactivity, from autumn to spring. It is suitable for thicker wood, most models being for ropes and branches of maximum 2.5 cm, dry. The cut is precise, having force, the cutting part leaning on the counter blade, like an anvil.

Bypass type: these are generally for harvesting and cutting green shoots, where you need precision and firmness. The blades pass next to each other and a perfect cut is left behind, without exfoliating the skin, fine and without traces. The cut can be made close to the stem or root, being suitable for young and soft wood or for semi-woody shrubs.

Cutting mode: they can be manual or with batteries.

Manual cuts using user force are more difficult to handle for thicker branches or ropes, where you need more force to cut. In general, you can easily find vine scissors at good prices.

The ones with batteries are much more comfortable to use and you don’t need force, even to cut into larger diameters. In general, they go with batteries that charge in 3–5 hours and have an autonomy of over 10,000 cuts. They can also be used on branches with a thickness of 5 cm or more and some have opening steps. The actuation button is located at hand, so it can be used with one hand. Usually, you can find them at a higher price.

The material used for the blade: this aspect is very important to be able to cut easily and to enjoy as much as possible a well-sharpened scissors.

Usually the blade is made of steel — a hard and robust material, but which needs special care after each use, to be well greased so as not to rust; stainless steel — which resists much better over time, does not rust, but is at a higher price.

Other features: there are other features of interest to guide you to choose the best vine scissors for you.

Handle: it must have an ergonomic shape, be protected with an anti-slip layer so that it can be held firmly during use. The most common is with a rubber sleeve. There are also models with a rotating handle that help to better distribute the force, using all the fingers.

Locking system: it can be of several types and can be conveniently used with one hand. It can be metallic or hard textile, located on the handle at the end or center.

Set: you can also opt for sets that have several component parts, such as graft pliers, vine scissors, tape for tying the vine, etc.

Anti-shock and anti-vibration system : it is very necessary to have an increased protection, especially if you have to make several cuts daily and you have to take care of your wrists.

Dimensions: the scissors are generally handled with one hand and must have a comfortable overall size, neither too small, so as not to injure your palm, nor too large, because you will not have the necessary driving force. They usually have a total length of 19–25 cm, but you can find other sizes.

Weight: this aspect is also important, especially for those with manual operation, which must be easy to handle for a longer period of time, so weight is very important. There are variants under 100 g, which have fiberglass handles, others are slightly lighter, weigh 150–250 g, with aluminum handles, but there are also steel scissors, weighing over 300 g Also, the electric ones with battery are heavier, adding the weight of the battery (they can reach weights of over 0.5–0.8 kg or more).

Frequent questions

What are the periodic maintenance works on the vine?

One of the most important works to maintain the vine is its pruning and is of several types: training pruning , which is performed only in the first 3–5 years; fruiting cutting , which aims at a high production; regenerative pruning , which is practiced when the vine is older; special cuts , which are determined by certain climatic conditions (drought, hail, frost, etc.).

The tying of the vine is also a periodic activity and aims to strengthen the stems so that they do not lie on the ground when they are full of fruit. There are also some periodic activities related to soil fertilization.

How often is the vine cut?

If you have an area of land with vines and it is in the middle period of development, it will be cut annually, from autumn, after the leaves fall, until spring, before the buds swell, ie during the period of inactivity. Fruit pruning is a very important activity for wine production, so you need the best vine scissors to help you perform the work quickly and well.

What’s the difference between a pair of scissors and grafting pliers?

Grafting pliers is used to perfectly join the cut branches, so it has different cutting shapes (U, V, omega). The resulting cuts are placed one on top of the other and blend perfectly. The vine scissors generally have a straight and firm cut.

How to clean the vines

Certainly, if you have a lot with vines, you want to have the best possible productivity, thus requiring annual maintenance operations. You will be able to easily buy the necessary tools, and you will find cheap and good vine scissors on the market to help you clean.

If you have a small batch, it is best to clean it in the spring, before it sprouts. On the other hand, if the cutting is done in winter, they must be left longer to be corrected in spring.

The cleaning of the vine involves the operation of cutting some shoots and there are some rules that you must know and follow.

The shoots that will have a rich fruit come from the one-year-olds, who support the two-year-olds. Thus, the shoots that are grown at the bottom of the stump, older, are sterile and must be cut.

The shortening of the ropes must be done just above the knot, with a straight and firm cut. There are 3 systems for cutting vines, namely: in short — for areas where the stumps have a weaker growth, the extension of the rope being each year with a single internode; in length — with arched rope, leaving strings of 6–12 knots that will be tied; and mixed, using the two previous systems.

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