Do you want to keep the garden in the best condition, but you don’t have enough time to take care of it as well as you would like all the maintenance stages? Use technology and choose the devices that can help you the most in gardening. Here are some of the essential equipment in any household that includes yard or farmland.

For those who live at home, the outdoor space is a source of delight, relaxation, but also demanding activities, which must be approached periodically for a pleasant-looking garden. From the uniform image of the lawn to the grooming of the trees, the work becomes much easier with the right equipment. What devices do you need to turn a messy yard into a thriving garden? Find out from the list below.


If you have a garden of at least 500–1000sqm, which you want to use to the maximum, without the need to work the soil manually, we recommend you consider a cultivator. The main advantage of this product is the multifunctionality, being in fact about several tools in one. You can thus use the cultivator for plowing, using as an accessory a reversible or simple plow, for digging, sowing, thinning, mowing, raking, but also for mowing the lawn, chopping vegetable waste, removing snow, for transport (with trailer), for baling, etc. .

As you will probably realize, it is a powerful and adaptable agricultural mini-machine, available at a tailor-made price, so intended for those who are determined to seriously work the space next to the house. It is a device whose efficiency is felt especially in households where the land includes agricultural exploitation, regardless of whether we are talking about vegetables, greens or cereals. Most models are designed to cope very well with large areas and more difficult ground.


If the cultivator is too much for the piece of land you have at your disposal, and we are talking about a garden of up to 0.5–1ha, a suitable alternative solution is a chainsaw. More affordable and lighter, these devices do well on small surfaces and with soil that does not pose special problems.

It is a type of agricultural equipment designed especially for digging, which helps you prepare the ground for sowing or planting seedlings. In addition to the power it develops, which is good to be at least 1.5HP, it is important to take into account the working width and depth of the cutters. The larger the land surface, the wider a 100cm cutter will be.

For smaller gardens, those with a width between 50 and 90 cm are also sufficient. The shape of the land is also important. If you are dealing with narrow strips framed between areas that you do not work on, orient yourself towards a model that allows you to slip easily.


And if we still covered the cultivation process, let’s not forget that garden plants, either vegetables or flowers, also need fertilizers and protection against pests and diseases. For this side of care you need a vermorel or atomizer, which is essentially a system that allows the spraying of liquid solutions and / or in powder form, depending on the model you choose.

The variants are very different in size, flow and spray distance, so choose carefully, analyzing the characteristics depending on the profile of the surface you are working with. For small and medium-sized terrains, the variants with a tank of up to 10 liters are efficient, which you can easily carry in the back. If you have to cover an area larger than 500sqm, for a good work rate it is recommended to consider versions of 14–16 liters.

the cutter

Lawn, weeds, hay — these are just three of the situations where you definitely need a mower. You can choose between hobby models, trimmer type, designed to even out the lawn, clean the edges of the alley and the space around the trees, or the professional high-power versions, designed for intense work on medium and large surfaces.

The offer includes electric motorbikes, wired or wireless (battery powered), and petrol engine variants. The latter ensure you a better working autonomy and you will find more powerful versions in this range. Wired electric variants are designed for situations where you can easily ensure access to a power source, so more restrictive in terms of mobility, but also much easier.

Chainsaw or saw

From cutting the thin branches of young trees to cutting large logs for fire, the chainsaw easily and quickly solves some of the activities involved in caring for a garden. The product range includes variants with different power levels, with a classic design, for short distance cutting, and variants with telescopic support, for sectioning branches from a height.

For home and semi-professional use, we recommend an electric chainsaw with battery. These models are compact and easy to handle, giving you high mobility compared to cable options. If you need a more powerful version of 2–2.5kW, it is better to focus on models with heat engine.

Blower or vacuum cleaner

Can’t you just handle a rake? Although it may seem like a fad, a quality blower helps to clean plant residues, such as fallen leaves or small twigs, much faster than a traditional tool. It is also much easier to use and requires less column, an aspect not to be neglected, especially at a certain age, when physical effort is no longer so easy to bear.

It is important to know that the blowers do exactly what the name says, that is, they push the leaves towards the collection space, using a strong jet of air. If you want a more efficient alternative, which involves the direct collection of vegetable waste of this type, it is good to go for a vacuum cleaner. This alternative also includes a storage bag in which the leaves accumulate, making the process even simpler.

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