Choose carefully between simple lawn and a surface covered with complex vegetation, make the most of the terrace of the house, use the decorative stone to avoid spreading the dirt on the alleys and find out as much as possible about the design options you have available for an arrangement correct garden.

Do you want to start a yard arrangement, in the country or in the city, and you don’t know exactly how to approach the project? Includes colorful flowers, tall trees and white or natural fence in a small garden, rely on rustic or elegant in a large garden, be careful how you integrate a decorative fountain and cleverly use decorations. You can find more useful ideas for a successful garden design in this article.

One of the most important aspects in garden design, especially when space is limited, is the type of fence you choose to delimit the area. You can use two simple tricks, if you want to make the yard look bigger:

- installs a white fence, simple, to visually expand the space it frames;

- uses a wooden fence, naturally finished, which has an aspect as close as possible to the nature that surrounds it — the smaller the difference between the fence and the garden space, the larger the space will seem;

- plant hanging flowers to cover the fence and hang potted fences — the height arrangement will give you more visual space.

Although you might think that many colorful flowers could fill the garden space, making it look cramped, you can actually get the opposite effect if you manage them correctly. Flowers of various colors, shapes and heights are used in small, small garden arrangements to create volume and the impression that the distances are greater than in reality.

In order to successfully complete this trick, we recommend that you do not vary the colors very much, but to stay in the same area, either of the warm tones (yellow, orange, red, purple, lilac, etc.), or of the cold shades (white, blue, blue, etc.).

The list of garden plants that you can use to decorate a small courtyard includes trees. They can help you get both height and volume, as well as more privacy, especially if you have blocks of flats or houses around you, from where you can be seen. You can opt for fruit trees (plums, cherries, apples) or ornamental (willow, silver maple, chestnut with red flowers, birch, etc.).

Such a tree can be useful, even if you prefer simple garden landscaping ideas, without too many details. You can, for example, place a Japanese maple with red leaves, next to a wooden bench surrounded by nature only lawn.

When choosing garden furniture and you have little space, it is important to remember that its material, size and color will greatly influence the appearance of the entire yard. For small spaces we therefore recommend:

- wrought iron models, with a table with resistant glass top;

- Chipboard, MDF or wood in a natural finish, which reproduces the colors and textures of the garden, whether it is about wood fiber, bark of trees or shrubs or green leaves;

- choose compact versions, whose design is designed to provide comfort in small sizes.

In a rustic garden we recommend you to create tiles from slices of logs, very well treated against moisture and parasites, but also from river stone. In this case you need a less finished alley, with spaces left between the tiles, which will give you the option to move easily through the yard, even when it has rained.

If you rely on a relatively modern decor, in this chapter you will definitely consider options for yard pavers and outdoor tiles, specially designed to withstand water, sun and extreme temperatures very well. In addition, most of them have a textured surface to prevent slipping.

Consider using the same material to build the base for the relaxation area and do not neglect the fact that in a small garden, you can choose to pave the surface almost completely, leaving only space for plants and filling the vegetation with pots, so so that you have enough space for furniture.

The width and structure of a garden alley take into account both the style of arrangement and the space available. In a large garden, you can arrange an access path 1–1.5m wide, on which you can walk easily, while a courtyard alley of medium or small size can be reduced to 30–40cm wide, only as much as it can allow the movement of a single person.

A garden or yard design project, which defines a rustic style, starts from the chosen furniture, which in this case can be a traditional version of solid wood (for example, a bar table and benches), or an alternative something more stylized, with thinner elements.

If we are talking about a large yard arrangement, you can even integrate a pavilion built in traditional style or decorative objects, such as wooden wheelbarrows or various pot holders to extend the design lines on the entire surface of the land.

Do not neglect the fencing, which in this case necessarily means one of the options of rustic wooden fences available on the market.

It is a decoration element recommended especially for courtyards arranged in Asian or English style, but which you can easily integrate in a courtyard arranged in rustic lines, using clay pots or wooden buckets in its construction.

Although the fountain consumes space, you can integrate it both in medium and large courtyards, as well as in the smallest ones, if you manage to integrate it either in a corner or directly on the fence, in the form of a waterfall. In the English style, the fountain is a decoration that does not really need additional details around it, being thought of as an independent element, which must stand out.

