If you live in a block of flats, but you want an oasis of peace, beautiful and full of color, like the ones in the houses, you can arrange your balcony like a small kindergarten and enjoy beautiful moments of relaxation, taking care of the plants.

Even if you do not live at home to be able to arrange a small kindergarten with flowers, you can turn your balcony into a sea of flowers and take care of them, being a very pleasant and relaxing activity. In addition, you can drink your coffee in the morning admiring your little kindergarten or relax with a good book.

But not all flowers fit on the balcony and, in addition, depending on its location, some will do better, so you have to choose your plants carefully. You will have a beautifully arranged balcony, very pleasant. But let’s see, below, how to choose balcony flowers that will withstand the conditions you have.

The first step in arranging the balcony is cleaning. You will do a drastic sorting and you will give up everything you have stored in the winter, or over several years, to have enough space.

Then you can choose a simple and light furniture, which allows you to place flowers on the balcony, on different steps, both hanging and on supports, or on the windowsill. Also, make a small corner where you can put 2–3 chairs and a table, so you can sit quietly and enjoy the colorful diversity of flowers. Carefully choose planters for the balcony that bring a unity of image and style.

Certainly, there are a lot of balcony flowers and you can choose what you like. In addition to the classic ones such as geraniums, pansies, carnations, petunias, earrings, azaleas, etc., which you find everywhere, there are other more special ones, which can beautify your balcony and bring it a note of originality.

You can make an area with potted flowers, flowing, real curtains of great beauty, which can also provide privacy if you have an open balcony, or shrubs that will ensure your balance and greenery for longer, hardy perennial flowers that they no longer need to be changed annually.

Most of the flowers you keep on the balcony during the spring-autumn period should be brought home during the winter and, before purchasing the pots, make sure you have a dedicated place for them in the apartment, even if they are shrubs, flowing plants. perennial or small delicate flowers. Below you have a top, without having a fixed order, but presented according to the location of the balcony.

If you have a balcony located to the south, sunny all day, you can walk on garden flowers that bloom all summer, thus having the joy of being surrounded by beauty throughout the warm season. You should opt for sun-resistant flowers that love light and warmth.

1. Oleander — is a perennial shrub, drought resistant, very convenient to care for. It is green all year round, and blooms from May to October.

The flowers can be of several colors: white, pink, salmon, red. They can adapt to any kind of soil, do not need much water and withstand the hot rays of the sun. If you have small children or pets, you must make sure that they do not ingest leaves or flowers, as they are poisonous. The branches are not used for barbecue. It is an ornamental shrub, very pleasant and resistant, which you can keep on the balcony.

2. Callistemon — is a plant native to Australia, perennial, shrub-shaped, with dark green, elliptical leaves.

It blooms especially in spring and summer, and the flowers are variously colored, having the shape of rotating brushes, very special in appearance. It needs a lot of light to bloom, and can be placed in areas where the sun shines directly, but can not withstand temperatures below 3–5 degrees C. For this reason, during the winter, it must be moved to the apartment. It is watered regularly during the warm period, and less frequently during the winter.

3. Agava — native to Mexico, is a plant that surprises by the beauty of the leaves, arranged in the form of a rosette, and can reach large sizes, up to one meter in pots.

It is a perennial plant, which has a slow growth and blooms only once before dying. The leaves are long and thin, with spikes at the top and edges, and the flowers are green or yellow. It is a plant that loves light and sun, withstanding temperatures of 40 degrees C. In winter, when temperatures drop below 0 degrees, it must be moved indoors. Many species are known from this family, over 300, and the American Agave is one of the most appreciated.

The agave plant is used, in many countries, in food, the leaves, stems, flowers being edible.

4. Indian bat — is a decorative plant, which comes from Asia, in the form of a very dense shrub. The leaves are oval in shape and have a dark green color, and the flowers are in the form of bouquets, beaten, white, pink, light purple.

To grow beautifully, it needs a lot of light, medium humidity, and withstands even lower temperatures. The flowering period is between July and September.

5. Passion flower — a climbing plant that comes from tropical regions, having a good resistance to heat and high temperatures, if it is constantly watered.

In bright places, even under the direct action of the sun it will bloom very abundantly, in shadier places it resists well, but blooms much less. It is very beloved due to the large flowers, very varied colored in pink, blue, white, yellow. They also have a special shape, like a small star. It blooms very often in the summer and autumn months, but the flower has a short life, of only 24 hours. During the winter it is stored in cooler places, but with light and water less often.

