Like any powerful motor device that uses sharp accessories, Husqvarna mowers must be used carefully to work efficiently and safely. Find out in this article what are the most important rules of use to get the best results in the long run.

The electric or gasoline mower is currently the most efficient tool you can use to take care of the green space, whether we are talking about an area covered with grass and flowers or a small farm where you planted grain. Because the operation is ensured by a motor, often quite powerful, and the structure includes sharp elements, it is good that before you start using it, to make sure you know how to use it efficiently and safely.

Here are some basic instructions that you should know about using Husqvarna mowers.

We start with the simplest elements, namely the protective equipment. Because most accidents occur by slipping or tripping, we recommend that you always wear appropriate footwear with a non-stick sole to ensure good stability on the ground. The hands, on the other hand, are exposed to rubbing, sweating and blistering, which is why it is advisable to wear gloves.

Since during use, the car can lift various particles in the air, you must add to the list of items for protection and goggles to prevent them from entering the eyes. For models that generate over 85dB during operation, it is also important to consider a pair of quality soundproof headphones.

Avoid loose clothes and accessories that can be caught by moving parts and wear tight hair when using the brush, if it is long.

Structural checks take into account the identification of cracks, bends, missing pieces, loose screws or nuts, etc. and must be done before each use. In order to make them safe, you must remove the battery — if you have an electric model with a battery, make sure that the brushcutter is not connected to the socket — if you have an electric version with a cable, and stop the motor — if it is an option with gasoline.

Make sure that the hair clipper is firmly fixed to the trimmer and does not show defects, and the guard is not cracked. If the items are damaged, replace them. Openings that provide ventilation must always be free — so check that they are not clogged with residue before turning on the appliance.

Carefully analyze the area of land on which you will work and remove any objects that may get caught in the cutting head or that could be projected by contact with it (pieces of glass, stones, nails, string, wire, etc.).

To prevent any accident involving other people, there must be no adult or child within 15m of you when using the trimmer. And pets need to be removed. If you cut a larger area with other workers, you must maintain a minimum distance of 15m between you.

Avoid using a device that has been modified enough to no longer match its original structure and use only accessories that you know for sure are compatible with the model you have.

Do not turn on the device if you know it is defective, even if it is just about generating weirder sounds. Follow the maintenance and repair instructions in the technical manual of the product and do not intervene in areas where it is specified that repairs made by qualified specialists are needed. Use original spare parts as much as possible.

For best results and safe use, it is recommended to use the Husqvarna mower only in very good light conditions, so during the day, or in the evening, if you can illuminate the yard well enough to easily observe the terrain.

Do not remove the machine from the storage place for use if it is foggy, windy, rainy or thunderstormed, etc. outside. Postpone mowing the lawn for a day with good weather.

You will sometimes be tempted to stretch the arm of the device far in front, feeling like you are working faster. This gesture can unbalance you and expose you to accidents, so avoid it. Always keep a stable position, in which you have perfect control over both your balance and the brushcutter. It is equally important to keep a normal pace of walking and not to rush or run. You can slip or you can stumble and reach the radius of the knife with your foot, hand or other part of the body.

Do not force the appliance beyond the limits indicated in the technical manual. Use it for the type of greenery for which it is indicated, at the specified parameters and you will enjoy it for a longer time, with very good results. Even the best brushcutter Husqvarna to not provide more performance than the level that was designed to provide.

In the case of a Husqvarna brushcutter with heat engine, it is important to use quality petrol and follow the indicated formula (petrol / oil). Always feed outdoors, preferably in a cemented area or protected with plastic wrap, to prevent accidental spillage on the soil and contamination. Do not work with gasoline near fire sources and do not refuel until the engine is stopped and has been allowed to cool.

For battery-powered electric models, it is important to note that the battery must not be used with other devices. Always check that the connection cable is in good condition before charging. Use only the original charger, delivered with the product and carefully store the battery in a space away from moisture.



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