On the other hand, Asian culture integrates the fountain in the garden space, surrounding it with plants, river stones and other details that make you think of a biological microsystem perfectly recreated in the yard of your house. So carefully plan such an ornamental addition and take into account the access to water.

The entrance to the garden can be a simple passage between two thuja bushes, a small, classic gate, made of wood or metal, or a much more complicated alternative, such as an archway or an entrance with a double gate.

It is important that the choice takes into account the style and size of the garden, because the entrance is the one that creates the first expectations regarding the space it delimits. You can also opt for a frame-type entrance covered with hanging plants, which will fit harmoniously into the landscape.

Once you turn to stone for more than the passage space and the area where you will place the table, you start a modern garden design, similar to those you find in the concepts of paved courtyards. Decorative stones, round or angular, white, gray, bricks, etc. they are primarily used by those who want a clean and bright space, regardless of the season.

We recommend them if you do not have time to take care of larger areas of lawn and flowers and prefer to plant a few sporadic bushes, for a fresh note of green. It is placed directly on the ground, so as to cover the entire surface of the soil around the plants.

In addition to aesthetics, it also helps keep water in the soil, an important advantage in the warm season, and prevents digging by puppies and cats in addition to flowers. Most flower and stone gardens are found in the courtyards of modern villas and in small outdoor spaces, where narrow strips of land are more difficult to exploit.

Not all houses have enough land in the back, to allow the arrangement of a relaxation space. If you are one of those who sacrificed this area in favor of a warehouse or a small vegetable garden, you can focus on the efficient arrangement of the terrace.

Here are some ideas for arranging the terrace that will help you feel a bit like you would be in the garden:

- opt for a terrace pavement with a more natural look, preferably imitating stone, but you will also do well with the wood texture;

- or, choose epoxy paint and turn to a talented professional to create the image of grass threads on the floor;

- place on the terrace large pots with tall plants and smaller pots, with hanging species, to cover the structure;

- install a house for sparrows, their presence will help you feel in the middle of nature;

- use an indoor fountain, which will bring the sound of running water near you.

Think of other elements that you would include in the design of a garden, if you had space, and find the right option to integrate them in a terrace arrangement for your home, so as to create an area suitable for relaxation. Outdoor.

If you do not want to plant trees that grow tall and provide shade, because you prefer to have access to as much sun as possible, or to grow flowers that need a lot of light, you can use a parasol to shelter in the summer days, where you want to stay outside.

You can choose between simple variants, made of a synthetic material, UV resistant, in a square or triangular shape, which you tie with elements that are already in the garden, or alternatives delivered together with an independent structure to fix. .

A simpler alternative is the classic parasol for the table, but also the pergola type versions, which are fixed to the roof of the house, being therefore more useful if you place the relaxation area near the wall.

You can place various decorations in the garden to better define the style you want to create, in addition to the furniture and vegetation elements already used. The list of the most interesting options used for yard and garden arrangements includes:

- the well-known dwarfs or garden statuettes — present both in flower gardens, in the country or in the city, as well as in the courtyards with impeccable lawn or with a layer of decorative stones;

- bicycle pots, boots or metal buckets — more common in gardens with retro design;

- wheelbarrows and wooden fountains — specific to the rustic approach;

- support structures for hanging flowers, made of solid wood or wrought iron, depending on the style.

If you are developing a project for a backyard arrangement in the country, the summer kitchen is a detail that is good to take into account, especially in a spacious garden. It is one of those ideas for home and garden, which combines outdoor space with indoor destinations, but also traditional and modern.

Even if we are talking about a yard arrangement, in the country, it does not mean that the summer kitchen must be traditional. It can vary from a frame with a rustic stove with tuci to the modern equipment with induction hobs, dishwasher and grill with toaster, depending on your preferences and the style in which you designed the garden that continues where the kitchen is finish.

The best landscaping models also take into account the elements that border the yard, in the first place being the exterior appearance of the house, the fence, the garage, the warehouse built in the yard, etc.

When looking for garden design ideas in the form of exemplary pictures, avoid avoiding only the green space and how it is managed and analyze the images used for example as carefully as possible, to understand how it balances with neighboring structures.




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