6. Camellia — a delicate flower, very beautiful that can be easily framed both as an indoor and outdoor plant, and after you get used to its style it will be very easy to take care of it.

The camellia flower needs light, it should not be exposed in areas where there are high air currents, and in winter it should be moved indoors. Depending on the type, it may or may not be exposed to direct sunlight, for example camellia japonica does not tolerate the sun, camellia sasanqua loves direct light. And the flowering periods are different, some having flowers in spring, others in autumn and even in winter.

7. Orange — after being older than a year, the orange can be moved outside, in places full of light and even under the sun, especially until it blooms. While it is in bloom, it should not stay in temperatures higher than 18 degrees C, because then it will not bear fruit.

It needs more careful care and, in the first 8 years of life, before flowering, it must be moved to another, larger pot, because the root grows very quickly. If you provide a fertile soil, pamper it with nutrients and water it regularly, you can also have tasty fruits.

If you have light only part of the day, you must choose outdoor plants that adapt well to such conditions and you can buy:

8. Begonia — is a perennial plant, much loved and found in the apartment and in the small gardens on the balcony.

You need to know how to take care of the begonia in order to give it the necessary attention, thus having flowers all year round. There are several species, but all are richly colored on white, pink or red, with flowers resembling roses, with small green leaves. It needs light, at least half the day, with the sun in the morning or in the afternoon, when it is not too strong, the temperature should not be below 12 degrees C.

9. Lemons — you have certainly seen such plants in others in the apartment and if you want to, find out about: care potted lemons, in order to benefit from healthy fruits picked directly. It needs direct and strong light, at least for 5–6 hours a day, it resists well up to temperatures of 0 degrees C, after which it must be moved inside.

In spring and summer, the lemon should be watered once every two days, and during the winter only once a week. The pot should be large, but also deep, to allow the roots to grow evenly.

10. Jasmine — you certainly spent the summer next to flower gardens and you smelled the scent offered by flowers, but if you didn’t know it is also jasmine in pots, which you can keep in the room or on the balcony. The flowers are small, delicate and white and spread an intoxicating, very pleasant smell.

It needs light to grow, but not to be exposed directly to the sun, at a constant temperature, between 18–22 degrees C, it can withstand up to 30 degrees C if there is high humidity. When temperatures drop below 8 degrees C, it must be moved inside.

11. Ivy of the devil — despite its name, it is a very common plant in apartments, with an ornamental role, climbing and does not require special care. The leaves are large and fleshy and have the shape of a heart.

There are also a number of shade-loving plants, and if you don’t have sun, being north-facing, you can choose:

12. Laurel — you have certainly used fungi in food, but you should know that it is also a very beautiful and unpretentious ornamental plant, although it comes from exotic areas.

The blueberry tolerates the shade well, and grows beautifully at high temperatures between 27–30 degrees C. It tends to rise, so it is good to cut it from a height when it reaches 1.5 m. It should not be moved often, at 3–4 years, and in winter you will move it into the house. The leaves can be used throughout the year, but are more fragrant in August.

If you live on an upper floor where air currents often form, you can choose light-loving but hardy plants, and we recommend:

13. Leandru — is a durable, green shrub that blooms all summer, being very easy to maintain. It loves light and even the direct rays of the sun, and resists well to strong winds, being necessary only to anchor it well. If you read about: leander care, you will see that it is not complicated, being able to be watered regularly and abundantly, to have flowers from spring to autumn.

The flowers are very beautiful, simple or beaten, variously colored in pink, white, red, yellow.

Many people have closed their balcony and even have heating so that it can be used in winter. If you are among them, you can get specific balcony flowers, with multiple variants. You can choose hardy houseplants, whose beauty you can enjoy all year round.

14. Palm — comes from tropical areas and many species are known. It is decorative and, being with very beautiful leaves, it is used a lot in closed spaces.

The most popular among palm trees, in our country, is the dwarf, which is usually around 60 cm, but can reach up to 1.5 m, with dark green leaves, which has the property of filtering the air. It is very convenient to maintain, placed in larger spaces with light, it needs potted soil , which must be fertilized during the summer.

15. Aloe vera — you definitely know what benefits this plant has both in medicine and in cosmetics.

You can also have the aloe vera plant at home, which you can place in the light, protected from the cold. It grows very fast and does not need special care. You will always have aloe vera, the plant, at hand, in order to benefit from all the advantages it brings.



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