Flower gardens are a splendor even in autumn, and this happens thanks to the fact that there are a lot of spectacular plants that bloom this season. The most popular are: chrysanthemums, roses, dahlias or cyclamen.

In order to have the most beautiful autumn floral arrangements and when the weather outside is not very warm, because the colder seasons are coming, you have to take care of planting and caring for some autumn flowers. What are the most appreciated and what you need to know about them, we will tell you in the following:

Also known as bushes, these flowers are very common and easy to care for. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. Some are bigger, some smaller, some have more flowers on a stem, others just one and so on. Some traders manage to obtain even more special shades, such as blue chrysanthemums, but they are not so natural.

Summer and autumn are the best times to plant chrysanthemums in the garden, but you can do this at any time, as long as the temperature during the night does not fall below 10–12 degrees Celsius. The multiplication of chrysanthemums is also easy. The right time is when the flowers have passed. The plant is removed, and the dragons next to it are planted separately in other places or pots.

To know everything about chrysanthemums you must not ignore the following aspect — chrysanthemums are cut. This action is beneficial for the beautiful development of the crown. This can be done as often as you think is necessary, until flowering begins. You can also break the branches, if you want to work on the shape.

It will not be difficult at all to take care of chrysanthemums with big or small flowers, but you will see that you can use these flowers to beautify your garden quickly and easily and to always be colorful and beautiful.

When we talk about special types of flowers, resistant and diverse, we can not fail to discuss roses. Yes, such a plant is a little more sensitive to the bush, for example, but it will beautify your garden in a spectacular way.

These beautiful flowers have a thorny stem and usually grow in the form of a bush. Planting may seem a little more difficult. You need healthy cuttings to be kept in water between 1 and 24 hours before. Then, bright places are chosen for them (there are no flowers for shady places), where the sun shines and enough space is left to expand. The holes must be made as deep as possible for these beautiful autumn flowers, and the roots are scattered in the soil to be easily caught.

After planting, roses, autumn flowers, should be well watered every day, unless there is a risk of frost. At the same time, you will have to find protection methods in case lower temperatures are announced.

Regarding the care of these autumn flowers for the garden, you will have to take care of the branches every autumn, after the flowers have passed. It is greatly reduced from the stem, depending on the variety and is returned to this action in spring, if dry branches appear after the winter. This way you make sure that when the time comes to bloom again, you will have autumn flowers, garden flowers, very beautiful.

These cold-resistant plants are appreciated for blooming even in winter. They are kept in pots, can have flowers of various colors and have large leaves with green and silver stripes.

If you are thinking about cyclamen, you don’t need too much hassle for care. She prefers temperatures between 11 and 18 degrees Celsius and light, but not direct sun exposure.

These hardy flowers must be constantly cleaned, if dry parts appear, and watered abundantly, but rarely, because they do not require excessive moisture.

If you choose to buy these flowers that bloom all year round, keep in mind that the plant will enter the rest period at some point. When this happens, it begins to turn yellow and dry out. Do not throw it away, but remove all dry parts and continue to water it very rarely, because the tubers will remain in the ground that will help it come back to life year after year.

Dalia, a flower that will delight you with its beauty all autumn. In order to be present in flower gardens in the country and beyond, you must plant the bulbs in the spring, more precisely in March-May. The idea is not to drop temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, because then there is a danger of frost.

The soil in which these autumn flower bulbs are planted must be rich and well drained, and the chosen place is recommended to be sunny, in order to be as exposed as possible to the heat of these August flowers.

These autumn flowers need to be constantly watered, and if you want to give them a more pleasant shape, you will have to cut them from the shoots after three pairs of leaves are formed.

After these autumn flowers dry out, in the ground you will find autumn bulbs that must be removed and kept in a place protected from frost, to be then replanted in spring.

These are some of the options we thought of. But there are many more that you can enjoy: dwarf daisies, autumn branduses, calluna vulgaris (very easy care), anemones, etc. Some are planted in the garden, others can be kept in pots, as long as you take care of them and choose a soil of flowers ( here a comparative list ) as appropriate.

Only with work, care and a lot of love for autumn flowers in the garden can you get to have a rich and colorful yard and enjoy plants that bloom in autumn, but also in other seasons.




Shorty fell in love, yeah she always call me handsome

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victor mardare

Shorty fell in love, yeah she always call me handsome

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