If you want to make small holes, use a spade, because it has a narrow and sharp blade. The fork is useful for loosening dry soil and for easier fertilizer insertion into the soil. Flower lovers will appreciate the usefulness of a trowel. It has a curved blade in the shape of a semicircle and is used when you want to transfer small amounts of soil from one place to another or gather it at the base of the plant.

Gardening is a pleasant activity when you have the necessary tools. To dig, you can use several tools, and some of them are presented in the following lines.

Spade — useful tool for small holes

The spade is an instrument native to Turkey that has been used since antiquity. It has a narrow and sharp blade, fixed on a wooden tail and is used to remove soil from pits or to bring the soil to the same level.

It is used in gardening, because it has a narrow blade and allows you to make small holes, but deep enough so that you can put the bulbs. If you choose a tool long enough, you will be able to work on your feet, without having to bend your back or sit on your knees.

The tool differs from the classic shovel, because it has the top bent towards the outside, so as to create a support band, for the one who presses with the foot, when using it. The spade is also called harlet in some areas of the country.

Fork — the right ally for dry land

The gardening fork differs from the classic one, because it has at least four and at most six teeth. It is used for loosening the soil which has a hard and stony consistency, but also when you want to introduce different fertilizers into the soil.

Loosening the soil is an important step, if you want the plants in your garden to grow healthy, free of weeds. The tool is inserted into the ground, pressing with the foot, and when the teeth penetrate halfway, lift the fork in a horizontal position, thus setting the ground aside.

You can find models with short tails, which are used sitting down or on your knees and models with long handles, which are used directly from the legs. If you have more space to dig, we recommend the second option, because it is more convenient to use.

Digging — multifunctional tool for gardening

The hoe was considered since ancient times a hand plow and was used in several gardening activities. Today it has the same purpose, but the handle is long enough so that you can work standing and remotely, so you don’t have to step on the culture.

It has a blade bent inwards, so that when you place it on the ground, it is perpendicular to it, and the base can be circular. The tool can be used to remove weeds around flowers or to gather soil around plants.

You can also use the tool when you want to clean the surface of the soil, removing old roots and debris from previous years’ crops. Some people use it to make narrow ditches in which they then put the seeds of the plants they are going to plant. Therefore, due to its multiple uses, it should not be missing from the toolkit of people passionate about gardening.

Sapaliga — useful in case of rocky soil

Sapaliga is a tool that is used when you have a rocky and hard soil that you have to take care of. It is like an ax, and one of the blades is sharp so that it can be cut. In the garden it can be used when you want to remove weeds or make holes to plant seeds.

It has a short handle, made of wood or fiberglass, to be easy to handle, but still requires more strength than the classic screed. The tool first appeared in ancient Greece, and then when it was realized how useful it is in agriculture, began to use it in the British Isles, thus expanding its use in other countries around the world.

Trowel — helpful for planting

Trowel is an instrument known to many people to be used in masonry. But there is a variant specially designed for gardening. It has a sharp semicircular blade and can be used when you want to make small holes to insert the seeds. The handle is short, so when you use it you will have to sit bent, with your knees bent.

This position is difficult for those with mobility problems. The tool is also useful when you mix the fertilizer with soil or when you want to transfer the plants from one pot to another, because you can more easily bring the soil to the base of the flowers.

Shovel — a reliable help in gardening and more

The shovel is a well-known tool both in gardening and when you have to clear the street. It can be of several types. The classic one is used for soft soils, and the one with a sharp blade is the optimal option for hard soils. When you use it, you can step on the blade, so you can put it more easily in the ground.

Before purchasing the instrument, think about which is the best shovel for you, taking into account the height and the purpose for which you will use it. The ones for gardening have a narrower blade, so you can take a little load, and the tip is in a semicircle, so you can easily get into the ground. In order to be able to handle it easily, make sure that the handle reaches the chest area, otherwise you will have to bend down and you will overload your back.

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